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Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

The Louchheim's pulled a "Dewey Defeats Truman" on this one with their now infamous headline "Bishop wins in a photo finish". Laughable. Wishful thinking based on their liberal bias, I'll bet. Unprofessional too." Nov 8, 10 6:53 PM

ZBA To Decide on Tuckahoe 7-Eleven Next Month

I'm pretty sure that NYS law provides that "no reasonable return" is sufficient grounds for a change of use variance by a ZBA." Jan 31, 11 10:53 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

As former law enforcement, I can tell you that those two cops are a couple of goofballs. The right course of action would have been to let Linda call her husband to drive her home (as she suggested). I was very impressed that Linda at no time used the "Do you know who I am?" routine. It is very difficult to suppress an urge like that and I commend her for not doing that. It shows that she has her head screwed on right. I was also impressed at how polite she was to the officers. She even asked permission to use her cellphone. The officer's have the absolute right to exercise discretion (i.e. let her go) in a traffic stop. I think they overreached here and were at the very least mean-spirited. Reading all these comments, I am shocked to see how many want her convicted. Whatever happened to compassion for people when they are in pain? If I were on the jury, I would hang it just to spite the officers and the prosecutor. This woman has suffered enough already. Let her go free for Pete's sake." Feb 3, 11 10:43 PM

Southampton Snowbirds Celebrate 50th-Annual "Southampton Day" in Florida

If you're looking for the very best city in Florida to visit, retire or own a vacation home, you can save yourself lots of time and trouble because we've already done the research. And the winner is...Jupiter! I disagree that Jupiter is reminiscent of Southampton...strip malls, cell towers, concrete and parking lots as far as the eye can see, and heavy traffic at peak hours (although the roads and intersections were planned to handle the growth). But Jupiter has everything and is convenient to everything. Generally, the restaurants have lousy food. But if you know the spots, you can greeze your way to heaven. There's no such thing as edible pizza in FL since Bertucci's moved out of the state a decade ago (pay no attention to those hundreds of "NY Pizza" signs. You've been warned). My favorites eateries are Brio (Palm Bch Gardens) and Guanabana. The Kee Grill is overrated. Stay away sucka, unless you want to eat atmosphere and/or dine alongside Burt Reynolds. Lastly, I think there is a basis for a Southampton Day, but my uncle (who was quite the social type) repeatedly stated "If we didn't get together up north, why should we get together down south"? "Doesn't make any sense" he used to say. He certainly had a point, and he may have been right, I'm just not sure. Put me on the list anyway!" Feb 19, 11 10:02 PM

Yes, but pizza from a vending machine would taste better. Too soggy." Feb 19, 11 11:02 PM

Southampton Village Nears Decisions on Parrish Future

I'm no preservationist, but the location the Parrish chose in Water Mill is a scenic disaster. Nothing like destroying open space with such a monstrosity. The DuckWalk monolith was bad enough. If a commercial enterprise had proposed such a thing, the planning board would have dismissed it as out of hand. Funny how schools and cultural centers have a way of being greenlighted quickly. A large out-of-place building is a large out-of-place building , no? What difference does it make who occupies it? It's still an eyesore. Oh, it's a cultural center...I feel much better now about losing the view!" Feb 21, 11 9:44 PM

I'll tell you why it makes no difference who occupies it. First, your comments on SEQRA are correct and I agree with you. Your argument falls apart (fast forward 20 yrs) when the original owner/applicant vacates (for whatever reason...lack of public funding, waning donations, bankruptcy, etc.). Look what happened to the college...no one could have envisioned that property being in jeopardy. The only reason it's not condos now is Fred Thiele. So then, when the new owner comes to the planning or zoning board for a change to a non public benefit use such as a retail use, SEQRA kicks in again for review...but...the building is "already there". Believe me I have lived this "already there" argument over and over again at town hall. The town rarely wants a building to just sit there, fall into disrepair and become an eyesore. So what winds up happening is the town approves the new use even though it might be controversial. So in effect, the second owner/use might just have well been the original owner/applicant because in the end, that's the way it worked out anyway. Don't forget about "no reasonable return" arguments by the new owner which state law allows for a change of use consideration. The point I am trying to make is that zoning is not always fair (it's all about timing). No one thinks ahead far enough and the career politicians can't be trusted to use common sense. If you're trying to figure out where I am coming from on this, like I said, I am no preservationist." Feb 24, 11 12:46 AM

Southampton Town Zoning Board Again Delays Decision On 7-Eleven

Outback turned tail when they found out that the most anti-business member of the U.S. Senate was running for President. When Obama actually got elected, that cemented the fact that they would not continue expansion of the chain. I do feel sorry for the gentleman who invested $6M in the property, but he should have seen the writing on the wall...I did. I wouldn't have built a tool shed with Barack on his way to the White House! " Mar 18, 11 7:38 PM

Oh really? And I suppose the 3M CEO is ignorant as well? Read recent CNN quotes below:

by Ken Sweet, contributing writer February 28, 2011: 1:41 PM ET

NEW YORK (CNN Money) -- The head of industrial conglomerate 3M (MMM, Fortune 500) blasted the president as being "anti-business," claiming Obama has not done anything to improve the White House's relationship with Corporate America.

