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Southampton School Officials Call Meeting For Parents To Discuss Recent 'Incidents'

way to make up stuff because you have a personal agenda - maybe you should run for the school board or better yet mayor so that you can straighten out all the problems...while you are at it take your screenplay one step further and say that the administration would confiscate the drugs and use them themselves - crazy people make crazy accusations and draw crazy conclusions - good job reppin' the crazies..." Oct 19, 10 5:16 PM

PTO you can join scooby on the crazy train...what does Darren Phillips have to do you a graduate supposedly threatening violence...absolutely nothing...how about all of the good things Darren does for the school as head football coach and athletic director. Let's not mention that because GOD FORBID we say anything nice about anyone...let's just slander them all. I bet if you dig real deep you can make up something about the food service people serving cereal thats a day past its expiration date. Keep the positive vibes coming. " Oct 19, 10 5:21 PM

Ethnic Gang...seriously...do you have any idea what you are talking about...if white girls are a new ethnicity unto them selves then sign me up and put me through the initiation. The fights have no common link other than angry kids who have not been taught at home that violence is not the answer. That's something they need to learn before 9th grade, and is not a lesson Dr. Mundell, or any other person in SHS should have to teach them. " Oct 19, 10 5:26 PM

There is nothing bizarre about going where the money is. Maria Mondini was hardly Mr. Fine's "aide" she was the assistant principal and Linda Bruno earned her Dr. and deserved every bit of respect that comes with the title. You are either resentful because you are a doctoral program flunkie...or you think medical doctors are the only ones who deserve the title...either way - get over yourself" Oct 19, 10 5:29 PM

Altschuler, Bishop Will Take Part In Campaign Event On Thursday

because you have tried to meet with him uncleronk? or because you are a bitter republican...i would guess the later" Oct 19, 10 5:35 PM

will Randy give an answer in Amagansette tonight that he will change on Thursday - PROBABLY. First he was green then he was Republican, then he was outsourcer now he's mister "look for the Union Label", first it was Jersey, now its Long Island, first it was fervently Pro-Choice now he's Pro-Life, lets just hope he keeps the streak alive and makes it first he's a candidate then he's a loser. Oh wait that would break the streak - he's been a loser the whole time..." Oct 19, 10 5:43 PM

Raucous Meeting Focuses On Fights At Southampton High School

An AP in East Hampton was punched in the face by a student today - report on that and leave Southampton alone. " Oct 20, 10 10:26 PM

I bet 99% of the kids who fight couldn't name the current administration if you offered them a million dollars - nice try though." Oct 20, 10 10:29 PM

Altschuler, Bishop Will Take Part In Campaign Event On Thursday

Hey captain america - bishop has been in SH for 16 generations - he is in Southampton every single week - go to Catena's on a Sat morning and you will see him. Go to a play at SH high school and you'll see him. Walk down main street and you'll see him - go to King Kullen and you'll see him. He is as local ad local gets ..." Oct 20, 10 10:43 PM

In future text books we will be as proud of the tea party as we are of the Klan. They are a disgrace to this nation and the ideals of equality - invoking the tea-party and what the Sons of Liberty stood for is a farce - their platform is hateful rhetoric. God Bless us all if their bigoted,narrow minded candidates win out. A party of anger and hate is not what this country needs.
" Oct 20, 10 10:51 PM

Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

maybe its because Democrats are right 97.3% of the time " Dec 8, 10 6:58 PM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

Your should strive for stupid - c'mon now - neither were Mexican, and a lot of people are home on Martin Luther King Jr. Day considering its a federal holiday. I am going to go out on a limb, "pay more attention" and use some deductive reasoning to conclude that you are a small minded bigot who assumes anyone who speaks spanish is Mexican and that all minorities are drug addicts. There is no reason to evoke ethnicity in response to an article that makes no mention of it. IGNORAMUS." Jan 19, 11 10:11 PM