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The Return Of The Googs! Oct 15, 19 11:31 AM

Montauk is back, baby! And I mean that in both a good way and a bad way.

It’s been a joy to watch ... more

Bass Blitzes Churning, Bigger Fish On The Move Oct 8, 19 3:16 PM

The fishing has been excellent of late, though perhaps not quite what most fishermen would like it to be.There are lots of... more

Fluke Fishermen Get One Last Good Day Oct 1, 19 11:00 AM

About the time this column will hit newsstands, or web browsers, temperatures should be climbing into the 80s again.First... more

Fall Fishing, Summer Weather Sep 24, 19 10:14 AM

The fall has now officially begun, though the temps the early part of this week sure wouldn’t make you think of anything... more

Some Level Heads Amid The Shouting Over Striped Bass Sep 17, 19 9:52 AM

The debate over how striped bass regulations should be tailored to help the stock return has been a very interesting one,... more

Dorian Puts Pause On Fishing Sep 10, 19 10:07 AM

Fishing was good this week, at times, but broken up by perplexing periods of complete lifelessness that were not entirely... more

A Return To The Good Old Days? Sep 3, 19 10:05 AM

There are some glimmers of hope this past week — and I don’t just mean about the traffic finally letting up a... more

Striped Bass Management Comment Period Open Now Aug 27, 19 10:24 AM

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission will hold its only Long Island public input session on the coming amendments... more

Striped Bass Management Hearings Set Aug 21, 19 6:18 PM


The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has announced... more

Tred Barta Lived Life For Better And Worse Aug 20, 19 2:36 PM

Tred Barta was not very well liked by a lot of folks. His brash, egocentric showman’s personality rubbed plenty of... more
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