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Sebonac Creek Nature Paddle Jun 17, 19 4:06 PM

The theme of last week’s nature paddle with the Peconic Land Trust was “marine egg-layers,” and we didn’t... more

A Walk On The Beach Jun 10, 19 4:09 PM

The health benefits of walking—one of our simplest forms of exercise—have been well-known for many years, and... more

Nature Observations From A Day In Montauk Jun 4, 19 10:32 AM

The annual Montauk Natural History weekend, sponsored by the New York City chapters of the American Littoral Society and... more

Exploring Nature Friendly Solar Options May 28, 19 9:23 AM

I recently heard a radio interview with colleague and friend John Turner concerning the environmental pros and cons of solar... more

Eagle And Owl Hatchlings May 21, 19 9:51 AM

Last week, I wrote about the bald eagle nest at Accabonac and, based on the behavior of the adults at the nest, perched on... more

May Observations May 13, 19 11:49 AM

After a nice but very short string of rainless days, the clouds are back and rain is falling. Freshwater ponds are at their... more

A Walk On The Beach May 6, 19 11:34 AM

During a visit to any of our ocean beaches this month, you are likely to encounter one or more small flocks of sanderlings... more

A Walk In The Woods Apr 29, 19 3:50 PM

During a break in the rain last week, I headed out to Crooked Pond in the Long Pond Greenbelt to look for signs of the river... more

Beaver Sighting Apr 25, 19 2:16 PM

The most interesting wildlife report from back home while I was away was that of a roadkilled beaver in Orient. Peg Lauber,... more

Wildlife Conservation In China: Following The Way Of The Panda Apr 15, 19 12:37 PM

China has received a lot of criticism with regards to its environmental track record, so I was heartened to meet a large... more
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