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Possible Reprieve For East Hampton Village Pharmacy

Credit Default Swap?? What does that have to do with Frank's bank loan Mr. Z? Unpleasant truth is that Frank got ahead of himself by expanding into Bridgehampton. Glad to hear someone came to his aid. I was all set to move to White's." Nov 8, 10 3:17 PM

Town Finds No Takers for Poxabogue Restaurant

Believe it or not 7500/mo is cheap for a restaurant space on the east end. That's why few places survive here and food quality is mediocre overall. It's almost cost prohibitive to create a restaurant space where one doesn't exist. Let's hope the old Fairway returns under favorable terms." Nov 27, 10 7:08 PM

East Hampton School Board To Discuss Settling Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

I don't trust the district's law firm or the Superintendent to make decisions that are in the best interest of the community. It's incredible that the district has spent two million dollars on a contract dispute. Taxpayers have been taken to the cleaners by an unethical law firm and some incompetent board members. " Dec 15, 10 11:43 AM

Doesn't the school district have insurance for contract errors and omissions?
I haven't read anything about that. Msmarple is correct.. shame on the old board for letting Gualtieri steamroll them. Who chose the district's law firm? Did the Board know the firm had previously worked for Gualtieri? Have they challenged any of the law firm's bills? Someone should investigate this cozy relationship.

Looks like the new Board members are getting their hands around the problem, thankfully." Dec 16, 10 8:54 AM

Town Clears Way For Music Festival In Amagansett

These promoters don't have a clue. First they don't know what the costs are and second they don't have any acts lined up. You would think that the Board would spend some time studying the proposal and asking some penetrating questions like.. have you guys ever run a concert before? Do you know what you're doing?
Where are you going to house talent, crew etc? What a bunch of rubes." Dec 23, 10 9:43 AM

Amagansett Festival Organizers Field Questions, Hear Gripes

The promoters are clueless. A TV show spin-off? What are these guys smoking? .The good news for opponents is that this event will never come off as proposed. My guess the promoters back out because of financial problems before June. The bad news is that these amateurs have ruined the prospects of better organized music events in the area. " Jan 12, 11 4:44 PM

On a typical August weekend traffic is backed up big time in both directions between EH and Amagansett. The hotels are booked solid and so are restaurants. The beach parking lots are full by 10:00 am. How would you like to be one of the families who already booked a local hotel that same weekend? The promoters should simply move the date to September to avoid adding to the burdens August brings to the community. They should also run the event one day
and build on the success next year. " Jan 13, 11 11:43 AM

Springs Residents Sound Off About Illegal Multi-Family Housing

Who cares what happened in the past? We have a problem now and let's fix it. Yesterday I was reading the recorded deeds Springs section of a town paper and noticed my neighbor's house sold for only $450K. That's about 100K less than I expected. I then did some research and found lots of sales below 500K in the Springs. Property values are plummeting here. The high taxes and crowded schools are making Springs an undesirable location to own a home.

There is no legal right to occupy an illegal apartment. Those tenants will have to find alternative arrangements either here or another town where housing is less expensive. We elected Wilkinson and Quigley to make some hard decisions and they are failing us here. It's condescending to characterize the crackdown as anti-Latino when there are plenty of Latino homeowners who are facing hardships too because of falling real estate values, higher taxes, and crowded classrooms." Jan 14, 11 10:51 AM

Towns Hope Third Time Is A Charm For Poxabogue Restaurant Lease

The place has to have more than 34 seats. What about the tables on the outdoor decks?" Jan 23, 11 11:26 PM

Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

kind of a strange location for a 7/11. guess if i need a lousy hot, beef jerky or a semi-hot dog at 10 pm ii'll have a place to go. " Feb 4, 11 11:47 PM

kind of a strange location for a 7/11. guess if i need a lousy hot, beef jerky or a semi-hot dog at 10 pm ii'll have a place to go. " Feb 4, 11 11:47 PM

EH School District Lawsuit Against Construction Firm Dismissed; Suit Against District Continues

Here's what you do.. take pictures and hand deliver to code enforcement with copies to all Board members. Include the name of the landlord. That info can be learned at town assessor's office.

