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Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Suddenly names are not important. Interesting. Here's the deal, names DO matter. As long as they are the correct names. A few examples. The "palestinians" are actually Jordanians, with a few Syrians mixed in as well. The "west bank" is Judea and Samaria which never "ceased" to exist. Incidentally "west bank" was a term coined by the Jordanians ( the real occupiers) in 1950 . Land was not stolen, unless the Grand Mufti ,the Hajj Mohammed Effendi el-Husseini was a liar....And why would he lie, he was not a friend of the Jews. But we covered this already.
The Geneva Accords are on par with the UN , also not a friend of the Jews or Israel.
Arabs control 99.9 % of the region. Israel represents one tenth of one percent of the land mass. Those greedy Jews.
There is tangible archaeological evidence that Jews are from Judea , but more importantly, there was ALWAYS a Jewish presence in the region. To say Muslims have more of a connection is ludicrous. Oh and it's anti Semitic. But I expected that.
Arab Muslims reside in Israel. The Jews were not the ones that told the Arabs to leave. And most will admit that they have a better life IN Israel as compared to many Arab Muslim states. You're confused with the Arabs that commit terrorist attacks, those are the ones that are not welcome.
" Nov 12, 16 10:10 PM

No casuistry involved on my part but thanks, I think I'm quite clever as well. But as much as you employ casuistry facts are facts. Believe it or not, facts don't change just because of anti Semitism. For example, you may not like it, but it's a fact that Judea and Samaria still exist. No theft or expulsion occurred. And if the Arab Jordanians had not planned to attack Israel for the second time, maybe they would still be the occupiers ( in fact they were the only occupiers) of Judea and Samaria. That would be a shame because Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria are of zero importance to Muslims. Arabs are free to leave Israel. Your "gross Israeli immorality" is laughable. Just as it's amusing and quite sad really, that the UN continues to claim Israel is worse in terms of violating human rights as compared to places such as Iran, North Korea and Syria. Therefore the "universal international condemnation " you speak of involves anti Semitism, as always.
Dismantling the UN should be on Trumps list of things to do. " Nov 14, 16 8:04 PM

It's not just MY belief , it's a fact that Judea and Samaria still exist. Again, the name "west bank" was coined by the Jordanians. And remember, the Jordanians are the only ones that can be considered the occupiers of Judea and Samaria. The UN Human Rights council is a joke. The General Assembly member states are made up of 194 countries with only 40% being considered democracies Recently Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and Cuba were voted on to the council. The sole purpose of the Muslim countries is to delegitimize Israel. What you have here is a good example of conflict of interest. So yes, this constitutes as anti Semitic, which after all is sad and a bit ironic to me considering both Arabs and Jews are Semites. The Jews were always willing to coexist, the Arabs were not. This is similar to what is happening in Europe right now, not a lot of coexisting and cooperation by the Muslims.
So spare me about what the world thinks of Israel. " Nov 15, 16 9:00 PM

So what you're saying is Israel protects all Israeli citizens ( Jews, Christians and Muslims) by treating terrorists, despicably.
Israeli Arabs own land, hold seats on the Knesset and in other Government posts. Both Men AND Women vote. They attend schools and universities. Arabs that are homosexual can live free in Israel. Arabic and Hebrew are official languages. Arabs attack Jews almost on a daily basis in Israel. Have you seem Mahmoud Abbas' home by any chance? Tell me again who is mistreating the Arab "Palestinians" ?
Democratic principles ? Are you referring to places such as Saudi Arabia,
China and Cuba ?
I'm not so sure you understand what a victimhood promoter is. Victimhood promoters don't take a barren, desolate wasteland and create a thriving country that contributes to the world in the areas of medicine, technology and agriculture just to name a few. Oh and Arabs benefit as well. So this BDS bull$&%t , hurts Arabs too. And remember , if you really want to boycott Israel you better be willing to step in to your time machine and give up some modern inventions.
The real victimhood promoters are the "Palestinians" . Remember the Arab-Israeli conflict is not really a conflict, it's a war , the Arabs against the Jews. Anyone can go on line and search the following: The Palestinians: the real victimhood promoters. But according to you that's just Israeli propaganda.
Here is a great quote by Alan Dershowitz ,I'm sure you're a big fan;
" If the Palestinians wanted a Palestinian state more than they didn't want a Jewish one, they would have had it by now"
Did I mention Abbas' home ?
I would love for you to name some of the humanitarian organizations that are concerned with peace and justice. Are any of these organizations aware of the fact that Muslim states rejected the UN ban on violence against women because it violates Islamic law? Just curious.
And speaking of Islamic Law...
We supposedly live in a Judeo - Christian society. But there's one problem. Not many Christians are familiar with "Judeos" . This means Christian's are REALLY unfamiliar with Islam.
As for Israeli propagandists. I guess they are less truthful than Arab/Muslim propagandists?
Here are the real problems.

1. Political correctness
2. The media never refers to the actual doctrine of political Islam
3. No University teaches the doctrine and history of Islamic slavery, Dhimmi or Sharia
4. No Divinity or Rabbinical school teaches the doctrine and history of Islam.

Judea and Samaria are only currently called the west bank. The name was created by Jordan after the war of independence in 1948. Despite the FACT that virtually the entire world rejected Jordan's annexation, and even after Israel drove the occupiers back across the river in 1967, the incorrect phrase west bank , stuck.
Judea and Samaria have been known by these names for centuries and were registered as such on official documents , maps and reference books up to the year 1950. The correct names became a problem for the Arab "Palestinians" that were trying to claim the land for their own, so again the name became "politically correct" to use.
Some examples:
A map published by the US state dept. designating the Middle East's "Military
Situation" on 7/18/1948 they called the "Arab held' area north of Jerusalem, Samaria.

In a survey by the Anglo American Committee of Inquiry in December of 1945 and January 1946 , the authors used the titles ,Judea and Samaria.

In the UN resolution 181,11/29/1947, the World body referenced Judea and Samaria.

West bank is not mentioned once in the 1954 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Those are what you call facts.

Sorry , west bank is most certainly NOT an ancient term and Judea and Samaria did not "cease to exist" in 135ce

And yes anti Semitism does play a role in the attempt to delegitimize Israel.

