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Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

THANK YOU!!!!!!! PERFECT!!!!!!!" Aug 25, 14 6:56 PM

51st Annual Harborfest Celebration Underway In Sag Harbor

Another disappointing Whaleboat Race . This time one of the women's teams was unfairly disqualified. Yet last year team poo pee ( as. I've said a fitting name). rammed team Whalers and they were not disqualified ????? " Sep 16, 14 6:52 PM

Residents Want Guard Rails Removed From Long Beach Road

A bunch of rich, self absorbed entitled horrible people..........." Sep 25, 14 9:21 AM

7-Eleven Store Owners Plead Guilty To Wire Fraud, Harboring And Employing Illegal Immigrants In Multi-State Scheme

Uh ....OK I think we all know these people are not originally from Virginia .......... Thank god this is all that they did ........... Pay attention people " Sep 26, 14 7:07 AM

Water Mill Couple To Go To Trial After Judge Refuses To Dismiss Forced Labor Allegations

$450. 00 per month????!!!!!????!!!!!! These people are truly disgusting !!!!!!! " Oct 4, 14 8:45 PM

Woman Found Dead In East Hampton Had Difficult Life, Family Says

Too bad you are the minority in your thinking. I agree with you one MILLION percent but I ( along with like minded people ) am called a raceist ........." Oct 10, 14 7:22 AM

7-Eleven Store Owners Plead Guilty To Wire Fraud, Harboring And Employing Illegal Immigrants In Multi-State Scheme

Wow people you always remove my comments ..... Why because I speak the truth ????? " Oct 11, 14 2:46 PM

UPDATE: Cleaning At Southampton After Enterovirus Diagnosis Underway

Love all the PC idiots !!!!!!!" Oct 14, 14 7:31 PM

Oh this comment wasn't removed ???????? " Oct 15, 14 7:05 AM

Go back to sleep" Oct 15, 14 7:08 AM

Long Island NAACP President Speaks About Race Relations

Is it fair to call a white person racist because he or she does not agree with the president ??? " Oct 20, 14 7:22 AM

County Officials Won't Remove Guardrails On Long Beach Road, But Suggest Road Redesign Instead

The wealthy crybabies said they would pay for it out of their own pockets." Oct 21, 14 7:19 AM

Search Continues For Elusive Eruv Markers In Westhampton Beach

So it's ok for me , as a Jewish person, to have Christian holidays shoved down my throat....?" Mar 24, 15 12:31 PM

Another uninformed person" Mar 24, 15 12:31 PM

To David H's comment about holidays off....
I'm 50 years old
When I was a child in East Hampton in the 70's MY holidays were not cause to close school. And most Jewish holidays are not legal holidays where banks etc. are closed .
There is no such thing as a "Judeo-Christian" society bottom line !!!!
So this constant complaining about Jews and our traditions is getting really really old

" Mar 29, 15 8:16 AM

You're telling me 30 /40 years ago Jewish holidays meant no school for people in philly ...??? " Mar 30, 15 6:23 AM

People will never get over hating Jews
Bottom line " Mar 31, 15 12:21 PM

You're missing the point...
But that doesn't surprise me" Apr 1, 15 9:58 AM

UPDATE: Chief Says East Hampton Officer Is Stable, In Critical Condition After Accident

I don't think any of these out of town morons look once let alone twice !!!!!" May 17, 15 10:15 AM

Sag Harbor Building Moratorium To Be Presented For Public Comment Next Month

Sorry chief but you are so wrong . There is a huge difference between "fixing" some homes and the absolute destruction of a small bayside town. Sag Harbor was never a "dump". It was a REAL working class small town. Now it's quickly becoming a "snobby " hell hole. All the normal size homes are being replaced with out of place mini mansions
And please don't get me started on the watch case condos.
Sag Harbor was the last man standing in terms of being a quaint quiet town . Sadly the uber rich made sure to change that !!!!!!
" Jun 6, 15 1:06 PM

it's not about the right to do it. It boils down to greed. And taking a once vibrant town that real middle class people could live in , and slowly turning it into a place that will ultimately be shuttered during the winter months until all the beautiful people come back in the summer . " Jun 6, 15 9:58 PM

Wow people just don't get it . There's progress, then there's the financial hijacking of a town. Of course if someone buys an older home , it's ok if they want to modernize it , replace appliances etc. But to tear down most homes and replace them with mini mansions , that's what is changing the face of Sag Harbor. Basically big money comes out , claiming they "fell in love" with the cute little town, then they want to customize it . It's all B.S.
Not one LOCAL Sag Harborite , expects Sag Harbor to remain as it was in 1947 please . No we are just upset that Sag Harbor has turned into the snobby too much cash , East Hampton & Southampton....
Again why did most people come out here in the first place ..????
To ESCAPE the City
Now just like citified East Hampton & Southampton so goes Sag Harbor
" Jun 7, 15 8:26 AM

And I wish people would stop using the word progress. That's inferring that Sag Harbor just paved the roads....
The only thing progressing is the building of homes that jack up everyones taxes , yet remain empty for 1/2 of the year .
" Jun 7, 15 9:03 AM

I guess some people are amused at others suffering
Bottom line this is not a joke. The very wealthy spread themselves all over until there's nothing left to destroy, then it's on to the next " small town"....
" Jun 8, 15 5:49 AM