Someone should start a website showing the images, addresses and landlord's name." Feb 23, 11 12:43 PM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

Here's what you do.. take pictures and hand deliver to code enforcement with copies to all Board members. Include the name of the landlord. That info can be learned at town assessor's office.

Someone with web savvy should start a website showing the images, addresses and landlord's name. " Feb 23, 11 12:46 PM

It's racist to assume that hard-working Latino homeowners aren't also fed up with overcrowded houses and schools. Their taxes go up and kids suffer in school too. The issue is code enforcement. The town board for some reason just doesn't have the guts to take on the issue. If the problem isn't resolved now, wait till the local economy picks up and all hell will break loose." Feb 23, 11 1:56 PM

you don't have to be a genius to figure out why town officials waited two years to take on this issue..November elections. Who from Springs will support any candidate who isn't willing to meaningfully enforce existing codes? Continued political pressure is the only effective strategy. Good start is that a Springs resident has declared he is running for town board.

" Feb 24, 11 6:59 AM

Does the town have sufficient code enforcement staff to do an effective job? Do any speak Spanish? Will the town attorney's office aggressively push its cases in court? If the answer is no to any of these questions then all we will get is photo ops. I was skeptical when the chief dog catcher was appointed head of code enforcement. Seemed like a...unusual choice. But if she can do the job I'll be her biggest fan." Feb 25, 11 9:46 PM

I don't know Buda personally but it seems he single-handedly has shamed code enforcement into moving more aggressively. After Copeces take a look at the house on Abrahams path between springs fireplace and three mile harbor rd. Looks like he's running a construction biz in backyard." Feb 26, 11 10:08 PM

It's a springs issue because that's where the illegal housing occurs. Its a hot political issue because many springs residents feel town officials aren't responsive to their concerns and Theresa Quigley foolishly suggested legalizing existing illegal accessory apartments. If the current board can resolve the issue satisfactorily then they have my vote. Suggesting that the political motive is deflect heat from the Springs school board is a pretty wacky conspiracy theory. " Feb 27, 11 9:44 PM

Hispanic Families Speak On Multifamily Housing

I'm glad some Hispanic families are talking to the press about their housing circumstances. While I'm sympathetic to their economic circumstances, that doesn't absolve the homeowners from following local regulations. For instance, does the 9 bedroom home on Copeces have a septic system for 9 bedrooms? The family on Copeces is asking for understanding yet based on reports they haven't demonstrated neighborly behavior. Do I think some members of our community have anti-Latino feelings .. yes. Do i think that excuses some Hispanic residents from following local laws and regulations.. no. I" Mar 9, 11 10:19 AM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

No modern day corporation or professional organization would ever send such a letter to its employees. On one hand Wilkinson wants town government to emulate private sector practices and on the other he sends employees a letter that would embarrass any corporate human resources executive. But in his world, anyone who disagrees is the enemy. That's no way to run the town's business." Mar 10, 11 11:24 AM

Connwatcher..publicly threatening employees is exactly the wrong way to make workers more productive. It was a rash action by an impulsive manager. I just read in another local publication that Wilkerson has announced he will run for a second term. Maybe trashing public employees is mandatory for Republican politicians today. Trace Duryea said Wilky's performance has been miraculous!
Can't wait for Jesus's.. I mean Wilky's next miracle." Mar 10, 11 5:56 PM

Connwatcher.. first I'm not A Dem. Second I've worked in labor relations for major corporations including IBM, GM, and DuPont. The correct way to handle problems is through lines of supervision targeting specific offenders. Clearly Wilky is trying to squelch any competing views. His arrogant management style is his worst enemy and ultimately will obscure any of his accomplishments. Let's hope Dominic Stanzione can talk the gun out of his hand so we can get back to resolving the town's many problems." Mar 11, 11 7:07 AM

