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Helicopter foe girds for battle

The situation is insufferable. We are not talking about a slight disturbance of our peace and quiet. We can no longer sit outside in the late afternoon or early evening, as the helicopters fly one after another directly over our house, mostly at tree top level. You cannot hear what the other person is saying. Everyone has to stop talking until the helicopter passes. Since they fly over our house at a rate of about one every ten minutes, there is no conversation to be had. And then there are the helicopters taking off in the wee morning hours to carry people back into the city.
We have the right to enjoy our property in peace. Zoning laws, as Frank has argued, are there to protect residents. Why should an entire community be terrorized by this noise just because some very rich people, who can afford the huge price tag of a helicopter ride, want to save themselves a few hours in traffic? That is simply not reasonable. I suggest that people like Richard Myers, who claim that we should not ban the helicopters, spend some time over at Frank's house, or come by our house. It is scandalous that our public officials have left us to suffer in this way, turning a deaf ear to our protests for all these years." Aug 12, 10 2:32 AM

Helicopters Try Out Proposed South Shore Route

This is all fine and good, but the bottom line is that these monsters have to land somewhere. That means that they may fly along water for a longer stretch as they approach East Hampton, but at a certain point they need to get to the airport. They then spew their fumes and wreak their noise damage over every home that is in their path as they make their way to land. No redirection of the helicopters/seaplanes,jets etc will solve this problem. What we need to do it to radically reduce the number coming into the airport. Since each vehicle contains all of one person, this should be possible. Have these folks never heard of sharing? Don't be fooled by phony solutions promulgated by politicians who just want this problem to go away." Sep 16, 11 4:25 AM

East Hampton Finds Little Encouragment From FAA On Airport Restrictions

That is not true. I live near the airport and the drastic increase in helicopter traffic, with them flying directly over my home, has ruined my life. It is easy to be for something if you do not experience the real life effects. I suggest you visit someone whose home is directly affected by the dramatic increase in airport traffic to understand what life is like for us. Perhaps there are developers waiting to make a buck, but the reality is that those of us who live in the air traffic corridors of the helicopters are truly suffering." Jul 5, 18 9:09 PM