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Sag Harbor

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Sag Harbor ZBA Rejects Height Variance for Carver Street House Oct 16, 19 1:16 PM

By Peter Boody

A month after his attorney defiantly threw out compromises that had been hammered out over the p... more

Mayor Mulcahy Takes Help From Fifth Graders To Better Sag Harbor Environment Oct 16, 19 10:29 AM

Sag Harbor Village Mayor Kathleen Mulcahy visited science teacher Kryn Olson’s fifth grade science lab at S... more

L’Hommedieu House Renovation Approved by Sag Harbor ARB Oct 15, 19 4:46 PM

Despite strident objections from two neighbors, plans to renovate the historic L’Hommedieu house at 258 Mai... more

Nancy Merritt Of Sag Harbor Dies October 12 Oct 15, 19 4:38 PM

Nancy A. Merritt

Nancy A. Merritt died at her home in Sag Harbor on October 12, 2019. She was 73.

Born in Southa... more

William C. Keck Of Sag Harbor Dies October 11 Oct 15, 19 4:35 PM

William C. Keck

William C. Keck of Sag Harbor died in Southampton on October 11, 2019. He was 82.

Born in Eastpo... more

William G. Connelie, Formerly Of Sag Harbor, Dies October 15 Oct 15, 19 4:31 PM

William G. Connelie

William G. Connelie, formerly of Sag Harbor, where he had lived for more than 30 years, died in Green... more

Board Wants Sag Harbor Cinema to Address Roof Screening Oct 15, 19 2:59 PM

As expected, the Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center last week withdrew its application to Sag Harbor’s Historic ... more

Eugene Thommen Dies October 9 Oct 15, 19 1:17 PM

Euene H. Thommen

Eugene H. “Gene” Thommen Jr. of Mico, Texas, died October 9, 2019, after a brief hospital st... more

Sag Harbor Superintendent Search Underway; Community Members Have Their Voices Heard Oct 9, 19 11:27 AM

On Tuesday night, the Sag Harbor Board of Education empowered School Leadership LLC to begin a search for an interim superintendent... more

Bramoff Brings New Leadership to SAFE in Sag Harbor Oct 9, 19 9:15 AM

Brooke Bramoff has been named the newest project coordinator for SAFE in Sag Harbor, the nonprofit that aims to educate community... more

Sag Harbor Trustees Approve Sewer Line Extension Despite Neighbor Protest Oct 8, 19 3:48 PM

Despite opposition from the owners of Monc XIII, the luxury home store at 40 Madison Street, the Sag Harbor Village Board this... more

Charmaine Pierre Oden Dies September 7 Oct 8, 19 2:38 PM

Charmaine Jeanette Pierre Oden died September 7, 2019, in Sag Harbor. She was 91.

She was born February 29, 1928, in New... more

Library District Voters Approve Budget, Select Trustees Oct 2, 19 11:53 AM

Sag Harbor voters overwhelmingly approved a $3.092 million budget for 2020 for the John Jermain Memorial Library, 231-35, on Thursday... more

Sag Harbor Trustees Debate Parking Solutions Oct 2, 19 10:12 AM

A freewheeling discussion of Sag Harbor’s parking problems last week among members of the Village Board, a transportation... more

Mark Wesnofske Dies September 19 Oct 1, 19 3:22 PM

Mark Wesnofske, 40, formerly of East Hampton and Sag Harbor, died on September 19, 2019, at home in Riverhead.

Funeral... more
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