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Five Firefighters Injured While Battling Fire In Hampton Bays

What's to say expect thank you, thank you, thank you! It sometimes takes a tragedy, in this case a near tragedy to bring forward what our community volunteers do on a regular day without compensation. I hope the next time we pass the collection buckets, or donation forms for both the ambulance corps and the fire department we can all dig just a little bit deeper. A speedy recovery for all that are involoved" Feb 17, 11 9:49 AM

Hampton Bays Firefighter Collapses At School District's September 11 Ceremony

Thank you to all of the kids, firemen, police and bagpipers (I believe over 1,400 people total) that came out to Honor those that were lost almost ten years ago today on 9/11. It's too bad that the photographer/reporter was unable to capture any of those pictures and failed to mention all the good that was being done. " Sep 9, 11 2:46 PM

Third Man Rescued From Moriches Inlet After Boat Capsizes

I'm continual bewildered by the fact that people are fishing alone, in the inlet, in the middle of the night and do not have life jackets on. Totally lunacy in my mind, nice jobto all those involved in the rescue" Nov 11, 11 8:17 AM

Southampton Hospital ER Cleaned Up After Attempted Chemical Suicide

To all EMS, FD and Police...Be Alert, stay safe we have not seen the last of this type of danger
" Nov 17, 11 4:12 PM

Police: Southampton Man Punches, Kicks Officer After DWI Arrest

Thank god no one was hurt, this is so scary regarding the potential of injury" Dec 5, 11 9:16 AM

Car Plunges Into Shinnecock Canal, Man Dies

What an amazing job done by law and fire services! From what I heard the Hampton Bays Fire Department was in the middle of a funeral for their chaplain when the accident happened. Major accidents, loss of member and a dive rescue all in the past few days. Great job to all rescuers and our Hampton Bays Firemen" Jan 4, 12 8:43 AM

Police Investigating Driver's Death In Three Mile Harbor

Thank you to all fire, police, and EMS divers, you,ve risked your lives to provide closure for others. " Jan 5, 12 9:53 AM

Minor Electrical Fire Quickly Extinguished In Hampton Bays

Perhaps it should have read, great stop made by HBFD, it most certainly could have been a major fire. And thank you to our surrounding FD's for being there to back them up. " May 30, 12 1:31 PM