And I feel for Europe. What is happening to the people there that opened their arms and homes to these "poor refugee" Muslims is a disgrace. And I'm thankful President Trump wants to protect America from the same fate.
" Nov 17, 16 8:51 PM

What was unwarranted? The Crusades... wow seems like old times ." Dec 20, 16 11:18 AM

What haven't they forgotten? Do you know why the Crusades occurred in the first place ?
The rest of your rant is irrelevant.
" Dec 20, 16 9:04 PM

Well, you're almost correct. Tell me what was happening in the name of Islam during the Crusades?" Dec 23, 16 2:30 AM

That's rich ....a rabid anti Semite calling people bigots. " Dec 24, 16 12:14 PM

Most non anti Semitic people know that the biggest victim hood promoters on the planet are Arab Muslims.
Arabs have purposely kept their own people in a perpetual state of "refugee" with one goal in mind ; to destroy the state of Israel. We've gone over this before but I guess it bears repeating.
Arabs have had five (5) chances since 1937 to have that 23rd state they so desperately needed. I guess the fact that all the Muslim states combined are 640 times the size of Israel is still not enough. This makes me wonder how the Jews got stuck with the stereotype of being the greedy ones.....
It's clear that Sturgis and any other non anti Semitic people that read your posts on Israel or Jews can only come to one conclusion.
Maybe it's because you vilify Israel and defend a group of people that subjugate women , toss homosexuals off of buildings and thank their host countries by raping the native females and burn refugee camps because ther don't get enough candy on Muslim holidays.
Calling Jews that recognize obvious anti Semitism victim hood promoters is itself, anti Semitic . Funny how that works ...." Dec 24, 16 3:40 PM

This is in response to comments from 12/25/16
To Bigfresh:
With all due respect, if you knew the history of the region you would understand that using the words illegal, settlements and immoral is in fact ,anti Semitic.

As for you HHS, I too shall reiterate. Everything you've ever said (and continue to say) on the subject is based purely on anti Semitic propaganda and lies. Facts are never included in your comments. " Dec 30, 16 8:44 PM

You most certainly do not know the actual history of the region. Your "knowledge" is based on lies and anti Semitic propaganda. You've authenticated absolutely nothing and your "authoritative references" are also based on lies and anti Semitic propaganda.

Inane Judaic National mythology. Beautiful example of unadulterated anti Semitism.
Because Miko's late father was a general in the Israeli army, he is unfortunately
and more importantly incorrectly viewed by his followers as an authoritative voice on all things Israeli. The truth is, Miko is expressing his beliefs and opinions, not actual facts.
Yes Jews were expelled from Arab lands and no , land was never stolen. So I guess you're correct about questioning what one thing has to do with the other . It's just a bit confusing because one thing definitely happened and the other, did not . Your statement about slavery is also confusing. Maybe it's because you're confused about which group in the ME still practices slavery.

To Taz
In answering your question about why the Arabs refused 95% I will also answer another interesting question.That being why a state was not created for the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians between the years 1948-1967.
Accepting offers and creating a Palestinian state would have required the Arabs to recognize the state of Israel, legitimizing it. And that is not acceptable to Arab Muslims.
This is because ,as I've said before, this conflict has nothing to do with land and everything to do with Israels right to exist. " Jan 3, 17 10:45 PM

This issue is not about what's possible or impossible. The issue is fact versus fiction.
Here are some examples of fiction that unfortunately too many people believe are facts:
Judea and Samaria no longer exist
The term West Bank was used prior to 1948
Jews stole land
Tooth fairy ....
I never stated that the word Palestine is a recent term.
Palestine is not a state.....yet.
It was close in 1948 and five times since. Arab ( not Jewish) land lust , combined with the refusal to coexist with Jews and Christians,and the complete refusal to acknowledge Israels right to exist is the only obstacle to peace.
To suggest Israel has an unsubstantiated concern with security or is confused as to what measures need to be taken to ensure security is not just willful ignorance
on your part , its anti Semitism .
" Jan 7, 17 3:32 PM

Oh so melodramatic. Relax. I don't see anti Semitism everywhere, only where it's painfully obvious.
For example, I encounter many people that just don't know the facts about the history of the region. Unfortunately the little they may know is based on lies that have been perpetuated for 130 years. This doesn't necessarily make these people anti Semitic, just uninformed.
Then there are the people that call facts about the history of the region, myths or outré beliefs.
These people are definitely anti Semitic
Hope I cleared up your confusion." Jan 16, 17 11:44 AM

Oh so melodramatic. Relax. I don't see anti Semitism everywhere, only where it's painfully obvious.
For example, I encounter many people that just don't know the facts about the history of the region. Unfortunately the little they may know is based on lies that have been perpetuated for 130 years. This doesn't necessarily make these people anti Semitic, just uninformed.
Then there are the people that call facts about the history of the region, myths or outré beliefs.
These people are definitely anti Semitic
Hope I cleared up your confusion." Jan 16, 17 11:46 AM

Local Residents To Make A Statement With Women's March On Washington

Poor HHS still confused " Jan 26, 17 1:00 PM

Wrong again
It's a fact that you are confused
I responded perfectly
So how could I have lied ?
I know the truth about region
You do not
That's a fact " Jan 27, 17 10:34 PM

Once again you've demonstrated how unfamiliar you are with facts. And your assessments, false as usual. " Jan 31, 17 10:46 AM

Once again you've demonstrated how unfamiliar you are with facts. And your assessments, false as usual. " Jan 31, 17 10:46 AM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Says Trump's Immigration Order Justified

Ah yes,the oblivious Islamophile did not disappoint.....!!!
" Feb 4, 17 2:12 PM

What a ridiculous comment." Feb 5, 17 12:36 PM

Zeldin Says Deportations Should Be Compassionate And Consider Circumstances, But Not Be Limited By Exclusions

June calling someone angry is , wait for it, "the pot calling the kettle black"." Mar 4, 17 6:37 AM

Zeldin Demands Answers Following Rise In Anti-Semitism Across Nation

To June
Anti Semites always feel validated when they discover anti Zionist /anti Semitic propaganda written by a Jewish person.

Israel has been fighting this conflict, started by Arabs, since the mid 19th century.
The conflict did not start in 1948 or 1967. Ironically the Arabs are THE only people that can end the conflict. They've had five chances to do that, while simultaneously creating an Arab state, but they refuse over and over again.

No one is suggesting that vetting is the ONLY thing that will prevent terrorist activity, but suggesting it doesn't help at all is ridiculous. One of the issues in vetting Muslims is the use of taqiyya. Mosques in the U.S. are also a problem when it comes to people becoming radicalized. Political correctness and the fear of being labeled a racist or my favorite "islamophobe", put the kibosh on the idea of citizens getting involved when they see someone or something they view as suspicious. I guess we could call that " soft power"?

