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UPDATE: FEMA Gas Relief Arrives In Hampton Bays

The rule DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has waived allows foreign vessels to transport from one domestic port to another." Nov 3, 12 12:17 AM

Lack Of Federal Funds Could Force Gabreski Air Tower Closure

Definitely an 'A' grade for fear-mongering. If the government only spends 1.5% MORE than it did last year planes may start colliding or crashing." Feb 22, 13 6:48 PM

UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute

I would imagine this will end before she stands for re-election. When is that?
" Apr 16, 13 1:40 PM

Gregor Proceeding With Noyac Project Despite Official Roadblocks

Because we live in a Democracy, not a Technocracy. Peoples opinions matter Ms. Jane Q. Public." Apr 16, 13 2:39 PM

Montaukers March Against Monsanto

I am sure they have spent immense sums of money developing new seeds to stave off world-wide famine. It seams fair they receive their just compensation. " May 29, 13 1:56 PM

East Hampton Town Board Will Hold Hearing On Limited Parking At Indian Wells Beach

Using length of vehicle as a basis for prohibiting vehicles is appropriate. But using occupancy or rated occupancy will appropriately lead to charges of being arbitrary and capricious. The vehicles come in too many sizes and shapes. " Jun 6, 13 8:41 AM

Wainscott Man Arrested For Throwing Traffic Patrol Officer's Ticket Book

The headline contradicts the charge." Jun 13, 13 11:10 AM

Rumba Rum Bus Tips Over Following Crash Sunday Night

"Where does the town code allow for increased capacity from off site parking located blocks away?"

My concern is not with the underlying issue but with the presumption the above statement makes. It is not the governments role, nor should it be, to proscribe to businesses how to carry out their business concerns. Town codes enact prohibited activities, not proscribed except for administrative reasons to make regulatory oversight possible." Jun 25, 13 11:31 AM

Immigration: From Making Their Way To Finding A Path

Whenever i hear or read the term "undocumented immigrants" I can't help but think all they need is a Master Forger." Jul 5, 13 8:02 AM

Sagaponack Will Hold Public Meeting To Discuss Forming Its Own Police Department

Could Sagaponack become the Hampton's first gated Village?" Jul 17, 13 12:26 PM

Eastport's Tuttle Avenue School Remains On Schedule To Open In February

Back in the day that building housed 4th through 12th grade. How things have changed..." Aug 30, 13 12:34 PM

ObamaCare To Be Explained At Sag Harbor Chamber Event

Link to excel program showing advanced tax credit and premiums for individuals and families making less than 400% of poverty level based on user input:
http://www.healthbenefitexchange.ny.gov/" Sep 27, 13 3:15 PM

State Police Looking For Missing Shinnecock Man

It is my opinion a missing person article should not be locked out and an image should be included." Feb 26, 14 1:38 PM

Tuttle Avenue School In Eastport Will Open Monday

That school house k-12 when I graduated and had fewer student than even now." Feb 28, 14 11:34 AM

Police: Limo Driver Arrested For Transporting Drunk Teens En Route To Montauk

The limousine company should have provided a chaperon or required at least one parent to ride with them. " Apr 15, 14 4:06 PM

Montauk's Dock Restaurant Changes Sign Deemed Offensive To The Irish

The term "Paddy Wagon" is also hereby struck from the lexicon." Jul 29, 14 5:25 PM

Former County Legislator Blocks Demolition Of Westhampton Beach Home From Prison

It was government policy to bring home ownership to more people. Both parties. "Better living(and poll number for politicians) thru debt."" Aug 24, 14 2:58 PM

I have a question: Could the rest of the world turn on the US in similar fashion as happened to Bear Stearns? Will the US be "the biggest short" of them all one day?" Aug 27, 14 1:37 AM

West Hampton Dunes Trustee No Longer Lives In Village

Could it be so simple as she is moved in with another resident or is renting?" Sep 19, 14 4:13 PM

Air National Guard Receives $500,000 Federal Grant For Solar Panels

Yes, the federal government gave the ANG 500k of borrowed money that it has no idea how it will pay off. And @bird hit on a point. The feds not only are borrowing money to subsidize consumers but manufacturers of solar equipment. Anyone interested in solar technology might take a look over on Arstechnica for the article on the new Sunflower system." Oct 2, 14 8:51 PM

East End Towns, Villages Will Introduce Bans On Plastic Bags

If people don't want to use these so-called "single use" bags why don't they bring their own and just say no thank you to them instead of forcing this down everyone's throat. All my bags are used at least twice. Once from the store and then again at home. How are people supposed to take home their groceries? If the answer is to buy some sort of bag consider this: the government is then telling its citizens what product they must buy. This sounds like just the babiest of steps towards the government telling us, its citizens, we are will be required to buy even more expensive products such as health insurance." Oct 24, 14 12:54 PM

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