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UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

I'm glad Wilson has spoken. It is tough to be bullied. Anyone on or involved in one of those tasks forces that didn't follow procedure are clearly going to answer to the DEA, NOW. Were there oversights worth it?...probably not. Tag it, bag it, & move on..." Mar 7, 13 10:47 PM

It is also interesting that for the last several weeks the Southampton Press Police Arrests are predominantly robbies (small time stuff in and out usually good association to drug users) and capture of individuals with small amounts of "cocaine" and marijuana on their possession in addition to dui or dwi. Not possession with intent to sell. Treading water...." Mar 7, 13 11:01 PM

It seems like Wilson by trying to do the right thing and tighten up, expected everyone on his team to live up to what they committed to and there's a mutiny. " Mar 8, 13 8:41 AM

I think you missed my point. Why were they only accused of having such small amounts? You are indicating that it is obvious, that they have more. So they travel around with enough of a illegal substance to get them high for an hour? Or is it because they are on their way to get more? Would it be fair enough to state that some of these people didn't even know they had drugs on them? From your statement they have tons of backup at home or somewhere...pretty broad assumption. " Mar 8, 13 8:52 AM

I'd imagine that Wilson was tired of the extra work of attempting to get all on deck and operating by the code of ethics they agreed to when they took on their positions. It only takes one bad seed to germinate the bottom feeders and you wind up with weeds that can strangle you. " Mar 9, 13 11:23 AM

Southampton is micro compared to the entire drug issue on the East End of Long Island. If our police force is defending convicts and not using protocol re: logging of evidence how would anyone who is trying to stick to protocol perform in their position and how would anyone in management do their job when they are too busy babysitting. There is always that excuse that when under cover they have to get in with the people they are after...HELLO maybe in Manhattan in Southampton the bad guys already know who the cops are even under cover so now they have to be a cop on the take. So they become addicts? Who is really winning the war on drugs and violence then?" Mar 17, 13 8:33 PM

Doesn't take too much VICE to understand that we have a real crime situation on our hands and the BAD seeds in the force are linked to the "dealers". If no one sees this as the biggest issue in all of this we will wind up like Patchogue or West Islip. As of 2010 the government studies show that Suffolk County overall has the highest rate rate of Drug Deaths and Drug Suicides in counties in NY & NJ & PA
surveyed by SAMSHA.org anyone reading this can look the info up themselves. Wilson did the right thing. Nothing can get in order before this drug issue is addressed.
" Mar 17, 13 9:20 PM

UPDATE: Sickles Returns To Duty; PBA Blasts Board Members, GOP For Making Him A 'Scapegoat'

Right back to my other comments re: Wilson coming forth, how can you police when you have to police your own officers.

Officers who by the way have the right to invoke the Garrity Rule. By invoking the Garrity rule, the officer is invoking his or her right against self incrimination.

Any statements made after invoking Garrity, may only be used for department investigation purposes and not for criminal prosecution purposes. The Garrity Rule stems from the court case Garrity v. New Jersey, 385 U.S. 493 (1967), which was decided in 1966 by the United States Supreme Court.

Officers were advised that they had to answer questions subjecting them to criminal prosecution or lose their jobs. The Court held that this was Unconstitutional.

Technically, there are two prongs under the Garrity rights. First, if an officer is compelled to answer questions as a condition of employment, the officer's answers and the fruits of those answers may not be used against the officer in a subsequent criminal prosecution.

Second, the department becomes limited as to what they may ask. Such questions must be specifically, narrowly, and directly tailored to the officer's job.

Thus, the basic thrust of the Garrity Rights or Garrity Rule is that a department member may be compelled to give statements under threat of discipline or discharge but those statements may not be used in the criminal prosecution of the individual officer. This means that the Garrity Rule only protects a department member from criminal prosecution based upon statements he or she might make under threat of discipline or discharge.

It is not something that is automatically triggered the officer must announce that they want the protections under Garrity.
" Mar 21, 13 2:15 PM

Garity Rule for anyone who thinks this may be part of the road block, was invoked soon after the initial ruling in my former comment. Gardner vs.Broderick, 392 U.S. 273 (1968), an officer who was being questioned about alleged bribery and corruption was discharged after refusing to sign a waiver of immunity that would have allowed the use of his investigatory statements in the internal/administrative investigation in a subsequent criminal prosecution.

The Court reversed the officer’s discharge and held that the officer was discharged solely for his refusal to waive a constitutional right. The court ruled that while a law enforcement agency can conduct an administrative investigation of an officer, it cannot, in the course of that investigation compel the officer to waive the immunity guaranteed by the Garrity decision.

I'm not thinking this is going public in terms of clean up anytime soon. So hopefully everyone's voice of concern for our town will encourage all the various powers that be to do a little spring cleaning in their "houses of influence"." Mar 21, 13 3:43 PM

Allison Rydberg Sentenced To Prison Following Fatal Water Mill DWI Crash

She will have to live with this for the rest of her life. Prison, rehab, nothing is going to erase the memory. Hopefully, despite the disparity both families will be able to move on from this and she will be able to get the assistance to cope with what occurred. " Feb 26, 15 3:56 PM