The Muslim Brotherhood and all the groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, is the root cause of terrorism in America and Europe. " Mar 4, 17 2:41 PM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Oh well
I guess I'm not allowed to tell the truth about the prophet Muslims follow..." Mar 24, 17 4:09 PM

Chabad North Haven Opens Center For Jewish Life

I think we all know what the point is ......" Jul 27, 17 4:58 PM

Zeldin Defends Comments About Donald Trump Jr., Voices Concerns About Threats By Celebrities

Taz you're taking the wrong approach. You're not going to make anti-Semitic people understand anything. Also the Jews are not the victims they once were. They built a state, they're doing productive things. No one talks about Abbas and the palatial palace he lives in . No one questions that.
You Tube celebration with Arab Palestinians......" Aug 2, 17 12:21 PM

Thiele, Others Consider Challenging Zeldin In 2018

Well bird, I guess you were more comfortable when the Muslim Brotherhood was involved with the Obama administration...." Aug 2, 17 12:28 PM

Zeldin Defends Comments About Donald Trump Jr., Voices Concerns About Threats By Celebrities

To Taz & TCM
Some people will continually insinuate that Jews have no connection to Israel, or that the connection they do have doesn't matter. These people don't care or even believe that there was always a Jewish presence in the region. They insist that the only people with any connection are Muslims.
These are the same people that ignore the human rights abuses in many many countries and will only focus on "human rights abuses" in Israel.
These are also the same people that ignore the fact that Israel gave up land for peace, and are still fighting the very people that were given the land. Most rational people have figured out that land for peace does not work out. Especially when Hamas is involved. These are the same people that do not know what is in Hamas' charter , or maybe they do know and they just agree that's always a possibility.
These are the same people that cry about the genocide of the Palestinian people, when ironically the Palestinian population has grown since 1948. These are the same people that accuse Israel of apartheid. These people don't know the definition of apartheid, and they gravely insult the people that suffered apartheid.
These people do not know the history of the region, insist that land was stolen when it was not, and condemn Israel for defending not only Jews but Muslims that do live in Israel. They also do not understand that BDS hurts Muslims as well.
These people insist upon calling Jews victimhood promoters wow they are productive individuals trying to live their lives, fighting off the actual victimhood promoters that are victims because of people like Abbas, not because of Jews or Israel.
These people are anti Semites. " Aug 4, 17 11:12 AM

This conflict is not about land, never was ,never will be. " Aug 4, 17 11:47 AM

See Taz & TCM
More delusional diatribe..." Aug 8, 17 4:19 PM

Jose R. Martinez-Cobo." Aug 8, 17 8:26 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

I love it when all the anti Semites come out to play ....the hypocrisy is off the charts...
I'm sure this comment will be deleted considering it's ok to bash Israel but not ok to defend Israel, or defend any person that defends Israel ......" Aug 16, 17 2:27 PM

Peaceful Protest Held In Bridgehampton A Day After Violence Erupts At 'Unite The Right' Rally In Virginia

Hypocrisy at its finest ....
And considering Sturgis' comment was deleted ....
3....2.....1" Aug 16, 17 2:31 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

What difference does it make ? " Aug 21, 17 2:07 PM

Racist people calling other people racist....." Aug 22, 17 6:45 AM

Petition Calls For Zeldin's Removal From U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council

Being a Zionist is not a bad thing ....it's clear you don't know what Zionism is .....but I'm not surprised, after all your "name" sounds an awful lot like the Egyptian terrorist that let his people suffer while his wife shopped in Paris .....Yes Egyptian.......
And Bird .....BDS is based on lies and hurts Arabs that work in Israel.
" Aug 22, 17 7:50 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

They were too busy denouncing black on black crime that day." Sep 6, 17 2:33 PM

Air National Guard Members Assisting With Rescue Operations In Texas

Good grief what a load of malarkey....
Three minutes I'll never get back " Sep 6, 17 8:46 PM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

Oh look who's back......" Dec 2, 17 10:20 AM

Please .....the only replies you consider substantive are your own.

We get it. Any Jew in congress ,or in the political arena for that matter, that supports Israel, is a traitor.

Yet Obamas fondness for the Muslim Brotherhood is ok with you. Go figure.

The Muslim Brotherhood that Obama was associated with, was a different Muslim Brotherhood....Not to be confused with the Muslim Brotherhood that was founded by rabid anti Semite Hassa al-Banna in 1928 to create a "worldwide Islamic empire". In addition to opposing the creation of the state of Israel this "other" MB issued a Memorandum that basically calls for the destruction of Western civilization, from within. It's described as a grand Jihad. It's also the MB Egypt declared to be a terrorist group in December of 2013.

I get it now, you're a fan of the other Muslim Brotherhood the philanthropic one, which is odd considering there is only one Muslim Brotherhood.......
" Dec 2, 17 5:32 PM

Everything I've ever posted in reference to the MB is factual and verifiable. Refuted by YOU ? That's hilarious. What I posted a year ago, is just as true and factual as it was 89 years ago, when the MB was founded.

In reference to Jewish people in congress, I do believe 28 out of the 30 are liberal lefty Dem's... so for obvious reasons it's more accurate to say there are really only 2 Jews in congress." Dec 7, 17 11:58 AM

I know I do !!! " Dec 7, 17 11:30 PM

What a fantastic Hanukkah present!
Finally a POTUS that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital!
" Dec 11, 17 6:33 PM

To HHS ~ 12/12/17

President Clinton, candidate Bush in 2000 and candidate Obama in 2008 all stated that Jerusalem is the capital and that the embassy should be moved.

Why did they all fail to deliver? I can tell you the excuse that the move would "increase tensions" or "jeopardize a chance at peace" is just that, an excuse. And a lame one at that.

Is safety one of the interests of the citizens of the United States? What then did Israel have to do with the terrorist acts committed on American soil in 1993 and 2001 just to name two......

I think I can predict your answer...

" Dec 14, 17 2:03 PM

Scribd dot com

Bachmann letter responding to Ellison........
" Dec 22, 17 8:49 AM

Just because you're lost......." Dec 22, 17 2:52 PM

Trump is awesome !!!!" Dec 28, 17 2:37 PM

Hahahah Yes I DO !!!!!!!!!
" Dec 29, 17 10:03 AM

You forgot the MS St Louis.... oh ..... never mind....." Jan 2, 18 12:04 PM

Kristallnacht made it abundantly clear to the UK and the US what was really going down. Everyone knows the Allies knew more about the Holocaust than was earlier thought.
Breckinridge Long and the "Jew Deal" had a role in the decision. And lets not forget the very loving radio sermons by Father Charles E. Coughlin.
And spare me the comparisons between the Jews of the St. Louis and Syrians today.
For more on this please go on line...

