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U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

Incorrect " Mar 28, 16 10:49 PM

How presumptuous of you. But that's nothing new. I'm always hopeful that readers will actually read my suggestions. They give people a chance to see the side of a situation not tainted by anti Semitism, anti Jewish propaganda and lies. But if you actually did read my post, you would realize that the citations were not meant for you. I addressed them to the " open minded " readers. I do not expect you to accept the truth. Again the citations are for the open minded , rational readers. They're not for the anti Semitic, anti American, Islamophile, racist liberals.

I'm not shocked that you would discredit anything to do with Zionism .

I never once stated that Israel's conduct during times of war were always flawless. Keep in mind however that there is a difference between starting a conflict and defense in a conflict. The war of independence (most definitely a DEFENSIVE war) was extremely ruthless. Of course BOTH sides did what they deemed necessary to gain the upper hand. But I know , liberal, anti Semitic Islamophiles insist Jews have no right to defend themselves .

Just a quick reminder : If the Arabs had acknowledged that Jews had every right to return to their ancestral homeland , (when all other countries refused them) and if the Arabs acknowledged that there is indeed historical and archaeological evidence of the existence of Jews, and If the Arabs had accepted the 80% to the Jews 20% , and if the Arabs would stop using fellow Arabs as pawns, well then, we could all coexist.

And please enlighten me as to who "us" consists of. The handful of anti Semitic ,anti American racist Islamophiles that agree with YOU ? Thanks but I'm not concerned with their opinions.

And back to your comment about me , mistaking that readers won't read my citations....I think it's more wishful thinking on your part. This way you can spin the citation to suit your agenda .Otherwise how else could you get away with taking ONE sentence out of context and completely annihilating it.
This "damning sentence " only illustrated the continuous desire , by Jews , to avoid civilian casualties, unlike Hamas and past terrorists that AIM their rockets to purposely kill civilians.

You conveniently left out the part about how Deir Yassin wasn't a " peaceful little village" but a center of weapons trafficking during the "violent Palestinian Arab outbreaks" during the 1920's. This information is in the paragraph titled Deir Yassins record of anti Jewish violence.

So back to your "damning" sentence....
In theory, Jews were STILL trying to minimize civilian casualties. Civilians ,that just 20 years prior, were aiding in the attempted destruction of Jews. Similar to Israel today, when Jewish doctors , like your favorite, Dr.Baruch Goldstein, save the very people that often tried to kill them.

And as for Deir Yassin being totally erased ....

Arabs insist Jews have absolutely no connection to the region. But here's a fact :Jerusalem is of no real significance to Muslims. To the rational readers, please refer to a citation I posted previously ; Daniel Pipes The Muslim claim to Jerusalem... And lets not forget the desecration of Jewish holy sites ,as well as the holy sites and areas of importance to many OTHER religions, DESTROYED by Muslims. Remember Islam does not tolerate any other religion.

One final statement/ question. In an earlier post you predictably cited the root cause of 9/11 being Americas support of Israel ( and Jewish control of America...) .
So please explain to me why Muslims have attacked and killed people in countries that do not support Israel ? For example there have been attacks in :
Ivory Coast etc., etc.
These are not "Jew friendly" countries that support Israel.

Again Arabs could have had their LAND. Eighty percent of it. It's NEVER been about land. It will ALWAYS be about Israel's right to exist. Period.

And June , do you know what I find even more dismaying ? The fact that the world was sold a lie. And the fact that Arabs STILL use their fellow Arabs as pawns. The UN calling Israel one of the worst violators of human rights while ignoring The Sudan and Rwanda and China.....???? That is dismaying.

So in terms of Israel, the Jews that live THERE have every right to THEIR freedom and safety and to defend themselves when THEY'RE being continuously attacked because of THEIR religion, not because of land.

And finally to Erin. You have every right to be concerned. It doesn't make you a phobic racist to understand what is happening to women in Europe, and to not want it to happen here. And there is plenty of information regarding "creeping Sharia" (notice I did not say it was implemented ...yet ) and of Muslims committing horrific crimes in the name of Islam right here on American soil. Some have been prosecuted , some have not. But I'm sure someone will tell you that's a lie.....And no, you're not the one that needs therapy.

And for anyone that is interested ....one more citation.

WND The truth about Israel's stolen land by Larry Elder.
" Mar 31, 16 3:28 PM

HHS I know why you take sentences, and entire paragraphs out of context. You do this to distort the facts and the truth, and to push the agenda that Israel has no right to exist. You push the lie that Jews are "marauders" that marched into "peaceful" Arab villages to murder and pillage. Lies all lies.
It's the truth that is so damning to YOUR case.

