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East Hampton School District Responds To Student's Death

Okay first of all, i just graduated from east hampton high school this past june and let me tell you they do their very best to help every student, i know because before i left i joined the justice league, we as the justice league went to every- i mean EVERY- class and presented the movie "Bully" to attempt to get more support to stop bulling. This organization was created in east hampton high school and approved by Mr.Fine our wonderful principal. There is just so much we can do as a high school in our community to stop this epidemic. Now rather than blaming the school district how about we don't blame anyone other than ourselves, i do not see you putting any effort to give students the helping hand to get through this troubling time period in their lives. DO NOT and i stress DO NOT come here and complain about my school district since i doubt you know one thing about east hampton's organizations in any sort of positive sense. These are all our kids, and the only thing that we can do to help them get through is by giving them the necessary tools which can be difficult but all we can do is try. I send all my deepest condolences to my fellow classmate's family and friends." Oct 2, 12 4:04 PM