Daily Wire
No, Muslim refugees are not Jewish WW2 Refugees. Here are 5 reasons why.

" Jan 3, 18 5:09 PM

Then you clearly oppose Islam ...correct ? " Jan 3, 18 5:11 PM

Oooooh really.....??!!!

Please use your powers for good and get me some winning lottery numbers !!!!" Jan 4, 18 2:32 PM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

Just like Billy Boy....who did it on the clock. I think HRC married Billy for love. I think Melania knew what she signed up for. Not that it really matters, I don't condone cheating, just an observation. " Mar 31, 18 3:13 PM

Are you serious...? Context ??? You've got to be kidding me. This man is a rabid anti white anti American and anti Semite and his speeches are indeed controversial...no quotation marks needed." Apr 2, 18 9:12 AM

Congressman Lee Zeldin Attends Opening Of U.S. Embassy In Israel

Why would it not be the correct thing to do ? " May 16, 18 11:26 AM

No kidding....it's been predictable the last 70 years ,where have you been ? If you really believe a protest was not going to occur anyway, at some point for any number of reasons, you're naïve. What was different between the years 1995 -2018 as compared to when these "peaceful protests" took place ? The conflict in the region occurred during those years did it not ? " May 16, 18 4:10 PM

Samaritans...? Please explain." May 17, 18 8:36 AM

Thanks..but I was being sarcastic and , asking Z...." May 17, 18 10:31 AM

Are you for real...70 years of difficult diplomatic work ??? The PLO refused each and every plan for peace and a sovereign state. Is giving Gaza back one example of diplomatic work? We see how well that turned out...Peace will be achieved when Israel's neighbors and the PLO acknowledge Israel's right to exist.... period. This embassy move did not change a thing, it was just an excuse to riot .The JEA was written in 1995 but never implemented. Did peace exist in the region between 1995 and when these latest riots started ? To suggest this move is the reason peace does not exist in the region or is a prevention of peace, is extremely disingenuous. " May 18, 18 11:54 AM

Wrong..." May 18, 18 12:43 PM

You are correct Jerusalem WAS stolen....by Jordanians.
The UN partition plan did call for Jerusalem to become a corpus separatum but this was to be for only 10 years after which the city's status was to be redetermined in a referendum. However the Jordanians basically nullified the corpus separatum by ILLEGALLY occupying eastern parts of Jerusalem. This is very similar to the way a Palestinian state was nullified because of the attack perpetrated on Israel the day it became a state.

As for Gaza most rational intelligent people would consider a constant barrage of rocket fire, approximately 4500, into Israel, continued construction of terror tunnels to facilitate stabbings , kidnappings and murder, substantial provocation. Overwhelming indiscriminate deadly force as in having rockets fired on a daily basis...how should Israel respond...never mind....

Gaza was returned in 2005. For peace. Yet Hamas didn't follow the rules. But I guess that's to be expected when dealing with terrorists. Why you're under the impression that they would follow rules is baffling. Actually it's not now that I really think about it....

You weep for the Palestinians killed when they're caught stabbing Israeli Jews and you give thanks to God that only 60 Hamas terrorists were killed....SMH....That is truly disgusting.

As for Rachel Corrie. It's never a good idea to join a pro terrorist group such as ISM. They used her. Her death was indeed an accident. Did Rachel weep for all the little Jewish children that were stabbed while sleeping in their own beds? Was Rachel aware of the fact that many of the homes being bulldozed were buildings that hid the entrances of terror tunnels or were used as cover for snipers ? Corries death was because her activism was manipulated by terrorism. She was just another pawn.
Personally I weep for Abagail Litle the daughter of an American Baptist minister . A gentile killed by a Muslim Palestinian suicide bomber. " May 19, 18 3:19 PM

On the contrary HHS, what I posted is 100% the complete opposite of casuistry.
The best response I can give to your first sentence is to suggest reading a fantastic article in the Jerusalem Post titled: We never left : The Jews' continued presence in the land of Israel. I know how you feel about my suggestions so let me be clear and say these suggestions are for the other readers

For anyone interested in even more proof of the right for Jews to live in the region, Google the anthropologist Jose R. Martinez-Cobo.

Casualties of war are extremely unfortunate but inevitable. We can toss around the number of dead Jews, Christians and Muslims all day long however that does not change the current situation. Your "lightly armed" comment illustrates extreme indifference to terrorism.
Are you referring to the same UN Human Rights Council that is comprised of some of the worlds worst violators of human rights ...? A good example of hypocrisy: terrorists in the UN telling Israel that they are violating the human rights of other terrorists..
I'm so sorry that no Jewish Israelis were killed, maybe next time. Because remember, there will always be a next time until Arabs accept Israel's right to exist. Moving the embassy was just another excuse to riot and kill Jews.

Rachel Corrie was well aware of the situation she chose to enter. For another view regarding the Rachel Corrie incident, I suggest reading the article in Commentary Magazine titled : Rachel Corrie was no peace activist. And for information regarding the organization she joined may I suggest reading an article in the Washington Post titled : Is the International Solidarity Movement " pro terrorist" ?

A better example of homicide is when a Palestinian enters the home of a Jewish family and stabs a child in his or her bed while the child is sleeping. Or perhaps when a Palestinian straps on a bomb and detonates it while hanging around Jewish civilians.

I'm not sure why there would be Jews "mixed in" with Palestinians trying to breach a border to attack Israel and other Jews. Weird statement.

Many of those "civilized" nations you speak of are not actually civilized. Refer to the UN Human Rights council for a good example.
As usual, you're a bit confused as to how Jews and Muslims treated each other LONG BEFORE the REBIRTH of Israel.

As for the rest of your post all I can do is shake my head in disbelief at your ridiculous assertions You continually demonize Israel yet you PERFECTLY describe all the states and people that surround Israel. Ironic.

" May 21, 18 11:44 AM

****eye roll****" May 21, 18 1:33 PM

In response to your first sentence .....again, you are 100% incorrect. Even Chief Anne Richardson of the Rappahannock Tribe in Virginia and Santos Hawks Blood Suarez ,an Apache activist both agree that Jews are indigenous to Israel.

As for our countrywoman Rachel Corrie lets try this again....

Rachel Corrie joined an organization that however "peaceful" in appearance was definitely PRO terrorist. Rachel was peacefully and at her own risk, protecting homes that were the complete opposite of peaceful. She was protecting homes that were covers for terror tunnels and snipers. Again Rachel Corrie was used by terrorists. Unless of course she was well aware of what these homes were used for.....We will never know.