No matter how many times you, self -hating Jews and Muslims continue to push the lie that Jews have no right to the land, it's still not true.There has always been a Jewish presence in the land, yes, for thousands of years. But here's one fact that can't be denied, there was never a country called "Palestine".There could have been, but Arabs refused it. Many times. And why? Because if Arabs agree to a two state solution that requires recognizing the state of Israel. And that is the crux of the issue. Not bits of land here and there .The entire state is an issue for the Arabs. That is a FACT.

For the rational readers here are some more suggestions.

Free Republic They stole our land VS the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

UK Media Watch Arabs attacking Jews over 100 years of excuses

Jewish Virtual Library Israel war of Independence The capture of Deir Yassin

Commentary Magazine The illegal - settlements myth.

And to Bigfresh...You are entitled to your opinion. But I will say this ,HHS is not making a salient point about anything. He is perpetuating a lie.

And for June, I lost interest when I read ,narrated by Roger Waters. As for David Swanson...He is a virulent anti Semite but more importantly he's anti American. You're the one drinking the Kool-Aid. The Kool-Aid doled out by anti Israel propagandists.

" Apr 6, 16 11:50 AM

Wow bigfresh, why so sensitive...?

And to HHS, clearly you do not understand what the words irrelevant and detrimental mean. And thanks for the summary of the articles I posted. I'm not sure why that was necessary, but whatever makes you happy. And for the billionth time, Israel did not expropriate anything. And again, you are confused as to who is guilty of sophistry in the Middle East....

For any reader that is interested in how the poor Palestinians are doing, go to You Tube and check this out ......

Celebration with Arab Palestinians.

And for a little bit of history stay on You Tube and check this out.

Debunking Vox's lies and distortions part 1

" Apr 11, 16 4:10 PM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor Firefighter Recovering From Minor Injuries In Fall Thursday Morning

Get well Alex !!! And thanks to you and all the amazing men & women volunteers !!!!" Apr 15, 16 11:03 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

You seem a bit confused about the videos I posted. Let me help. In the first video, the happy people , dining al fresco and enjoying western products, they are the "Palestinians". The starving children , those are Syrians.
I wonder, if the "occupation" is so bad, why don't we see masses of Arabs fleeing Israel, the way they flee surrounding Muslim countries ?

The second video was merely another example of the how information and history about Jews in the region, is distorted to spread more lies about Jews.

Judea and Samaria belong to the Jews. Sorry if this fact bothers you. You can disagree all you want, but it's still a fact.
Jews returned to Judea and Samaria after the area was liberated by Israel in 1967. Again land obtained in a defensive war , not "wrested by force". Also Judea and Samaria is not "Palestinian" land because of another fun fact. A sovereign state called "Palestine" doesn't exist.Therefore no "occupation".

As for Gaza....
Hamas took over Gaza and promised to liberate the " Palestinians", but instead they oppress their fellow Arabs ,steal their aid and get them killed. Again Arabs using other Arabs as pawns in the effort to delegitimize Israel.

And what happened to the "Palestinians" between the years 1948-1967...?Interesting. Again, Arabs suppressing their fellow Arabs.
I'm starting to see a pattern....." Apr 18, 16 1:33 AM

East Hampton Yoga Guru Reflects On Craft At 85

Good Grief that pose would put me in the hospital !!!! You go girl !!!!!!!!!
" Apr 19, 16 4:04 PM

Sag Harbor Man Receives Outpouring Of Support After Motocross Accident

Wow you seem to know quite a bit about the family.....Maybe they have bills or issues you know nothing about... Remember it's not cheap living in Sag Harbor....Maybe they should move like every other local family...Bottom line I can tell you that I know the Federico family and I'm sure they would do the same for someone else, in need ,or not as you assume....Too bad I cant say what I really want to in this post. I don't know how people support one another in Hampton Bays but Sag Harbor is a tight community of people that help each other. Kind of nice these days...." Apr 25, 16 11:09 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

Yes indeed some Arab "palestinians" are happy. Specifically the Arabs that live in Israel, where they are treated infinitely better than they are in any Arab state, especially female Arabs.
There is nothing preposterous about the current existence of Judea and Samaria. This is because Judea and Samaria never ceased to exist. The term "west bank" is much like the term "palestine". Merely a renaming of a region by invaders, to erase the Jewish people. FYI the term "west bank" was coined 68 years ago.

