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Tred Barta Lived Life For Better And Worse Aug 14, 19 12:25 PM

Tred Barta was not very well liked by a lot of folks. His brash, egocentric showman’s personality rubbed plenty of... more

Calm Seas For Fishermen This Summer Aug 6, 19 10:28 AM

It has been a wonderful summer for fishing, relative to the conditions anyway.Coming off a nearly three-week period of mostly... more

Some Observations Of Normal Weather Jul 23, 19 11:26 AM

It seems like it has been 10 years since the last time it was truly hot.I don’t think it has been quite that long,... more

Bunker Are The Problem? Jul 16, 19 10:59 AM

This may sound hysterical, but I have come to the conclusion that the resurgence of bunker on the East Coast has been one... more

Seafood Is Good For You--With Some Considerations Jul 9, 19 10:28 AM

A quick refresher this week on eating our local seafood, since there is an abundance of local seafood to be eaten these days.We’ve... more

The Summer Fishing Season Is Upon Us Jul 1, 19 11:08 AM

Welcome to the heat of summer, literally and figuratively.The crowds are here on land, and starting this week, I think we... more

A Reminder On What Makes A Good Fish Photo Jun 25, 19 10:22 AM

This past week was a good one for some fishermen, and there have been a lot of trophy fish on display.But some fishermen... more

Tuna, Striped Bass On The Move Jun 18, 19 10:01 AM

More struggles on the fishing scene this past week—some caused by the weather, some not.Stiff winds truncated the opportunities... more

Tuna Crash The Canyons And Inshore Grounds Jun 11, 19 10:50 AM

On the South Fork, it’s been a pretty inconsistent start to the fishing season thus far.Fluke fishing has been a tough... more

Zeldin Is Right In Calling For Non-Compliance Over Black Sea Bass Jun 4, 19 11:09 AM

I think that U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin has it right when he says that New York needs to take drastic steps to get out from... more
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