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UPDATE: Travel Restrictions Lifted But Residents Asked To Stay Off Roadways As Recovery Continues

You are most definitely correct. The last time I remember the Press doing this was to a missing person report." Jan 26, 15 4:17 PM

Hunters And Residents Continue To Butt Heads Over Deer

Do you expect people to read such a verbose comment? "Keep it pithy." " Jan 28, 15 10:11 PM

Less is more in writing. I am a vociferous reader, but I refuse to bite into such dense verbiage. Whatever your default font size is, comments are a fraction of that. And they are single spaced. If you want to write a letter to the editor or pen your own article special to the Press then I'll read it. But comments should be kept pithy.

My critique of your post has been on style. I have not written anything which would indicate my position on the issue.

I live in Remsenburg-Speonk. I still have the flyer Cay Chandler handed to me while I was out-and-about on my refrigerator. Some of the questions she asks are legitimate. Some statements are laughable such as not seeing a deer in weeks. But there is one question missing from her list that I would like to know about. That is that arrows are not an instant kill.( I assume) Once arrowed, how long does it take to immobilize the deer? And if the wounded deer deer winds up in my back yard can the hunter follow? In such a situation can I just give the arrow back and thanjk the hunter for having the deer over for a freezer party?" Jan 29, 15 8:23 AM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

In the cultural war between North Americas first settlers and European immigrants the former lost. Societies suffer Darwinian outcomes like species. A concept just as true today as it ever was." Feb 6, 15 11:25 PM

Elderly Speonk Woman Says Highway Workers Won't Pick Up Her Leaves

Why does the Town do leave collection? Compost them or hire someone to take your leaves away." Feb 12, 15 12:05 PM

Charges Dismissed Against Hampton Bays Fisherman

For every fishing job at sea there are eight more back on dry land." Apr 18, 15 5:44 PM

Bender Pitches Bag Ban To Westhampton Beach Board

They are only single-use if you decide to throw them away and not reuse or re-purpose them." May 27, 15 1:36 PM

Climate Change Forum And Benefit Slated For Saturday

Since Long Island was formed 18,000 years ago sea level has risen 330 feet. (Yes, when the glaciers melted the water had to go somewhere.)" Jun 3, 15 8:26 PM

Uber Arraignments Adjourned To July; Attorney Says Criminal Records Is Biggest Fear For Drivers

Correction: small drinking village with a big fishing problem." Jun 15, 15 7:33 PM

Montauk Chamber Starts Campaign To Bring Back Family Vacationers

Like trying to take leaves on a windy day." Jul 30, 15 2:58 AM

Two Separate Taxis Cause Accidents On Flamingo Avenue In Montauk

Is that the same McMorrow who writes for the East Hampton Star?" Aug 3, 15 4:52 PM

UPDATE: Police Say Drunk Driving Was Cause Of Wednesday Night Accident On County Road 39

I heard it was a double ejection. So sad." Aug 20, 15 5:45 PM

Complaints Of Overcrowding On LIRR Trains To The East End Continue

MTA policy is a ticket is no guarantee of a seat." Aug 21, 15 4:19 AM

Southampton Town Police Request Help From Public To Find Missing Sagaponack Woman

How pathetic is the Press for putting missing persons articles behind a pay wall!!
" Oct 12, 15 11:36 AM

Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's Employees Are Seeking Help To Save Their Jobs

I am looking forward to not paying the rich zipcode premium on my groceries when Best moves in." Oct 16, 15 11:37 AM

Fire Damages Part Of Oceanfront Montauk Motel Friday Morning

Isn't that hotel on the north side of Montauk Highway? (not oceanfront)" Oct 30, 15 2:30 PM

UPDATE: Missing Hampton Bays Man Is Found

...another pay-walled missing persons article. The Press should be ashamed of themselves. " Dec 16, 15 12:24 AM

It was locked last night when i first clicked on it. It is still locked to me. There is no pop-up box telling me I have reached 7 of 7 free articles. " Dec 16, 15 10:43 AM

Shinnecock Tribal Member Fights For More Than Parking Ticket

Maybe the solution is for the Shinnecock Indian Nation to negotiate an agreement with Southhampton Village for access on behalf of its residents." May 12, 16 8:37 AM

Bus Riders And Officials Urge Suffolk County To Avoid Route Cuts

The S90 bus route is not designed to get people back and forth to work. It is designed to get people to and from the courts and the county center. Ridership would go up if it started early enouph and ran late enough to gey people to and from work." Sep 9, 16 11:01 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Joins Opposition To Dakota Pipeline

Beyond the fluff:

Millions of dollars worth of equipment at multiple locations was torched during these prolonged peaceful demonstration." Sep 15, 16 1:20 PM

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