For any non anti Semitic people interested in some facts may I suggest an article. Go on line and type in the following :

The Jewish Chronicle online Israel's legal right to Judea and Samaria under international law. Again this is not an article for anti Semites .......

Wow, I would love a list of all the " international organizations" that promote peace. I hope you're not suggesting the virulently anti Semitic , anti Israel UN....

UN Human Rights Council Condemnations......2006-2015:

China -0
North Korea-8
Saudi Arabia-0

The UN also has some very interesting thoughts on Hamas, Hezbollah and Boko Haram

You cant steal something that was yours in the first place. And tell me , what did the Grand Mufti have to say about all that stolen land ? Don't forget, the Mufti was not exactly pro Israel or friendly towards Jews.

Arabs being 'mean" to other Arabs.......
So you're comparing what Arabs have done to their fellow Arabs (all in the effort to destroy Israel) to a fight between children on a playground ? Lets examine...
Arabs using fellow Arabs as pawns to create a refugee crisis, Arabs using fellow Arabs as human shields, Arabs strapping bombs to fellow Arabs...
I don't think "mean" is the best adjective to describe how Arabs treat each other.

I never said Arabs doing horrific things to other Arabs had anything to do with land theft because no land was ever stolen. I'm merely explaining that the conflict has NOTHING to do with land at all, it has to do with Israel's right to exist , period.

Let me remind you, this conflict is not about "stolen" or "occupied" land. It's not about land at all. It's a religious war.

And finally to Bigfresh, can you tell me what happened between the years 1948-1967 ? Why didn't the Arab "Palestinians" complain about how they were treated by the Jordanians and the Egyptians ? Why no establishment of a state called Palestine in those 19 years ? And here is a suggestion for you.

Go on line and type in the following :
Front page magazine They stole our land VS the grand mufti of Jerusalem.

And understand this, there was never a group of ancestral Arab "Palestinian" people. This is a fact you refuse to accept .
When the Romans renamed Israel " palestine" , the people living there at the time were Jews not Arabs. Perhaps ,instead of robotically repeating a decades old lie, open your mind and educate yourself. And don't forget, Muslims don't just hate Jews , they consider Christians infidels as well. Why don't you research what Muslims did to Hindus in 1971...

" Apr 26, 16 2:58 AM

Sag Harbor Man Receives Outpouring Of Support After Motocross Accident

So...you don't know the family , but you know that they "live beyond their means "... Did you get that information via see through ny as well , or do you hang out in the bushes in the Federico's front yard and spy through the window ?" Apr 26, 16 12:56 PM

I'm not on any "high horse". I'm not the one behaving in a contemptuous manner. And no, I will not ,"take it easy" on someone that makes ridiculous assumptions and states inappropriate things when a family is in pain. And now YOU decide to start assuming ? Maybe they have financial issues maybe they don't. Here's what I do know. An assumption was made that the family, "lives beyond their means" and that they were "begging". Quite mean spirited in my opinion. And contrary to you, Babyboo DID decide to, "make it personal" by taking the time to research Mrs. Federico's salary. As far as the "serial go funders", I don't know what to tell you. Just like anything else in this world, if it can be abused and misused, it will be." Apr 27, 16 12:21 AM

Again, the family didn't set up the gofundme account. Also many locals no longer have neighbors they actually know because many locals left the area. Often times ones neighbor is an empty house until the summer season. It's not 1950's Mayberry anymore. I understand gofundme may have it's flaws and that's unfortunate. Also, many people that may not live in the area, but know of the family and want to help, can now do so. Why, because it's a free country, flaws and all. And there you go with the begging comment again. I'm not sure why the article was written. Perhaps because it's a small town and it was a slow news day. And why is it wrong to show how charitable and supportive a person happens to be ? Why are you so cynical ? I do believe there is a box one can check if one wishes to remain anonymous. But perhaps people want Mr. Federico to know that they care. Instead of seeing it as a bad thing perhaps you could see it for what it is, supporting a friend. Yes you did indeed research it because you took the time to look it up on line. If the word research offends you then how about investigated ? Because that's what you did. Again you took the time to go on line specifically to find out what you are getting for your money, because you stated that the Federico's live beyond their means , and that offended you. I was offended the other day while walking down Foster Memorial beach aka Long Beach in Sag Harbor. Garbage everywhere !! I better call my employees and get this straightened out......" Apr 27, 16 8:21 PM

Longtime Sag Harbor Fire Department Volunteer Ted Stafford Jr. Dies On May 2

Ted was a great guy !!! Always had a smile on his face and was always willing to help....RIP Ted , I will miss your greeting.....SUPAAA ! " May 10, 16 9:18 AM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

Judea and Samaria never ceased to exist. In fact they still exist ! The incorrect, made up term "west bank" took hold around 1950. Incidentally the only real occupier of Judea and Samaria was Jordan.

