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UPDATE: East Hampton Village Police Identify Driver In Crash That Killed Springs Girl

This is not the "country" anymore .... Riding a bike in most towns was possible say in 1973.... Also .... The DMV really needs to crack down on elderly drivers .... And before all the elderly drivers get upset at this comment , yes talking on cell phones and teenage drivers are hazardous as well... This is so sad... Prayers to this young girls family" Jun 15, 13 11:05 PM

I'm quite upset at people being so sensitive about who may be at fault... Yes kids are not always thinking about consequences . Maybe this young girl really didn't understand the rules of the road or perhaps the drivers reaction time was compromised because of AGE ...sorry but it's true . I work with the elderly and no one will ever convince me that the reaction time of at 73 yr old person is the same as a person 60 and under . And as I said before there are other hazards on the road such as young drivers ,drunk drivers ,drivers falling asleep, talking on the phone etc...then there's the issue of unlicensed drivers... The roads in the glorious Hamptons, especially in the summer are a scary place .. And I can't imagine what this girls family is going through... We need to find a way prevent more tragedies .... " Jun 17, 13 7:17 PM

Sag Harbor Mayor, Police Chief At Odds Over Police Staffing

Wait until AFTER labor day ....when it slows down....?????? Gilbride has zero interest in saving the taxpayers money ... He allowed the floating docks at the wharf to REMAIN in the water prior to hurricane sandy thus costing the taxpayers money ... Pay attention people" Aug 30, 13 12:12 AM

Hey guess what .... The final decision as to what happens( or what didn't happen) belongs to the MAYOR . It was the MAYORS idea to leave all the floating docks in thus costing the tax payers more!!!!!! " Aug 31, 13 11:25 AM

So it's ok to call Kevin and the Harbor Master "double dippers " but my comment was removed ...bias anyone ???????" Sep 1, 13 11:33 AM

Annual Harborfest Held In Sag Harbor For 50th Year

So sad that the officials in charge of the Whaleboat races consider cheating an O.K. thing to do... That it's " part of the competition. " Great message to kids .... Don't work hard to achieve your goals ... Not worth it ....just cheat on game day ....." Sep 8, 13 6:08 PM

John Haessler, Co-Founder Of Wainscott's Seafood Shop, Dies At 68

So sad to hear ... One of the nicest teachers .... My condolences to his family" Feb 23, 14 10:53 PM

Remembering Vivian Walsh, The Original Merry Maker

RIP Vivian....you were really "one of a kind"....A sweet person who was such a "giver" of good times and always kind thoughts. Summer will never be the same without you and your amazing music ! " Mar 27, 14 2:53 PM

Court Orders Former East Hampton Town Justice To Return $1 Million In Misappropriated Funds

She knew what her husband did she was a big part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" May 9, 14 4:29 PM

She knew ALL about EVERYTHING her husband did !!!!!!!!!!" May 9, 14 6:03 PM

This woman was always aware of the "business" deals her husband made .... IT WAS A JOINT BANK ACCOUNT. That says it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She should be disbarred AND sent to jail ...... " May 11, 14 9:12 AM

You're missing the point ..... A judge ......lied....& STOLE money WHILE STILL A JUDGE !!!!! GET IT?!?!?!?!?!?!? " May 11, 14 9:14 AM

Your comment is confusing ..... Please explain" May 12, 14 6:58 AM

Southampton Hospital Launches New Animal-Assisted Therapy Program

Animals are AWESOME !!!!!!!!" Jun 1, 14 9:31 AM

Southampton Town Justice Censured By State Commission On Judicial Conduct

CATHY CAHILL ,,,,,,,scum of the earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jun 14, 14 10:39 AM

Six-Year-Old Girl Hit By Car In Water Mill Dies At Hospital

Better question .........Why is Southampton Hospital such a DUMP ?????? WHY ?????????!?!?!?! Why is there no trauma center at Southampton hospital ?!?!?!??????? What happens to all the money raised from all the fancy parties/ benefits for Southampton hospital ? I'm sorry to rant like this and my prayers go to the family of this little girl. I just can't help but wonder what could have been done differently had the hospital been better equipped ,trained etc ......" Jun 16, 14 7:06 AM

Police: Road Rage Incident In Wainscott Sends One To Hospital

Maybe it was the price of the lobster salad that pushed everyone over the edge ......." Jun 17, 14 6:41 PM

East Hampton Town Trustee: If You See The Kardashians, Call The Police

I'm not a fan of the Kardashians , however they are relevant because people express an interest . And why are the Kardashians any more disgusting than most of the " tourists" that descend upon us during the summer months ? " Jun 23, 14 8:10 PM

Hey East Hampton .... Forget about the Kardashians... I want to know if Cathy Cahill paid back that CPF $$$$$ ????????" Jun 24, 14 5:36 PM

Expert: White Shark Sightings Are Not A Sign Of Threat

It's a sign that sharks LIVE IN THE WATER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be surprised when I see one at King Kullen .....Leave these majestic creatures be !" Jul 12, 14 8:24 AM

Gregor Says He Will Remove 'Sister Jackie's Way' Sign From Water Mill Street

Hey the nuns ASKED HIM TO BECAUSE THEY DID NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH THE BACKLASH ..... ps how many illegals do you employ ???????????" Aug 7, 14 4:54 PM

Excellent comment !!!!!!!!!!!" Aug 7, 14 4:55 PM

Jewish Religious Boundary Goes Up In Westhampton Beach

Are you Jewish ?" Aug 9, 14 10:52 AM

Then move to an Arab country and see how you like it " Aug 11, 14 6:52 AM

HAHAHA awesome !!!!!! If you don't like it move to an Arab country !!!!!!!!" Aug 11, 14 6:53 AM

How about you move to the middle east and see who is nicer " Aug 17, 14 12:19 PM

As a Jew I've put up with all things Christian ..... Now it's your turn" Aug 17, 14 12:22 PM

You're not getting it !!!!AT ALL !!!!!!!!! AS A JEW I'VE HAD XMAS JAMMED DOWN MY THROAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT NOW???????????????" Aug 18, 14 7:27 AM

How about this ..... Jews came first ...... " Aug 18, 14 7:28 AM

Hampton Synagogue Blesses, Celebrates Eruv In Westhampton Beach

Hey highhatsize is it just a coincidence that your pic looks like hitler ??????" Aug 22, 14 7:15 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

THANK YOU!!!!!!! PERFECT!!!!!!!" Aug 25, 14 6:56 PM

51st Annual Harborfest Celebration Underway In Sag Harbor

Another disappointing Whaleboat Race . This time one of the women's teams was unfairly disqualified. Yet last year team poo pee ( as. I've said a fitting name). rammed team Whalers and they were not disqualified ????? " Sep 16, 14 6:52 PM

Residents Want Guard Rails Removed From Long Beach Road

A bunch of rich, self absorbed entitled horrible people..........." Sep 25, 14 9:21 AM

7-Eleven Store Owners Plead Guilty To Wire Fraud, Harboring And Employing Illegal Immigrants In Multi-State Scheme

Uh ....OK I think we all know these people are not originally from Virginia .......... Thank god this is all that they did ........... Pay attention people " Sep 26, 14 7:07 AM

Water Mill Couple To Go To Trial After Judge Refuses To Dismiss Forced Labor Allegations

$450. 00 per month????!!!!!????!!!!!! These people are truly disgusting !!!!!!! " Oct 4, 14 8:45 PM

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