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Southampton Village Police sergeant suspended

and they say crime doesnt pay!!!!!!!!!????????? pervert still gets paid??????!!!!!!makes me SICK" Oct 25, 10 2:06 PM

Jewish Center Of The Hamptons Offers Dial-In Service

why are u so worried?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????" Jan 7, 11 7:00 PM

Katy Stewart Of Sag Harbor Dies At 12

my prayers go out to the Stewart family. Im so sorry for your loss" Jan 7, 11 7:01 PM

Montauk Residents File $25 Million Lawsuit Over Erosion

Are we really having this conversation?????????!!!!!!!! Boo hoo I was lucky enough to live close to the water and after 25 years erosion is sweeping my house to the sea. Deal with it nature wins." Jan 26, 11 11:47 PM

Police: Drugs Involved In Tuckahoe Home Invasion

Make it all legal . Tax it . END OF STORY" Jan 29, 11 1:54 PM

Thiele Proposes CPF Advisory Committee Be Formed For Five East End Towns

Hey what ever happened to all that cpf $ that ended up in cahills bank acct????" Jan 29, 11 1:55 PM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

Latinos sick of overcrowded schools??????????????? Really?????? " Feb 23, 11 9:01 PM

Wilkinson Will Run For Second Term In East Hampton

Anything going to be done about that cpf $ that ended up in cahills acct???" Mar 15, 11 9:41 PM

Thiele Proposes CPF Advisory Committee Be Formed For Five East End Towns

I just dont understand how she got away with it????? a follow up investigation is necessary" Mar 22, 11 5:06 PM

Comedy Central Airs Parody About Proposed Eruv In Westhampton Beach

Blah blah blah bunch of anti-Semites . Jews have had to put up with the majority for EVER . " Mar 25, 11 10:24 AM

Yea 5 towns here we come.....love it. Seems more and more like any number of Latin countries than the 5 towns around here....." Mar 25, 11 11:25 PM

Stevens comment to yes yes..... In one word PERFECT !!!!!! Soooooo true." Mar 27, 11 12:27 AM

Perfect comeback'!!!!!!!!." Mar 27, 11 12:28 AM

Town Seeks To Brand East Hampton As Film Location

I grew up in East Hampton. I now live in Sag Harbor. Hopefully Sag Harbor will NEVER turn into the cesspool that is East Hampton. I'm pretty sure Ralph Lauren will soon open a church so that we can all pray to him...... I was in E.H. a few days ago....... Anyone remember Whimseys or Victorias mother......the cheese shop. Wow times they are a changin ...... And I understand things change but all charm has been stripped away from that town......So let the film crews and all the obnoxious garbage that goes along with that whole scene stay in East Hampton.. SAVE SAG HARBOR FROM THAT FATE. " Apr 21, 11 10:29 AM

East Hampton Music Festival Cleared For Landing; FAA Approval Pending

Great so a bunch of native vegetation will be destroyed for this stupid concert. This place is really starting to SUCK" Apr 25, 11 11:17 PM

$43 Million Tear-Down Approved In Sagaponack

Yes it is sickening and yes it will create some jobs.... Until construction is finished. What this really illustrate is that the rich keep getting richer and well you know the rest" Apr 27, 11 10:56 PM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

Oddone knew full well what he wanted to do and he did it!! An arrogant young punk is the best way to describe this pile of crap! You do the crime then you do the time !! He should have been put to DEATH!!!! an eye for an eye!!!!! May he rot in jail. Too bad it's not for life!!!!!!" Nov 13, 11 11:31 PM

Parents Blast East Hampton School Board Over Handling of Graffiti Incident

If you're Jewish it's not just a "stupid prank". Anti Semitism......alive and well ! I'm sure if the " N " word or something offensive towards Latin people happened to be what was written, things would be much different." Nov 22, 11 10:19 PM

Preschooler Found After Wandering Away From Southampton Elementary School

Lol ...johnj...but in all seriousness .......it's about time schools are guarded. With real guards protecting the kids . Heads would be ROLLING if that were my kid!!!!!!!" Dec 9, 11 11:11 PM

Cops: Two Cases of Male Motorists Approaching Girls Are Isolated, Not Cause For Alarm

Nothing to cause an alarm......... That is until something happens....wow talk about being asleep at the switch. While there's always been crime,the eastern end of Long Island has always been considered safe... When I was growing up we never locked our doors. But it's not 1976. Pay attention people." Dec 21, 11 8:30 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Jews do not celebrate Christmas......at least real Jews do not......christmas is SHOVED down our throats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My entire life I've had do deal with Christians wishing me a merry Christmas when I DO NOT CELEBRATE IT!!!!! " Mar 25, 12 10:52 PM

Sag Harbor ZBA Says 'Legs' Must Come Down

This is not about greed or the old guard running the show in the town.....It's about setting a precedent....I happen to love the legs...but if they're allowed to stay who's to say a big neon sign isn't art also....? I was more upset the the facade of the old metaphysical book store was destroyed...where was the uproar then??? " Apr 18, 12 9:00 PM

Hal McKusick, Prominent Jazz Musician And Ross School Teacher, Dies at 87

I knew Hal all my life...coolest guy ever!!!!! He will be missed!!!!!" Apr 18, 12 9:01 PM

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