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Sag Harbor

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Sag Harbor Proposes Clearing Restrictions on Vacant Lots Oct 30, 19 11:49 AM

The Sag Harbor Village Board introduced two changes to its zoning code on Saturday that Mayor Kathleen Mulcahy sa... more

Partial Demolition Halted for Sag Harbor Residence Oct 29, 19 1:36 PM

Building Inspector Thomas Preiato has ordered a halt to much of the construction of a new house at 20 Grand Stree... more

Committee Denies Wetlands Application for Pool Bordering the Long Pond Greenbelt Oct 23, 19 12:20 PM

Marking a milestone in its recent history, the Harbor Committee of Sag Harbor Village on Monday rejected a long-p... more

After Inquiry, Building Inspector Finds Joel Renovation Does Not Violate Code Oct 23, 19 11:58 AM

It was the blue tarp that went over much of Billy Joel’s old house at 20 Bay Street last summer that raised... more

Sag Harbor ZBA Rejects Height Variance for Carver Street House Oct 16, 19 1:16 PM

By Peter Boody

A month after his attorney defiantly threw out compromises that had been hammered out over the p... more

L’Hommedieu House Renovation Approved by Sag Harbor ARB Oct 15, 19 4:46 PM

Despite strident objections from two neighbors, plans to renovate the historic L’Hommedieu house at 258 Mai... more

Sag Harbor Trustees Approve Sewer Line Extension Despite Neighbor Protest Oct 8, 19 3:48 PM

Despite opposition from the owners of Monc XIII, the luxury home store at 40 Madison Street, the Sag Harbor Village Board this... more

Library District Voters Approve Budget, Select Trustees Oct 2, 19 11:53 AM

Sag Harbor voters overwhelmingly approved a $3.092 million budget for 2020 for the John Jermain Memorial Library, 231-35, on Thursday... more

Sag Harbor Trustees Debate Parking Solutions Oct 2, 19 10:12 AM

A freewheeling discussion of Sag Harbor’s parking problems last week among members of the Village Board, a transportation... more

Sag Harbor Cinema Will Withdraw Plan to Raise Back Wall Oct 1, 19 1:47 PM

April Gornik, representing Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center at the September 26 meeting of the Historic Preservation and Architectural... more

Page Restaurant Plans Catering Hall Upstairs, And No More ‘Back Page’ Sep 25, 19 12:44 PM

Page Restaurant is planning to create an 80-seat space and commercial kitchen for private events, to be known as Page Hall, in... more

Pleased House Will Be Saved, ZBA Weighs Bid for Variances For Renovation At 156 Main Street Sep 25, 19 11:55 AM

The Sag Harbor Zoning Board of Appeals opened a hearing on the application by NYHO LLC for sky plane and other variances to renovate... more

Despite Past Disagreements, HPARB OKs Renovation To House At 11 Burke Street Sep 25, 19 11:49 AM

Despite the two applicants’ refusal to allow a site inspection, disagreement over the age and importance of their building,... more

Fencing Goes Up To Block Off Most Of Long Wharf In Sag Harbor During Renovation Sep 24, 19 2:36 PM

As planned, crews erected cyclone fencing on Monday to block off most of Long Wharf while it undergoes a $4.32 million renovation... more

Attorney Spars with Sag Harbor ZBA Over Public Input on Project Sep 18, 19 12:51 PM

The first volleys of a coming courtroom showdown rumbled through the Sag Harbor Municipal Building on Tuesday.

Alex Kriegsman,... more
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