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Hazmat team conducts drill at Hampton Bays Elementary after minor incident

Get real people, I am sorry to say "welcome to the world of cover-ups". Come on does anyone believe the info coming out of Washington these days, on the left, on the right, everyone's spinning a story. The world of honest has left the building with Elvis. All we have left is our own dignity, make the best of it, believe no one, trust no one and this way you won't be blaming anyone. Now doesn't that make you all feel better?" Aug 31, 10 6:11 PM

Students evacuated from Hampton Bays Elementary School on Tuesday

Does anyone remember the last incident at the school, chemical spill, Oh No! it's just a drill..... sounds fishy doesn't it? how does it go ....get out there and perform damage control, the people will never know." Oct 13, 10 4:23 PM

Altschuler balks; debate with Bishop canceled

From my point of view... all Tim has (see his commercials) is Alschuler out sourcing of jobs...hello, our beloved government which is being run by the Dems own GM and others that are also outsourced. We all have a car made in Mexico or Canada, so who's outsourcing the most. Besides our anti-corporation governement has lost tons of jobs, what's the unemployment rate 9.6% thanks to all the Dems...." Oct 13, 10 4:37 PM

Bishop Appears To Win In Photo Finish; LaValle, Thiele Cruise To Victories

Bishop...Bah Humbug! Timmy you really shouldn't be that happy, because, at least 50% of the people DON'T LIKE YOU & YOUR POLITICS....Hope you get the message Timmy. If you are re-elected (don't know yet), for cripes sake lisen to the people in your District for a change. You are the perfect example of what's wrong in politics today, you have become an asswipe for the party and people just pointed that out. If this voting hasn't been a wake-up call next time you surely won't prevail...we'll all be watching!!!!!" Nov 3, 10 11:08 AM

Possible Reprieve For East Hampton Village Pharmacy

Let's add more good news to this story. It's bad enough the building inspectors are of control and the Town wants to make them in charge of Code Enforcement. We all have heard the nightmare stories associated with the building dept., just wait and see what's in store for us if the Town moves forward with this idea. PS didn't they try that years ago, oh well what goes around usually comes back again, only to find out why it didn't work and was changed back to where it is today." Nov 4, 10 8:41 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

OMG.....we're in what century???? "we can put a man on the moon, but we still can't get election voting closer than just filling the dots" Next we'll all be marching into the polls casting our votes by stomping out a one or a two as horses do with their feet. God help us all, I can't take it anymore, no wonder people don't want to vote, do you blame them???" Nov 7, 10 1:21 PM

I would like everyone to remember well and they should concentrate the image on the Southampton Press front page cover. Those closed eyes and perched lips of a smug individual who thought, ha ha I got him. His two fingers nearly touching...hummm, what do you suppose he was referencing to??? one can only imagine, keep it clean now....tables turn and hopefully Randy's got the needed win. I heard that people in Flanders will be very happy if Bishop loses, cause he promised them many times a long over due zip code. Their new motto, no zip, no tim.. " Nov 12, 10 1:05 PM

Southampton Town Department Heads Raise Issues With Preliminary 2011 Budget

Did I see that someone mentioned Pete Collins, he's totally useless, there's a union rep job that he milks so bad, he's always MIA from his real job. The only thing he's good for is changing the street bulbs, oh sorry even that job was taken away, so that shows everyone the limits of his talent. "Where in the world is Carm....I mean, Pete Collins..." Nov 12, 10 5:29 PM

Southampton Hospital Snuffs Out Smoking

What's the big deal, any entity like SH Hospital is entitled to make, and enforce by whatever means, ie disipline, suspension, etc. it's rules. You all do remember there are current laws on the books....get over it...it's only smoking, a discusting habit to begin with. Keep the new rule SH Hospital some of us do agree, and stand behind your decision. Thank You" Nov 13, 10 9:21 AM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Grinds To Halt Following Snowstorm

Note to Gregor: this is the 2nd year in a row the residents of Flanders have been let down. Radio announcements with pickup dates don't cut it. Residents made hugh, straight piles of leaves as told, and put at the edge of the road. Didn't work, the plows have thrown the leaves (2x's now) all over the yards and road, what a horrible mess, looks like a war zone. Thanks Alex for making all of us rake them up again and again. Howz about reversing your schedule of pickups and do Flanders first this time. Oh! while Iam at it, whats with all the street lights out everywhere. I can name atleast 12 street lights on Route 24, Bayview Pines, and Waters Edge areas, this is a serious public safety issue. I know the answer "we have only one person doing street lights", well, get another. All one has to do is look around you'll be shocked how many lights are out...Unacceptable, if Gregor can't do the job, then who's next? McGann? " Jan 12, 11 6:23 PM

Study: Merge Southampton And North Sea Fire Districts

Wow! Touched a nerve did they... The tip of the ice berg, take a momemt and look around at all the various fire and Ambulance districts. Some districts have 2, 1 Fire & 1 Ambulance district double taxe$ and double wammy!! What are we crazy to buy into each of them...The Town turns a deaf ear and blind eye to the "Legalized Raping" were getting throughout the Town of Southampton. Does anyone really care?? Is anyone watching that portion of there tax bills?? Does the Town ever try and audit ant of these agencies?? Answer: NO, Never!!! It's the honor system. Ask you favorite Councileperson and see the dancing lips service you get. Pathetic isn't it, what are they all afraid of, what? (perhaps showing their really watching out for you and your money). Then, I got a bridge to sell you....." Jan 14, 11 3:04 PM

Montauk Residents File $25 Million Lawsuit Over Erosion

A simple solution from here on in would to allow ONLY mobile homes near shore lines. This way when erosion comes, you roll it back a few feet. When no longer the land can support the mobile homes, you put you license plates on and find another lot location. Works for me, solves the problem and mitigates all these unnecessary lawsuits and finger pointing. Thats easy!!!!" Jan 27, 11 2:08 PM

