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East Quogue community notes, October 7

quogue li brary survey add my comment

love this place has everything i need and more if they dont have a book they will get it for you always and with a pleasant smile. Would like to see more teen cooking programs and more medical journals and books in the field of medicin,

My only bone of contention are the young children running amok during summer months its not the place of staff to correct them it is the duty of the parents. Yes the nannies do a better job than many of these parents " Oct 5, 10 8:47 AM

Tuckahoe School, December 16

ge rid of teachers who start the year and leave of absence occurs not fair to kids" Dec 19, 10 8:16 PM

Quogue House Tour Is Set For Saturday, December 18

wish someone would shoot the deer on my property being kept prisoner in my home because 5 huge deer standing on lawn outside my door and am afraid of being tramples by them so cannot go outside.The village of quogue will set up a hunter but several deer loving peta enthuasists dont want it. other neighbors all for it at wits end with deers here" Dec 19, 10 8:30 PM

Two Charged In Water Mill Deer Poaching Incident

they should not shoot from car unless no humans around but never can be sure. come to my property if you want to hunt deer forget neighbors who are deer lovers being kept hostage by five deer outside door afraid of being trampled by them so must stay indoors.Can set clock with them ever sunday morn at 8 am now everyday all day and night too.Come and take them away please free of charge" Dec 19, 10 8:34 PM

Attorneys Still Battling Behind The Scenes Over Religious Boundary

wouldl like toknow if the eruv went through and is there any merit that the hassidic community pruchased 10 acres to erect a synagogue in quogue?????" Dec 25, 10 7:53 PM

Jewish Center Of The Hamptons Offers Dial-In Service

would like toknow if it is fact or fiction the hassidic community purchased 10 acres of land in quogue with intention of erecting a synagogue there????" Jan 7, 11 4:33 PM

Shoreham Man Arrested For Selling Tainted Oysters To Hampton Bays Fish Market

now that i am aware that cor-j purchases shellfish and other fresh caught fish from unknown sources i shall no longer set foot into this market.I hope and pray we dont get ill we ate oysters new years eve and day to boot. " Jan 8, 11 3:32 PM

Attorney Representing Quogue Homeowners Asks For Adjournment To Submit Revised Plans

no eruv no sneaky tactic dont hide behind the guize of discrimination when you cannot get your way t hese towns are fair to everyone this is not freedom of worship it a trumped up rule not in the bible." Jan 20, 11 8:16 AM

Eruv Application Is Filed With Quogue Village

please oh please do not let the eruv go thru then they will begin to dictate where or when we can enter the village these folks with eruvs have been known to stone cars in Monsey NY on their sabbath days and holydays this is america dont dictate separate church and state as the adage goes." Jan 25, 12 4:54 PM

we cannot even get a light on our street to prevent crimes like robberies or accidents due to darken areas and these people waste our village dollars on their nonsense. It has not existed in the past who needs this now????
Enoughbickering and wasting money move on without an eruv
" Jan 25, 12 4:59 PM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

i am a jewish person by birth after listening to these orthordox folks and their views I may just change my religion it also sickens me to see our village distroyed cause others like me will put our homes up for sale we like it the way it is and if changes come like this one time to leave Quogue." Mar 25, 12 9:13 PM

that's what all the liberals say and it is ruining areas,cities,states and the country just my opinion i have the right to voice it dont i according to the law as you say." Mar 25, 12 9:14 PM

Judge Drops Westhampton Beach Enforcement Case Agianst Shock Owner

they are great inforcing schlock scultputes" Apr 25, 12 7:53 PM

Judge Tosses Lawsuit Filed By Group Opposed To Creation Of Religious Boundary

good someone out there understands this is not wanted by any one of any sect" Feb 6, 13 2:05 PM

Two DWI Arrests During Stepped-Up Holiday Patrols

list Quogue arrest for jan 1 2016" Jan 2, 16 8:49 AM

Immigrants Share Fears Of National Policies, ICE Raids

I think it is so great that the town of greenport welcomes diversity so let all those now in Hampton bays seek shelter there and they wont fear of deportation any longer bravo someone wants immigrants." Feb 26, 17 9:35 AM

Hampton Bays Corridor Study Inches Forward

I hope the new mom and pop stores are not taken over by signs that say" se habla espanol aqui" Should that start occurring maybe chain stores would be the other alternative.. I am all for diversity and believe in live and let live but don't change main street unless it is an improvement. " Mar 3, 18 11:32 AM