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Pat Lynch continues lawsuit against town

I am somewhat involved in NYC rescue and this summer I was faced with the tough situation of re-homing a challenging dog that happened to physically be in the Hamptons. Through friends of friends of friends, I was connected with Pat Lynch. Pat was INCREDIBLY helpful to me in this difficult situation, including networking on the dog's behalf, and connecting me with a reputable trainer who gave the dog a behavioral assessment free-of-charge. She went above-and-beyond to help me in the rescue and re-homing of this pup, and was incredibly thoughtful and gracious in the process. Her selfless advocacy of animals, their safety and care was incredibly apparent.

Honestly, I was so grateful to have Pat's help. So, in this case, I'd have to say that i\t's SH--and, sadly, their animals'--LOSS not to have Pat be a part of SH's shelter and animal efforts...
" Sep 22, 10 11:18 PM