I'm willing to bet most of the people for all the BS going on in Sag Harbor
And all the other towns , are in Real Estate " Jun 9, 15 7:22 AM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

Oh please it was never at any "all time low"
Bottom line the main reason people hate Jewish people is this ...
The Jews killed Jesus
A lot of people feel this to be true . Like it or not Israel is THE only civilized country in the middle of a bunch of savages . And another lie ...Palestine
Bottom line Jews have been given a ton of S$&t ever since they were granted their RIGHTFUL homeland

" Jul 4, 15 2:26 PM

Palestine is the real joke " Jul 5, 15 6:52 PM

Thank you PL for being the voice of reason
And yes the rest of you are in fact people that hate Jews " Jul 6, 15 6:17 PM

Go ahead morons
Defend people who strap bombs to women and children
Such idiots you are !!!!" Jul 6, 15 6:18 PM

Yes HHS just like all the rational people that strap bombs to women & children.....
" Jul 7, 15 7:59 AM

Bottom line
The Jews didn't start all the BS , but I'm hopeful they will finish off every last POS terrorist
Read Larry Millers essay
Pay attention
" Jul 7, 15 4:07 PM

I guess I have to remind everyone to please read the essay written by Larry Miller ...
Larry Miller's thoughts on Palestine.
Please people if you want to know the truth you should read this .
" Jul 8, 15 9:35 AM

Sag Harbor Resident Hopes Documentation Can Bring More Knowledge To Historic Preservation

As long as she's not on the same side as all the other people that flipped out over the new Harbor Market ........." Jul 8, 15 9:40 AM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

So sad . Yet another person that does not understand history . " Jul 9, 15 7:00 AM

Read Larry Millers essay about
"Palestine"" Jul 10, 15 9:52 PM

Read Larry Millers essay about
"Palestine"" Jul 10, 15 9:52 PM

Ha thought some more people would comment !!!!
True hate !!!!!!
No sorry my friend , the essay speaks the truth !!!!!!!" Jul 11, 15 7:53 AM

Ok I'll put my head in the sand and pretend Muslims do not strap bombs to children " Jul 11, 15 10:08 PM

Check out the Palestinian flag prior to 1948 " Jul 12, 15 1:31 AM

And bottom line is this :
No land was stolen
Arabs started something
Hopefully Jews will finish it !!!!!
Jewish people have been fighting persecution for thousands of years
Oh well it's getting ugly ....
No pity from me

" Jul 12, 15 1:35 AM

Does anyone know what the Palestinian flag looked like before 1948
Also pay attention to the Saudis
For all of you that think Jews run the American government .....guess again..." Jul 13, 15 8:25 AM

Go to google
Type in the following ....
Free thought nation why pick on Israel...
Check it out !!!

" Jul 13, 15 8:52 AM

So the question of
" who's side is Obama on " ...?
Well when we have a Jew hating most likely Muslim in the White House ... Which side do you think......hhmmmmmm " Jul 15, 15 7:37 AM

After the Bar Kokhba revolt , Roman emperor Hadrian decreed that the regions name would be changed from Judea to Palaestina

The root of the word Palaestina came from philistia a Greek word

Basically the real "Palestinians"
Are Jews

The word Palaestina was introduced to punish the Jewish people for the failed revolt

So for all of you that have been brainwashed , hope this helps.

It's important to understand that Jewish people have been fighting for equality, justice, the right to live , for thousands of years

And they do not strap bombs to their own or any other child.

Pay attention people .
Are Jews perfect ? No . Are they sick and tired of this ? I'm going to say yes . Have Jews committed crimes of epic proportions ? Yes at times . But after thousands of years of fighting .......
Well what would you do ? " Jul 15, 15 8:48 AM

Mindless brainwashed to hate jews
You idiots

" Jul 18, 15 8:24 AM

Well thank you for finally understanding !!!!" Jul 18, 15 12:44 PM

The Jews didn't start the fight
The Arabs did " Jul 21, 15 2:11 PM

The Arabs started the fight ......
The Jews did not " Jul 22, 15 8:46 AM

Zeldin Leads Charge Against Iranian Nuclear Deal

Ignore the fools nazznazz you're on point !!!!!!!!" Jul 22, 15 7:26 PM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jul 25, 15 9:56 AM

Zeldin Leads Charge Against Iranian Nuclear Deal

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jul 25, 15 10:00 AM

I judge Obama's character, not the color of his skin . You race baiters need to get off that one
I want Allen West to be our president
Oh would you look at that
He's not white ....." Jul 26, 15 1:14 PM

War is not an ice cream social
West "lost his temper"
Really ??? " Jul 27, 15 9:20 AM

Hillary Clinton To Hold At Least Two Fundraisers In Hamptons In August

Allen West for president !!!!!!!!!" Aug 2, 15 1:20 AM

War criminal

I'll tell you this
I have zero problems with torturing terrorists
Sorry I guess that brings me " down to their level "
I see it in a biblical sense
An eye for an eye
Grow up people!!!! There are people outside ( and inside unfortunately ) the United States trying to KILL us
Hello ...??!?!?
Wake up tree hugging hippies
" Aug 2, 15 11:38 AM

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