Between the years 1970 and 2017 approximately 100 American citizens were killed and approximately 80 were injured . None of them were protesting, they were just visiting.

Contrary to what you believe Jewish people are not targeting gentiles. Any gentile or any other individual that enters a war zone is doing so , AT THEIR OWN RISK. The fact that you are trying to create this ridiculous scenario is disgusting. Preordained ...give me a break.

I'm not obtuse , again you are just desperately trying to create that ridiculous scenario that Jews are targeting non Jews indiscriminately....and again ,disgusting.

As for Jerusalem ..

Ironically it was the Jews that honored corpus separatum

According to the former Jordanian ambassador to the UN Adnan Abu Odeh, " The situation in Jerusalem prior to 1967 was one of religious exclusion, yet post 1967 Israel seeks to reach a point of religious inclusion"

You can continue to throw your fists in the air and scream about the horrible egomaniacal killer Jews all day long however that still doesn't make it true.
" May 23, 18 4:07 PM

HHS Read your last paragraph back to yourself....that's my answer to you." May 23, 18 7:34 PM

I'm convinced the place you pledge your allegiance is located in Yaphank...." May 27, 18 8:41 PM

Please ...he's a disgraceful anti Semite that gives terrorists a pass as long as they're killing Jews ." May 30, 18 2:07 PM


Interesting conclusion. Odd because I do not disagree with what Israel does to protect all of the citizens of Israel. I'm aware that Arabs are Semites ? Is that what you're trying to convey ?

No, no lies on my part ...

The professional victims and their promoters are the "Palestinians" and the Arabs that have held them hostage for the last 70 years.

Correction. Approximately 12 civilians that democratically elected terrorists to power and 50 "actual" terrorists died.

Again an impressively low number considering the IDF just waltzed in massacring everyone......because a bunch of innocents were enjoying a leisurely day barbecuing and flying kites, bothering no one ......." May 31, 18 12:07 PM

Contrary to what you believe I do not relish death. I do however understand that after over 130 years of killing Jews (with 70 of those years threatening to destroy the state of Israel ),the country has every right to defend itself. Apparently you're still considerably confused as to how threats and THOUGHTS turned into action,(5/14/1948) will cause a reaction.

Anti Semite : A person who is hostile to, or prejudiced against Jews.

I'm disappointed when Jews turn their backs on the truth and decide to believe Arab propaganda , in no way am I anti Semitic. You on the other hand.....

You're accusing Jews and Israel of being anti American because Rachel Corrie was used by ISM. Ok.....

Are you referring to Operation Protective Edge...?

IF Jews behave in a depraved manner, its only a reaction to the depravity inflicted on them. After all, 130 years of torment by depraved individuals that refused a state and launched an attack on 5/14/1948, has not ceased. Remember , you get what you give.
" Jun 1, 18 11:28 AM


It's your opinion, based on Hamas' propaganda and dishonest and/or incorrect reporting in many publications ,that they were unarmed and/or civilians.... For example, Ahmed Abu Hussein was indeed a journalist AND a member of PFLP. It's also a problem that you do not accept although horrible, there is such a thing as casualties of war, in a war.

Yes killing is wrong. Perhaps you could take a trip to Gaza and remind them that Israel gave Gaza back for peace, and while you're there you can explain consequence to them. Then perhaps you can take a trip to Israel and talk to the IDF and ask them to show even more restraint than they already do.....

Constantly condemning and vilifying Israel for practicing self defense is anti Semitic in nature. Basing your opinions on information from a known terrorist organization is just plain stupid.

" Jun 1, 18 1:47 PM

The video does not tell the entire story. Knives are easy to conceal.
It's not a matter of reporting that I personally disagree with, it's reporting that's been debunked.
Camera is a great site. Clears up a lot of "mistakes" made by "journalists".
Where's the evidence that you're correct ? The video ? " Jun 2, 18 8:12 AM

Ah yes Islamophilia at it's finest....

Hamas ,a terrorist group with the goal of destroying Israel....storming a border/ security fence = Israeli barbarism.... interesting...

Israel...... bombarded with rockets from Gaza while enduring terrorism from all Palestinians on the ground even AFTER Gaza is returned for peace, is vilified for taking security seriously ...Ok.....5/14/1948 set the tone for how Israelis view their security concerns.

The actions of Muslims speak even louder than their words . Words such as kill all the Jews....Jews are descendants of apes and pigs , from the river to the sea Palestine will be free......

Jewish entitlement ...because 50 Hamas members were killed trying to breach a border/ security fence while screaming kill the Jews ....
" Jun 2, 18 8:38 AM

With all due respect you're generalizing and leaving out just a few details. And honestly there is not enough time in the day to rehash actual and factual history. Lets keep it somewhat current and simple , lets stick to Gaza and 2005..
Land was RETURNED for peace.
This conflict is not about stolen land.
It's about Israel's right to exist....period.
" Jun 4, 18 9:26 AM

This is not the fault of the IDF. The very fact that only 60 were killed is doing a GREAT job. After all, according to you, the IDF just goes around indiscriminately killing Palestinians. The 12 "civilians" were still ,with the program, of killing Jews and supporting the goal of ,"freeing Palestine from the river to the sea". Maybe you should spend some time in Israel in bomb shelters to get the real feel of what its like to be surrounded by terrorists. It's interesting how you know for sure that these "civilians" don't harbor the same feelings as the people they democratically elected to govern them." Jun 4, 18 9:45 AM

Massive fire near Sapir College in Sderot caused by a terror kite......
One can only hope that after the kite left the hand of the terrorist , he or she was shot. " Jun 5, 18 11:08 AM

Perhaps she had a second job just like the journalist Ahmed Abu Hussein. The IDF caught on to this, and the other games Hamas plays such as transporting suicide bombers to the border in ambulances with injured "civilians" and using "civilians" as human shields. But remember these "civilians" are more than willing to join the cause, after all they elected Hamas to power to continue the fight to destroy Israel . Because land for peace worked so well.
As Sturgis states....you're entitled to your opinion......
Your pathological altruism is severely misplaced...but that's just MY opinion....." Jun 5, 18 1:27 PM


Do you have any evidence she didn't ? She was not killed because she may have had a second job as a terrorist or because she was in a medic uniform, she was killed because she was in the middle of a violent protest where terrorists are attempting to breach a security fence because they're trying to get into Israel to kill Jews.

I'm defending Israel's right to exist and practice self defense.

You're defending a group of individuals that democratically elected terrorists to govern them and who will willingly spring into action anytime the terrorists tell them to fight for the goal, because they all share the same goal of killing all the Jews. Yes, both the terrorists and the civilians want to kill the Jews.

