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Pat Lynch continues lawsuit against town

Was any reason given for rejecting her application as a volunteer???
I'll say this much ... if you are unfortunate enough to be a dog in need, you couldn't ask for a stonger advocate than Pat. She will go to blows with ANYONE when it comes to helping or saving a dog... particularly life or death situations. Some people say they love animals. But when it comes to showing support, are they willing to give of themselves? Will they adopt? foster? volunteer? donate? even make a phone call? I've been active in animal rescue for five years and with all the need that exists ... no one who wants to help should be turned away. Pat can do tremendous good. She will donate her time - sit in a greeting room with a dog - promote them to visitors and try to find a home. Isn't that what matters? She can be difficult, no question. But make no mistake - her passion is unparalleled. Put your personal feelings aside and put the homeless, unwanted pets first. The town should settle ... save themselves time and money ... and let her walk a dog! ... jeez..." Sep 22, 10 2:05 PM

Look, this is how it works ... you're ALLOWED to openly criticize your local government. And you CANNOT be banned from a public building (or volunteering) for doing so (even if she was wrong - and I'm not saying she was). A court of law ruled in Pat's favor, upholding her civil rights.
Do you really think that the town can ban her now because she sued them in the past?
In any case .. that is a secondary argument ... as I stated before ... put the dogs first. They don't care who walks them - they're just glad to be out." Sep 23, 10 8:08 AM