If you believe the story in the Bible you can blame God for what happened to the Canaanites.
Many contemporary archaeologists however, believe that the Israelites themselves were, for the most part, originally Canaanites, as well as Armorites, Apiru, Shashu and many others.The archaeological evidence does not support the idea that any "massacre" occurred.

To even suggest that the Israelis have not honored the pledge to, preserve the civil and religious rights of Arabs, is delusional and laughable. Did the Arabs pledge to behave civilly ? Arabs, (especially female Arabs) have it better INSIDE Israel as compared to ANY Arab Muslim state. Fact. Oh I forgot, Jews are not allowed to defend themselves when Arabs attack.
Again why aren't Arabs fleeing the horrible and oppressive state of Israel ,the way they flee horrible Muslim countries...?

Jews didn't just buy "some" land. And besides, Arabs had zero interest, let alone plans for the land. The interest suddenly appeared when the Jews arrived. Fact. And land obtained in a defensive war is not stolen land.

If anyone is demonstrating " land lust", it's the Arabs. They chose to refuse the partition plan, they refused to co exist.The Arabs were promised 80 % to the Jews 20 %... And even THAT 20% was divided !!! Israel, a sliver of land fully surrounded by Arab/Muslim states... and the Jews are the lustful ones ... go figure.

The UN is corrupt. That's a fact. The UN is stating that Israel is a far worse abuser of Human Rights as compared to China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Syria...Really .?? I disagree. The condemnations of Israel occur when Israel defends itself.

Ah yes Israel, just walk away from Judea and Samaria because just look at how well things worked out for you after you left Gaza.

The fact that Arab Muslims, practice genital mutilation, perform honor killings, marry child brides, subjugate women, use humans as shields and as bombs, and have been ,and are still perpetuating a refugee crisis and using fellow Arabs as pawns, for 68 years.....No, that does not mean Jews stole land. And get this fact.....Arabs would still be doing these atrocious things if not one Jew existed on this earth....A point you just don't get.

I'm not stating Jews "stole" anything because of a Muslims behavior, I'm again stating that Jews did not steal land.
One more fact...This conflict is not about land, never was. It's about Israel's right to exist, period.

" May 11, 16 10:49 PM

Zeldin And New York Front And Center At Republican Convention

Good luck Mr. Zeldin !!!
" Jul 30, 16 8:08 PM

Black Lives Matter Rallies Held In East Hampton And Bridgehampton Sunday

Yes we do !!!!
" Jul 31, 16 8:31 PM

Hahahaha good one !!!
Pot meet kettle......" Aug 1, 16 7:55 PM

Donald Trump To Attend Fundraiser In Southampton on Saturday

Lying about Benghazi is what exceeds the bounds of decency. And please explain the Elizabeth Taylor comment." Aug 3, 16 12:09 PM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

Doubt it considering the BLM movement is fairly anti Israel " Aug 24, 16 5:40 PM

HarborFest Brings Food And Fun To Sag Harbor

Go Team Whalers ! They never disappoint, even with 3 oars !!!" Sep 12, 16 6:47 PM

Bus Riders And Officials Urge Suffolk County To Avoid Route Cuts

I happen to know a few legal people that live west of the canal . Some only have one car in the family. Furthermore isn't public transportation a GOOD idea ??? How many more vehicles do we really need on the road. Especially CR39 and Noyac Rd." Sep 13, 16 11:21 AM

Zeldin Travels With Obama To Israel For Peres Funeral

3.....2.....1." Sep 30, 16 11:38 AM

Why hide your feelings behind asterisks ? " Oct 1, 16 2:17 PM

East Hampton Renews Plowing Contract With Steven Mezynieski's Company

Oh please everyone knows ,where there's smoke there's fire. " Oct 8, 16 4:15 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin, Anna Throne-Holst Debate Thursday Night

It was only a matter of time....

["sigh"]" Oct 17, 16 6:28 AM

Thank you SA!!!!! " Oct 17, 16 9:45 AM

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