Again, you are entitled to your opinion. You believe Israel is wantonly killing innocent civilians and I understand that since 5/14/1948 Jews have been fighting terrorism.

" Jun 6, 18 8:23 AM


Why do I need evidence ? You're making allegations without evidence correct ?

Bottom line ,it's your opinion versus mine because neither of us were there.

Maybe she was indeed a nurse. Maybe in addition to being a nurse she was a terrorist. Maybe not. Maybe she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time . Maybe the intended target moved and she was hit. You are suggesting that the IDF specifically targeted her. That's YOUR opinion. I'm sure it's chaotic at a border/ security fence that's in the process of being breached with a bunch of terrorists screaming kill the Jews .

My opinions are based on the actions of Arabs since 5/14/1948.

Unfortunately collateral damage and civilian casualties occur during violent protests/wars.
" Jun 6, 18 10:09 AM

And YOU stated that she was a civilian and a nurse.....so again where is YOUR proof ???

We're not talking about justification. We're talking about individuals that are well aware of what they are doing and well aware of the dangers of doing so.
How many times must the definition of collateral damage be explained to you ?

We are talking about the never ending scrutiny and vilification of Israel practicing self defense. We are talking about demonizing the IDF and giving a pass to a KNOWN terrorist organization and it's members and supporters.

Again you're entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine. It is MY opinion that all the "civilians", that willingly elected and support the known terrorist organization Hamas in the cause and goal to destroy Israel, must deal with what comes along with supporting such a group and such a cause....
It's called taking a risk.
" Jun 7, 18 8:51 AM


Are you serious or just obtuse ?

We all know the video wont show if she is or is not, in addition to being a medic or nurse ( if she really was a nurse) also a member of Hamas , PFLP et al.

I've avoided absolutely nothing. You're just rambling on and on and on accusing the IDF of purposely killing "innocent civilians".

This is not about justification. This is about war and collateral damage. Israel and the IDF are OVER scrutinized, vilified for defending its citizens against terrorists since 1948.

Yes FBHG...if she was indeed just an innocent nurse, it is a shame. Although remember, she and people like her willingly elected and accept Hamas and the goal of "from the river to the sea Palestine will be free". So forgive me If I don't weep for even the non Hamas member that want Jews dead. But again having said that ,yes it's unfortunate when innocent civilians die however misguided they may be .... She took the risk. She was aware of the danger of entering a war zone.

Your never ending tirade of insinuating that the IDF kills innocent people on purpose is disgusting and yes most definitely anti Semitic.

Do you have proof she was not a member of Hamas ,PFLP et al ?

Clearly you're confused about the definition of the word opinion.

As for your response to dfree....there you go again accusing the IDF of killing "innocent civilians " on purpose.... Again anti Semitic." Jun 8, 18 8:45 AM


Why do I need proof that she is? You're the one assuming she is not. Where is your proof ? Where did you get the information that she was most definitely just a nurse and not a member of a terrorist organization?

How is collateral damage avoidable?
Perhaps taking personal responsibility ? Understanding risk when entering a war zone ?

It's your opinion, that what you are saying is not anti Semitic. Your opinion doesn't make it so....

What case are you talking about ? The fact that you are insisting the IDF purposely shoots unarmed innocent civilians and that they need to be scrutinized more than they already are to minimize "innocent civilian casualties" ? Oh and that they should trust all Gazans ? And that they should not practice self defense ? Yea that's not only anti Semitic but anti Israel as well..... " Jun 8, 18 4:43 PM


Where do I begin. I feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog Day. Repeating over and over and over again....
Collateral damage....
Personal responsibility

Why are you so confused as to what happens in a war/ violent protest ?
It's baffling to me !!

You are the one assuming that she was not a member of a terrorist organization in addition to being a nurse.

Right, because YOU haven't seen the evidence...I'm actually laughing at the part where you state that her family and friends insist that she wasn't...OK..

Achieve what goal ? Why do you harp on justification ? With war comes collateral damage.

The IDF warns Gazans with leaflets and phone calls. The last time I checked the Gazans don't warn when they're sending over suicide bombers disguised as injured "civilians" in ambulances. Another interesting fact, the IDF actually treat injured Gazans....Wow those amoral IDF ......

Your incessant critiquing of the IDF and vilifying Israel for practicing self defense is anti Semitic.

Perhaps instead of condemning the IDF and Israel why not focus your energy on questioning why, in 2005 , after Israel withdrew from Gaza for PEACE, Gaza has attacked Israel non stop ? That's a much better question in my opinion.

No other military on this earth is more scrutinized. Israel has been dealing with this since 1948.

And it's just your personal opinion that certain "things" are not anti Semitic. " Jun 9, 18 8:41 AM


I'm fairly confident that I've answered all of your original ,re worked, reworded and "spun" questions.

You have your opinions and I have mine.

" Jun 9, 18 10:11 AM

For anyone interested on more information about the publication The Independent and Bethan McKernan please go on line and take a look at the site : Honest Reporting ..... check out the article ,Dishonest Reporter of the Year Award 2017.

And I thoroughly enjoy your posts dfree....." Jun 10, 18 7:39 PM

FBHG that's impossible........" Jun 10, 18 7:51 PM

ANY time Israel defends itself, be it on the battle field or in print, HHS has a problem.

And to that first paragraph, wow what a doozy !!! .. Full of out of context inaccuracies, personal opinion ( which even you are entitled to) , lies and anti Israel propaganda . In other words , typical HHS.... Bravo. " Jun 11, 18 7:54 AM

Ooops!! You absent-mindedly omitted some information about the peaceful protestors.
Approximately 50 of the 62 killed were confirmed as Hamas terrorists. The unarmed individuals that aide and abet terrorists are just as liable

What's wrong with us? Absolutely nothing. There is however something very wrong with supporting and defending terrorists or terrorism.

As for your comment to Taz..

Wrong. The Jews ARE the bona fide victims in the equation. I hate to cite 1948, as this started long before, but I say lets keep it simple. For many years before ,and up until approximately 1945 the Arabs considered it an insult to be called a Palestinian. Also, the real names ,Judea and Samaria were used and not the term coined by Jordan in 1950, the "West Bank".

On 5/14/1948 ,the Arabs let the Israelis know just how unwilling they were to coexist..., and it's still happening 70 years later. So stop. Yes the aggressors are the Arabs and the Jews are the victims. That's an actual fact. I never pull the victim card in my posts, I only cite facts.

