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Southampton hires high school principal

Umm. an EDD from an online university. I wonder how difficult that was to acquire. Perhaps, like the Hamptons, the School Board was interested in hiring fluff over substance. Its program or degrees are not recognized by any leading body or organization of scholars or persons in the educational field. Instead it's been widely reported on the internet as a scam school. I guess the Board of Education did their "due diligence" again and hired a lightweight. God forbid they should hire someone with real academic credentials and a real dissertation. I wonder if they really understood the term "autoenography" and an admission policy without requirements or GRE's. Once again "frosting on a non existent cake" I wonder if they would hire me. My masters degree was NOT in liberal studies, a terminal degree, with no doctorate program available. What could be worse? Nova University. " Aug 14, 10 11:42 PM

Agency News

Point of clarification, neither the State of New York or HANFRA ( Hamptons and North Fork REALTOR® Association" "certifies" real estate agents as CBR's, (Certified Buyer Representative) rather this designation is an educationally earned, nationally offered certification presented by Real Net Learning Services, a private educational institution. It has no association or affiliation with the National Association of REALTORS® ABR designation." Nov 4, 10 6:58 PM

Buyouts, Mergers And The Dearth Of Independents In Hamptons Real Estate

Maybe they will join HANFRA (Hamptons and North Fork REALTORS® Association, the only REALTOR® organization granted jurisdiction of the five East End towns, by the National Association of REALTORS® and then support the only East End specific Multiple Listing System developed by Rapattoni who currently serves over 100 MLS's nationwide and over 300,000 subscribers? Why pay more for less??" May 25, 11 5:57 PM

Once, again, you don't know what you are talking about. Being a member of and MLS is not a requirement for being a REALTOR®. It's a business decision made by a company. As long as sellers continue to believe there is value in NOT having their listings on an MLS, there's not much to be done. Once again, it's a seller's choice and business decision he/she makes. Stop just jawing and complaining on websites. Participate in a REALTOR® organization and become a positive force behind change." Oct 7, 11 4:26 PM

Southampton hires high school principal

How many of their accredited schools have been under investigation by local, state, and the federal government as being degree mills who offer outlandish promises, baseless courses, and charge high fees?" Oct 7, 11 5:21 PM

Schumer Announces New Helicopter Routes In Works

Following your logic, why not ban cars that pollute and install mass transit? Why not ban commerical busses and allow only private transportation by permit ? Why not ban commericial fishing and allow only private fishing by permit? So much for democracy." Feb 2, 12 1:03 PM

Though Critical Of Spat With Fallen Vet's Family, Zeldin Says He Still Stands By Trump

Are you prepared to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment of the USC once he has been declared "unfit" to serve or will you simply "disagree"? Do you agree with the actions of his security force who removed Republicans from his rally in Portland Maine for silently waving a pocket edition of the Constitution in the air? If you have any desire to get re-elected this fall, you will need to distance yourself from him and his policies. As a life-long Republican and a supporter of the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Reagan, I along with millions of others across the country will switch parties this November and vote against anyone who supports his craziness.
" Aug 5, 16 5:42 PM

Honorable Zeldin:

If you want a political future, support the courage of Richard L. Hanna R-NY 22, Chris Christie, Mike Morell, John McCain, et al. For further illumination, you should listened to Frank Schaeffer's video on Facebook. A former Republican, he outlines why he has changed his mind and will support HRC. His decision is not political; it's to preserve our Country. In less than a week he has over 1.7 million views, and almost 43,000 shares. He's an internationally recognized author, film director, screen writer and public speaker.
." Aug 5, 16 6:25 PM

Thiele, Others Consider Challenging Zeldin In 2018

Actually I am not sure you have. The correct use of a restrictive clause is
"Zeldin has not done a damn thing that would have warranted his being fired" Use the possessive case before a gerund." Jul 27, 17 11:38 AM

Hampton Bays, East Hampton Schools To Receive Tech Upgrades

Congratulations to Rich and his staff for securing the funds. I remember the first computer /math lab in Room 5 with Gladys,, my writing lab in the Art Room where word processing was taught to all 8th graders as part of the English curriculum, two dedicated computer rooms with Pat McGovern, and finally the first Adult Ed computer classes, I hired you to teach with your wife. You've brought the district to a totally new level along with the Administrative team. Go Baymen." Dec 5, 17 6:39 PM

In Tweet, U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Calls For End To Mueller Probe

I can visualize a sweeping blue wave across the CD1 gerrymandered district (drawn to favor Republican registration) in November 2018. This family of six registered Republicans will repudiate the Trump party and vote Democratic.I wonder how many will, hopefully enough to say goodbye to the Trump toad and tool,Lee Zeldin. " Mar 19, 18 5:38 PM

State Housing Reform Has Unintended Consequence On Hamptons Summer Rentals

Seems to me if the law was "never intended to apply to seasonal rentals" according to Assemblyman Thiele then maybe it should have been read prior to its debate and acceptable by overwhelming bipartisan support including the co-sponsorship of Thiele. This bill passed three assembly committee approvals in one day. So, who beside me read the 75 page document?" Aug 21, 19 11:36 PM

East Hampton School District Asks Board Of Elections To Keep Voting Out Of The Schools

Or turn the day into a Teacher Conference Day and add a day to the school calendar.
" Sep 11, 19 7:22 PM