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Top Cops Honored Friday Night

Police officers from the East End were recognized for outstanding work on Friday by the Kiwanis of Southampton Town at the organization's 43rd annual awards banquet in Aquebogue.  COLLEEN REYNOLDS PHOTOS
Did the Quogue cop with the order of protection against him get an award? Maybe for sexual stalking like the order of protection says?
By G Southampton on Jan 26, 13 6:18 PM
To dnice~
Your attempt at humor sadly missed the mark. The next time you or your family member is facing an emergency, perhaps you will think twice about your flippant remark.

You have no idea how hard these men and women work.
By Uncle Fester Southampton on Jan 26, 13 3:49 PM
This thread will make a great ad for Dunkin Donuts.
By dnice Hampton Bays on Jan 26, 13 3:11 PM