A pearl from Earl. The employee to resident ratio is closer to 1 to 60. Add in the summer crowd and the number is closer to 1 to 150. If staffing levels are out of whack then use more part-time workers and don't fill vacated positions. In the race to arrogance hegemony in EH, Wilky is now closing in on Gualtieri. It's all downhill from here." Mar 11, 11 12:20 PM

I'm all for adjusting staffing levels by using part time employees and not filling vacated positions. Has the board examined the police department on the same basis? We seem to have lots of expensive cops for a small town. Rather have more code enforcement staff." Mar 13, 11 4:41 PM

Ms. Campolo .. wrong wrong wrong.

He keys on high-level managers because a couple had opposing views from him on specific regulatory matters. That happens all of the time in government. Civil Service protection is given so that senior managers can act outside of political influence and intimidation. In a million years Wilkinson would never have sent the same letter to Disney employees. This has nothing to do with improving employee productivity and everyone knows that. There's no rampant insubordination in town hall. Wilkinson blew it with this letter. He's done some good things for the town. He just needs to tone down the tough-guy act. We don't need a second helping of arrogance in the Supervisor's office.

" Mar 14, 11 7:34 PM

Fairway Restaurant Poised For Return To Poxabogue

does he have to reimburse the town for the 100plus grand in mold damage under his watch which taxpayers had to pay for?" Mar 22, 11 7:48 PM

Residents File Lawsuit Arguing Amagansett Festival Is Not Allowed

If the organizers had any common sense they would have moved the dates to September. Attendance would not have suffered one bit. That would have eliminated 95% of the objections. " Mar 30, 11 9:08 PM

Census Shows Soaring Increase in Latino Population On East End

If the town kicked butt in code enforcement by hiring some additional code enforcement agents rather than more cops, including ones that speak Spanish, and established a special housing court we would make some progress. I agree 100% with the insanity of suspending a license of DWIs who don't even have a license. Car should be impounded. But the thing we have to guard against is lumping hardworking Spanish residents with the issues created by illegals. " Apr 5, 11 10:21 AM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

PBR.. instead of whining about no link why not summarize the article?" Apr 13, 11 3:20 PM

Just wondering why the White Sands Motel is part of the suit. Are trucks running back and forth behind the motel? Are they using the access on the east side of the motel and traveling west? " Apr 13, 11 4:00 PM

Report Shows Uptick In Housing Investigations In Springs

Why was the multiple violator only fined $500? Must be more to the story. Are the judges reluctant to assess harsher penalties or is $500 the maximum penalty allowed under the law? Maybe it's time for a dedicated housing court to expedite court proceedings." Apr 20, 11 2:46 PM

Vampire Weekend, Bright Eyes Will Headline MTK Festival

Didn't the organizers say the groups would skew to an older audience? Gotta say I don't know any of the groups. I'll have to ask my 25 year old niece about them. Did the town or organizers choose the charities? No disrespect to the Surfrider Foundation, but I can think of better use of the money." May 10, 11 6:40 AM

I'm against the festival because if these inexperienced dudes screw it up then say goodbye to any future concerts here. They should have picked a September date to avoid the obvious traffic and hotel room issues and made it a one-day event. They also misled town officials and the public with respect to the nature of the acts. That said, I hope they pull it off." May 10, 11 11:59 AM

East Hampton Town Board Scraps Vendor Law At Last Minute

The incompetence rests in the lap of whomever supervised those evaluating the bids.Who were those people? First Wilky and Quigley say tough luck, a bid is a bid ..Ditch Witch lost. Only later after a 1000 people rail against the outcome on Facebook do the politicians say.. oh, my bad....not my fault. They tried to sneak a fastball by us and we drilled one of their kneecaps. " May 19, 11 5:02 PM

Nuzzi Not Sure If He Will Accept GOP Nomination For Supervisor

I was shocked by his incompetence and misleading statements on a town business matter. I am not a resident of SH." May 21, 11 8:56 PM

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