" Jun 12, 18 10:37 PM

Please ....we’ve gone down this road before and quite honestly not only are you insufferable, you’re still wrong ...

With all due respect you are incorrect in your understanding of the regions history.

on the subject of the rebirth of Israel?" Jun 13, 18 9:17 PM

Please ignore last odd sentence .....not sure why I could not erase. " Jun 13, 18 9:23 PM

Your “understanding” of history differs from mine ...
" Jun 15, 18 8:56 AM

That would take quite a long time.
I am curious however....how did you educate yourself on the subject?
And what did your family tell you about Jews when you were a child ?
Because that’s usually how people “learn” what they think are the facts ...when in reality it’s just passed down anti Semitism." Jun 16, 18 6:52 AM

Just more and more garbage from the big A.S. " Jun 16, 18 6:55 AM

That's not exactly what happened and as I've stated before this subject is too big for this forum. But I'll try to enlighten you with just a few facts.

Many Arabs fled because they were encouraged to do so by other Arabs, mainly because those other Arabs promised the Arabs living in Palestine that Israel would be destroyed and that they could return.....

Jews did not steal land , land was purchased.
Much of the land purchased was overpriced , with poor soil quality and underpopulated.

Approximately 52.6 % of the land was purchased from absent NON Palestinian landowners , 26.6% from Arab Palestinians and 9.4% from fellahin.

This notion that Jews rode in, guns ablaze forcing Palestinians off the land is a sick vicious lie perpetuated by anti Israel anti Semites.

Fun fact ...the lives of Arabs IMPROVED after more Jews arrived and cleaned up the joint. This is true whether you want to believe it or not.....

Read the Peel Commission.

There were more Jewish refugees from Arab countries than Arab refugees from the region known as Palestine after the rebirth of Israel. The difference was Israel absorbed the Jews ...the Arabs REFUSED to absorb the other Arabs from the region known as Palestine. This was to perpetuate refugee status and make Israel look like the "bad guy". Also that state the Arabs so desperately wanted could have been built in the years between 1948-1967 when Jordan controlled Judea and Samaria ( not the West Bank , that's a modern term coined by Jordan) and when Egypt controlled Gaza. Why wasn't a state created in those NINTEEN years? Here's a hint...Because the Arabs didn't care about their brethren the other Arabs that called themselves Palestinians...

The Jews accepted the partition plan. And they had EVERY right to live in this part of the world. YES Jews ARE from Judea. And funny thing , many of these "Palestinians" are not from the region known as Palestine. There was ALWAYS a Jewish presence in the region. The Jews never completely left ! The Arabs attacked the reborn state day one, and have not stopped in 70 years....

Are the Jews still angry ...you bet." Jun 17, 18 9:16 AM

Ok so we can agree to disagree at this point. " Jun 18, 18 8:15 AM

And to you as well.... I will agree, to disagree......" Jun 18, 18 8:18 AM

Just more disgusting lies ......" Jun 19, 18 10:31 AM

Members or supporters ......" Jun 19, 18 11:15 AM

FBHG correction.....

No one was " extrajudicially executed "....
Hamas and their supporters were attempting to breach a border to be able to enter Israel to kill Jews.

" Jun 20, 18 12:15 PM

Probably....not many individuals in Gaza are fond of Israel /Jews even AFTER Gaza was returned for peace. But since anything is possible lets put the blame where it should be, on Hamas.

What would make you happy FBHG, the IDF conducting "interviews" when someone busts through a security fence with an axe? Because undoubtedly only the individual with the axe is guilty or suspect right ? The unarmed individuals following behind the axe wielding individual couldn't possibly be concealing weapons or bombs....Oh wait...maybe the IDF should trust the people that have been trying to destroy the state of Israel since 1948....

Stop blaming Israel and IDF for what Gazans do to each other. Israel can't and shouldn't take chances. This protest was not peaceful and all the individuals were warned. They chose to ignore the warnings.

I'm not sure why the concept of collateral damage is still so confusing to you. Perhaps it's just an excuse to blame Israel ? Again, place the blame on the people that continue to attack Israel and continue use their brethren as human shields and pawns.

This conflict is not and never was about specific pieces of land. It's about ALL of Israel existing ..........period !

Do you get upset when you hear about "Palestinians" entering the homes of Jews and stabbing kids while they sleep ? And you wonder why Israel frowns upon Gazans storming a security fence with the intention to enter Israel to kill Jews....." Jun 20, 18 3:23 PM


Hamas suffering ...? Am I supposed to be concerned about a group of savage anti Israel terrorist killers and their well being ?

What can YOU substantiate ?

How am I undermining anything ? You're insisting the IDF purposely aims at unarmed innocents. I'm explaining what happens during a war/ violent protest ....You are saying they're unarmed....
" Jun 21, 18 10:59 AM


How is it a fact ?
" Jun 21, 18 12:36 PM

You're telling me that it is a FACT that the nurse was not carrying a knife or perhaps had an explosive device under her clothing...Ok........" Jun 22, 18 9:08 AM

FBHG................Can you point me to any evidence that she was not concealing a weapon ? And no her "hands up" doesn't count.....try to do better than that." Jun 22, 18 1:51 PM


Fact...? That's interesting because the IDF stated that she was also caught hurling smoke bombs over the fence. She was not only tending to injured terrorists , helping them so that they could continue to terrorize, she was aiding and abetting them. The IDF also stated that they did not purposely aim to shoot her while she was tending to the terrorists.

I'm not alleging anything, I'm merely suggesting that it's ALWAYS a possibility. I'm confused however as to how you can insist that people are unarmed because their hands are empty. Past predicts future. Example, many times injured "civilians" that sought help from the IDF ( the IDF tend to injured Gazans and other Arabs in these conflicts ...) were actually suicide bombers.

Yes restraint .....that's a great strategy........
Translation.... Israel should not defend her citizens...ever.
" Jun 23, 18 8:47 AM


I'm not lying about anything....

" Jun 23, 18 10:09 AM


At the very least ...??? Grasping at straws I see !! Hahahah

I know EXACTLY what you're repeating (ad nauseam indeed) and it's just the same, slightly reworked condemnation and vilification of Israel. Don't try to spin it. It is what it is. Own it !!!

What YOU may consider imminent differs from the IDF's definition and I'm willing to bet they have a much better perspective.

There are many videos....One shows your hero the "nurse/ medic" hurling a smoke bomb. So no, I'm not lying. Nice try....
" Jun 24, 18 10:04 AM


They fit 1000%

You bash Israel and Jews, accuse Jews of purposely killing gentiles and you give terrorists a free pass and approval. You ignore facts and most of your posts about Israel are completely out of context. You condemn Israel for practicing self defense against a group of people that started this terrorism in 1948

You reference Nazis and compare the "refugee" problem that was created by Arabs, to the Holocaust.