Suffolk Water Authority Plans To Sell Surplus Land On East End

This is a joke!!!! It's all about the CASH. the land will neverand most liked because of it's location will never be developed, ie DEC, Town Regs, etc. "why buy the cow when the milks free" same theory. Keep it so, I hope they pay taxes on it, why give that up, then the community ends up losing (as usual) and they pay land taxes, what a rip. Who ever decides to purchase the property shame on them, they don't have the communities best interests at heart.." Jan 27, 11 2:16 PM

Fire Damages Home On Neptune Avenue In Hampton Bays

Good response from Hampton Bays Fire Dept. It shows me we're well protected, just look at the number of Vollies that showed up in the pictures. This was a weekday afternoon, again great turnout guys. We have the best doing the best, a great service to our community, I can't complain, thank you HBFD." Jan 29, 11 2:54 PM

Town Releases Details Of Sordi Separation Agreement

WHO HIRED THIS GUY ANYWAY??? I don;t get it! He's told to hit the road (in a round-a-bout way), gets a big payday for the rest of his year. Why?? couldn't we just kept him around since he's still being paid and strip him of all legal duties and assign him a different job description for the remainder of the year cleaning all town toilets. Atleast the money paid him would be utilized and not totally lost and he'd be where he belongs doing what he does best shoveling s__t." Feb 16, 11 8:41 PM

Building Revenues Rebounding In Southampton Town

Yearround Resident...right on mark, Why pay high salaries, benefits, cars, and whatever else to these 3 guys. I think we may be the only town doing our own. Everyone uses PRIVATE electrical inspectors to perform this service. And they are all self insured to absorb any liability. Beninicasa is snowing the supervisor with the "Not-So-Real" facts. Electrical inspectors are not needed, permit costs doesn't even cover the basics. Lisen up Anna work those numbers $$$$ associated with the inspection part. " Feb 24, 11 9:11 PM

Vote Paves The Way For Closing Of Sex Offender Trailers

WOW...who said crime doesn't pay?? Just think 4 can get together and pool their money so as to have enought $$$$$ to buy their own home, Thanks SC DDS, not a bad deal...Howz about all the empty Suffolk County home foreclosures, Partner-up and sell them to the offenders so we can get some of our money back. " Mar 11, 11 4:11 PM

Town Cites Illegal Transfer Station In Flanders

It's about time the Code Enforcement finally stepped in. How long was this going on??? Didn't anyone ever notice all this going on, big trucks going back and forth in a neighborhood??? Were all our Town leaders sleeping at the wheel or still fighting amost themselves, and not paying more attention to that area. Who's the liason for Flanders??? Didn't anyone inform that person?? How pathetic is that!!! Where's all the bad stuff now?? Anyone knowwhich area of our Town it got re-deposited in?? maybe Bridgehampton? Watermill? " Mar 13, 11 11:54 AM

Southampton Town Code Enforcement Targets Flanders Home

The End will speak for itself. Watch and see what the Judges do, that's the real answer, as to if we're getting anywhere. The judges need to have report cards, so we can judge them on their performance. I say the judges should put a injuction or something not allowing them to rent it again for 6 months. Fines are passed on to the renters, cost of doing business, thats dumb. I'll bet the charges will be reduced down (I have been watching). Our Justice Courts are revolving doors, ask the SH Press to follow up and see for yourself. If the judges get failing grades we VOTE THEM OUT. Watch them and you be the judge, election time is close. Meet the candidate night and ask them, "why so soft" on slumlords??" Apr 11, 11 9:49 PM

Southampton Town Board Fails To Appoint New Police Chief

Tony Tenaglia ran a tight and strict ship at SHTPD. Rank and file want some of the rules relaxed, so in comes Wilson. Note to Malone, most PBA members live outside the Township, so don't think Jim there's votes for you when you go for your "Judgeship". Malone has let us down during his reign, he never calls people back, he has turned his back on friends and party members, didn't re-elect supporters to conservation dept, he'll be a real slime disrespecting a man who gave his life/career to the Town. Remember folks Supervisors and Board Members are here then gone, the oPolice Officers are here their entire Town career, Thanks "Short Term" members, I guess we'll have to vote Bridget out come this November. Malone better change his vote or he too is out, we mean what we say, we got him in, we can take him out and he knows it, he'll see. " Apr 18, 11 5:46 PM

So what's been the Villages crime that Chief Wilson can boast about???? Is it the caputuring the "Greens Robber", you know the guy who stole fruits and veggies from Schmitts Farm Stand?? or is it being out in force moving and rounding up all the illegals and cornering them and keep them all contained in one place 7-11. Just like we did to the Japanese during WWII. maybe it's all those suggestive nude photos on Village PD dispatch monitors that has his interest, oh!, you know only in an official capacity of course. Good job Southampton Town Board soon to be EX Board Members....Yeah go ahead pick Wilson, you'll be the losers not Tenaglia atleast he's got a pension not you ." Apr 19, 11 9:39 AM

Report Shows Uptick In Housing Investigations In Springs

Hey East Hampton, we have same problems over here next door Southampton. The problem is when Code Enforcement does it's job the Justice Court doesn't do it justice (no pun intended). What we all need to do is start keeping report cards on the judges. Election time we bring out the results and hold them accountable, we in the Western half are currently doing that. I can't wait till November....shame on the Justices...Kooperstein, Wilson, Burke, not so much for Sciavonie. We think she is doing a pretty good job. Even the cops are getting smarter by checking schedules of judges before issuing tickets, code enforcement should start it also... " Apr 22, 11 2:51 PM

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