3M CEO George Buckley called Obama's policies "Robin Hood-esque" and told the Financial Times that manufacturers like 3M may have to shift production to other countries in order to stay competitive.
"We know what his instincts are ... he is anti-business," Buckley said in an interview that ran late Sunday.
Your hero destroyed this great Country and is destined to be a one- term President. Hah!" Mar 18, 11 10:26 PM

You can ignore it if you choose to but those empty stores on CR 39 are a direct result of the "uncertainty" caused by this Marxist President of ours. He hates his own country (the apology tour of '09). Every company is scared out of their mind when it comes to considering signing a lease. This time the fear is caused directly by Washington. All politics is local." Mar 20, 11 9:09 PM

IHOP or Applebees? Outback or Carrabbas would fill the parking lot. These two chains open their doors at 4 pm, people don't start coming in until 5pm, therefore the traffic impact would be minimal." Mar 20, 11 9:20 PM

Former Quogue Jail Official Files Complaint Against Village Police Officer

This is so much a non-story I can't believe it. She is a "former" employee? The incident occurred "outside" the workplace? She "invited" him into her home? Are you kidding me? I think the Southampton Press had better re-evaluate what qualifies as news." Apr 22, 11 1:24 PM

LIPA Scrambles To Repair Massive Power Outages

LIPA's trucks must be invisible because I have been roaming since Sunday and haven't spied even one! This storm was meek. Inside Southampton Village, I can count the number of trees fallen on top of wires on my left hand! What a joke! I've never seen such a slow response from LIPA. It's looking more and more like gross incompetence from upper management. Just because LIPA has help from Missouri doesn't necessarily mean those crews are being coordinated properly or have the necessary supplies. Tim Bishop should probably start a Congressional hearing to find out who is responsible. This entire electric outage is totally bogus!" Aug 31, 11 2:45 AM

The estate section of Southampton Village (Halsey Neck, Coopers Neck, Captains Neck Lanes) finally got there power back on at around 7pm tonight. Jesus are we in trouble when a real storm hits! There are several dozen trucks based out of LIPA Bridgehampton. Why were most of these trucks diverted up west? And then we have to wait for crews from Missouri to show up? Why isn't the Southampton Press covering the unbelievable truth about LIPA's performance during this storm?" Sep 1, 11 12:47 AM

LIPA: Fewer Than 200 Outages Left Islandwide From Irene

As a technically minded person, I have been warning my friends and relatives ever since Cablevision got into the phone and internet business NOT to subscribe to Cablevision's Triple Play. "You are going to lose all three if there is even a minor hurricane, even if you have a generator, I explained". The smart way to do this is to go with Verizon's "Triple Play" (it doesn't have to be Fios which is not yet available on the East End). Verizon's Triple Play is: 1.)non internet based good ole phone line, 2.)internet over that same phone line, 3.) DirectTV. That way, 90% of the time, when your electric returns you will have ALL your utilities working. Don't worry about the unsightly dish, most of the time it can be hidden from view. The reason for this is that Verizon's phone lines are connected to a battery in the Central Office (switching center), if your phone works your internet will automatically work (just connect your modem to a battery powered AC source (UPS), as it draws an unmeasurable amount of power, it will run for days) and use your battery powered laptop that you had charged before the storm. If you have a small generator, you can also watch TV! The only drawback is that you will not get News12 (Cablevision LOVES this fact because they feel they've "got you" on that one. The NYC local channels (which you will get over satellite) cover plenty of LI weather, so don't worry about News12. If you invest in a larger generator, the storm will have little or no effect on your daily routine...all because you were smart enough to choose Verizon for Triple Play rather than the arrogant Cablevision! By the way, the Verizon Triple Play monthly fee is the same as Cablevision. Even if it wasn't, now that you're educated, which would you choose?" Sep 2, 11 12:17 PM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

Another vote here for Best Yet." Nov 24, 11 9:22 PM

Southampton Town Aquires 20-Acre Parcel In Riverside

If the Town puts a cell tower on the land, the ospreys can use the top for nesting!" Jan 26, 12 4:00 PM

Child On Bike Hits Parked Car On Friday, Taken To Hospital

If a child unwittingly drove his bike into a tree and got scratches, is that newsworthy too? What is happening with the quality of this publication? This is a waste of my time. Certainly not professional." Sep 2, 13 12:01 AM

Sagaponack Will Remain In Town Police District

Missing from story...When does the agreement for a dedicated patrol take effect?" Sep 17, 13 1:07 AM

Amagansett Life-Saving Station Film To Screen At LTV Studios on November 8

After reading this article twice, I still don't know what a "Life Saving Station" is!" Nov 5, 13 2:03 PM

UPDATE: Driver In Fatal Crash Pleads Not Guilty To DWI, Held On $250,000 Bail

Does the victim have a spouse or children? What kind of reporting is this? The basics of journalistic facts are absent from this story." Jan 8, 14 1:14 AM

UPDATE: State Supreme Court Denies PSEG's Application For Temporary Restraining Order Against East Hampton Town

Would have been nice if the name of the judge denying the TRO was reported! Jeesh." Apr 15, 14 3:02 AM

Police: Limo Driver Arrested For Transporting Drunk Teens En Route To Montauk

Additional charges pending? How about 41 additional counts of endangering the welfare of a minor AND operating a motor vehicle with open containers of alcohol? " Apr 16, 14 5:53 PM

Escape Attempt Thwarted At Suffolk County Jail In Riverside

Was he charged with attempted escape?" May 1, 14 3:40 PM

UPDATE: Man Arrested In Connecticut With Loaded Gun Was Southampton School District Security Guard

The weapon could not possibly be a MAC-10. According to Wikipedia, that is a fully automatic machine gun! If that were the case, there would be more serious charges than possessing a pistol without a permit." May 24, 14 12:59 AM

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