You incorrectly call Israel an Apartheid state and ignore the fact that Hamas controls Gaza and that Gaza was RETURNED FOR PEACE yet still attacks Israel.....

Israel is comprised of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Jews are forbidden to enter about 15 Muslim countries.

Oh and it's Judea and Samaria, not the "west bank".....
" Jun 24, 18 10:45 AM


Just as I said....inaccurate and out of context nonsense.

And apparently you're bad at math...because 1950 is not 2500 years ago.

" Jun 25, 18 7:53 AM


What ? Now I'm confused...please explain how I "backed away"...
I'm not the spin master buddy...that's all you......

Asymmetrical ? So what should Israel do about the never ending terrorism ? Wait I've got it...Maybe the IDF should send over a kite with a note politely asking Hamas to stop calling for the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews ?

" Jun 25, 18 8:37 AM


There is a difference between lying and making a mistake. You didn't catch anything. Clearly I made a very MINOR mistake. I was not intentionally lying .There is however not a huge difference between over and towards at this point because your heroines intention was obvious. Also, more than one video exists, so relax. Your "Florence Nightingale" was a terrorist just like all of the terrorists she was aiding and abetting. She ,with all the others want to kill Jews.

Therefore you are incorrect...I'm not "backing away" from anything.

Perhaps you're now going to tell me I cant assume her intention and that she was probably just practicing her juggling routine during the downtime at the "peaceful" protest......

And again...what you consider an imminent threat differs from the people that have been living with terrorism for the last 70 years. And I really hate to say 70 because it's more accurately 130+ years...but again, let's keep it simple.....

As for your thoughts on the partition plan. Wrong as usual. From 1917 to 1947 the land designated to the state of Israel was continually reduced but the Jews did not care. Any amount was acceptable ,fair or not . But while the Jews accepted the plan, the Arabs did not,. The Arabs rendered the plan null and void by attacking the reborn state day one. Also, Jordan illegally occupied Judea and Samaria and changed the name to the "west bank".

There is a big difference between stolen land and land won in a defensive war.

" Jun 26, 18 12:18 PM


No I'm not lying. You're aware many videos exist correct?
Google this : recognition of acquiring disputed land in a defensive war

Clearly you don't know the definition of the word opinion. I'm not lying about anything.....but perhaps you are ....." Jun 28, 18 11:22 AM

You're wrong about that ...." Jun 28, 18 1:51 PM

Yes I made an honest mistake....however the subject of the article was not that far fetched , just ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Also ,I never stated that there were many videos of one particular nurse.

Islamophile anti Semites do not know the definition of honesty or intelligence ..giving a pass to terrorists....what a shame.

And to you FBHG there most certainly are numerous videos of the riots in Gaza so stop calling me a liar, it's not only incorrect , it's rude.
" Jun 29, 18 4:12 PM


I already did. She ( or someone dressed as a nurse / medic) was tossing a gas or smoke grenade in the general direction of the IDF/ border fence which debunks your innocent unarmed civilian casualty theory. Because that's really the crux of the issue. The nurse / medic was not an innocent civilian. She demonstrated the willingness to join the terrorists which makes her just as much a terrorist. The fact that you continue to vilify and condemn Israel for practicing self defense and insinuate that the IDF is wantonly massacring innocent civilians is disgusting.

As for your even more disgusting defense of Hamas...
I don't think you understand much.
You need all the evidence .....sure... because the fact that 50 of the "peaceful protesters" killed were Hamas members is not evidence enough.

It is a disgrace to defend Hamas and Hamas supporters that share the goal to obliterate Israel and kill all Jews.

" Jun 30, 18 9:58 AM


Good grief ..... I couldn't be any more clear...you just want to call me a liar. I made an honest mistake. There's a difference.

This is an easy diversion from the fact that your "unarmed civilian nurse" was participating in the riot !!! Whether she tossed the smoke grenade toward the IDF ( that was a claim made by the IDF and apparently a video of that exists ) or near the fence or even no where near the fence but in the general direction of the fence, debunks your belief that this "nurse" was just trying to help her brethren .

The problem is that she was tossing something in the first place. She did so to signify solidarity with terrorists !!!!! Therefore you're the liar because you're claiming she was an unarmed civilian nurse.

Hamas did indeed orchestrate the riots. Evidence of this is all over Google.
" Jun 30, 18 2:56 PM

It is merely your opinion that it's propaganda. And quoting Democracy Now ??!! That's hilarious. One of the most anti Israel, anti American nothing to do with democracy sites in existence !! And you have the nerve to disparage what I cite....

The best yet..
It is your opinion that a woman, allying herself with terrorists, practicing tossing smoke grenades and expressing the desire to be a human shield is akin to the opening credits of Little house on the Prairie. Interesting.....

And to FBHG
I saw a video of a nurse / medic tossing a smoke grenade. I know that a civilian wouldn't do that. I know that you are ignoring that fact." Jul 1, 18 8:40 AM

The IDF did not try to "justify" her killing. They stated that she was not intentionally targeted . They also stated that she was " no angel of mercy". Why? Because of the video of her willingly joining terrorists and practicing tossing grenades. The photos of Razan Al-Najjar and the video of her tossing a smoke grenade and stating she is willing to "act as a human shield" look extremely similar. But that's just my opinion. I believe the IDF, you do not. The end .....

The point being, your "civilian" nurse ( just like many "civilians" in Gaza) was a willing and eager participant in a riot where the main objective is to breach the border of Israel to get in to kill Jews.

White noise....that's all I hear from you at this point. Democracy Now ......Hahahahah ok........." Jul 2, 18 11:15 AM


Possibly to illustrate what I've been trying to explain to you. They investigated and now it's done. But Islamophiles and supporters of Hamas will drag this out in an effort to insinuate the IDF is massacring peaceful individuals that are "just civilians" cavorting about in a field. Nothing new, Israel is constantly condemned, vilified and told to use restraint. I highly doubt she was tossing the grenades in the direction of her brethren.
Keep disputing.

Take your own advice. I choose to believe the IDF, you choose to criticize everything they do because you are inherently biased against Israel. In war there are mistakes, accidents and collateral damage. Again she chose to enter a war zone. What happened after that is her fault ,not the IDF's.

" Jul 2, 18 12:38 PM


It's my opinion that you do. How many times can I tell you, I've seen the video..." Jul 3, 18 8:30 AM

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