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Altschuler will face Bishop in November

Great day for the people today! We do not want the establishment RINOs in office. We only want folks who are going to reverse the course of this administration - and YESTERDAY! If Altschuler is as bad for us as you all say, then Bishop will have no problem. But methinks your attacks and noise mask your fear. And if so, you are more wise that we give you credit for. The issues are simple Bishop voted for Obamacare, Stimulus 1, Stimulus 2, His vote moved Cap and Tax legislation forward and he votes with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time. He gets a D on the enforcement of standing US immigration laws. Make no mistake about it, Altschuler will absolutely get to work to REVERSE the course of this administration. And since that is what you want, you should back him starting today. I neither work nor volunteer for his campaign." Sep 15, 10 12:42 PM

High Holy Day Yom Kippur Services

To all my Jewish friends: :"Challah!"" Sep 15, 10 12:46 PM

Altschuler will face Bishop in November

Folks: Its worth repeating and re-reading. This is the nonsense that soon enough, will be relegated to a couple of high dial cable talk news shows and the radical blogs - where it used to be and where it will be returned. We welcome even philatome into the big tent of freedom. Enjoy:

"The republicans,and now,the tea party, proudly campaigns on lowering taxes by cutting social programs such as SS and education;They attack immigrants and support laws that will discriminate; They attack the poor,women,the gay community and minorities and advocate eliminating or defunding the policies and programs that benefi them directly.The right has moved farther to the right,even though for the last 2 years democrats have tried to get them to participate in the legislative process.
Taxes ... more are lower on the middle class than they have been in decades.everybody does better under democrats than republicans,including the top 2%. To return power to the republicans especially inexperienced newcomers will mean more gridlock in congress and more divisiveness as promoted on this board.The republicans are incapable of governing,and they prove it every time they gain power. "
" Sep 15, 10 1:12 PM

Water Mill man is a 'Survivor'

What exactly do they ''survive''? It couldn't be any worse than the traffic Mr. Wayne Newton Jr. sits in to get to the Candy Kitchen." Sep 15, 10 1:15 PM

Altschuler will face Bishop in November

summertime, growing up on elm street is one thing, coming of age inside and having your brain washed inside the beltway is truly another. while your coloquiual (sp?) stories with the martha steward blurred camera angle are cute, but they don't cut it in the deadly contact sport of unethical politics in which your pal wallows each and every day. " Sep 15, 10 4:12 PM

Yes, as the sun sets on a day of victory, one of many sure to come. For this is true grass roots right here and it feels fantastic. To win, not by masking who you are, but by being true to who you are, now that is zen right there. The headlines and media are fully engaged and aroused by this incredible transformational wave. This was just a small trickle of the inundation and vaporization that is about to encompass the extreme radical left. The progressives have jumped the shark. Man, it's bad out there, but perhaps it was a blessing that you were handed the steering wheel for 18 months, the country is tossing you out like a drunk hobo that has out guzzled its welcome. What a difference 18 months make huh!? When an idealogue like Hussein Obama gets in the ''whitey house'' he's going to baffle all of you - because he's all about revenge against the evil colonizers. Lessons ''from'' my father. This is one dangerous, shady attorney. " Sep 15, 10 10:08 PM

Mr. Z is funny when he is all flumoxed. No, this site isn't over run by righties...the entire country is righty and in the last 18 months you progressives came out of your caves to follow the pied piper of facism, and now the dirty attorney has allowed the light to be shown on the sum total that is the failure of your ideas. And don't take it from me, look out the window, its not going well. Don't talk to me about corporations or any fluff. This president is the least popular president in history and will easily usurp carter as the biggest bumbling dolt ever to step into the hot seat. despite what you might take from these comments, our country is as united as it has been in a long time, and the vocal minority is about to be relegated to the harvard hasty pudding club where it belongs. " Sep 16, 10 6:23 AM

And as for big corporations. I love them, adore them. In fact, I cannot imagine my life without them. " Sep 16, 10 6:29 AM

Three Republican candidates will battle on Tuesday for right to challenge Bishop in November

yo cow, if your making 25k you ain't payin' taxes. i can assure you, that you have absolutely no clue about which you are talking. obama has raised taxes on the middle class significantly, bend over and wait for january then come back here and talk to us. at the same time, noahway also has absolutely no clue about the healthcare reform. if he think he's getting cheaper care and that the only thing that was missing from obamacare was a public option, she is sadly mistaken. but i do like how local84 is behind you guys egging you on with the ''yeah, what he said'' line from the old fashioned movies. funny." Sep 16, 10 6:36 AM

Fire breaks out at Southampton Elementary School on Saturday

PBR, you will need to change the entire process for fire and emergency response.
Better yet, could you find out exactly how much of the inflated tax bill that is "burgled" from me each year is paid for emergency response? For me, I am happy to include an extra miniscule amount per year in my taxes per year. Better than having to pay up front with a credit card or atm prior during the 911 call before the heroes show up." Sep 19, 10 7:49 AM

Rampasture residence issued violations

more like Crampasture, LLC. no, "Greedy, Crook & Bum, Inc."" Sep 19, 10 7:52 AM

CPF and mortgage tax revenues still sliding

in related news, the amount of funds being misappropriated, gone ''missing'' and being wasted is at an all time high." Sep 19, 10 3:35 PM

Southampton Village begins search for Parrish Art Museum replacement

Bob, the museum is gone, accepting that fact will allow one to think clearer. Rehashing history is the easy part, coming up with a solution to the ''here and now'' is where the tough get going. The answer is getting a co-operative in place, owned by 200 or so families that are the first to sign up and donate the $1200 co-op fee. There is $250k right there to invest into conversion into something that benefits the community. but how? elect a board of the cooperative and use it to highlight local artisans, artists, bakers, enthusiasts and other folks who would like to offer wares and crafts relevant to our area. Perhaps an open area for performance artists at night, poetry readings, seminars, lectures and interesting exhibits. just some ideas. but why wait? I think the Parrish's would appreciate the community turning it into a co-op owned by several families." Sep 19, 10 3:45 PM

Schneiderman: End in sight for homeless sex offender trailers in Riverside and Westhampton

What this article fails to mention is that these sex offenders are currently getting - $90/day of our money - yes, that's $2,700.00 to spend on ''housing''. If these so called sex-offenders aka rapists, child molesters and assorted miscreants continue to get $2,700.00 per month or $32,400 per year - this is stimulus alright - then who cares where they live. It's a complete work - the real issue is the $$. What is happening to that Mr. Bureaucrat looking for the pat on the back?" Sep 20, 10 2:29 PM

Altschuler will face Bishop in November

last word. word." Sep 20, 10 2:33 PM