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Man injured in surf in Westhampton Beach

PBR, at 471 comments, there evidently isn't much about which you don't have an opinion. Yours is a harsh cliche' that those of us in EMT and Fire Rescue hear all the time. " Aug 10, 10 7:29 PM

New York City woman crashes into utility pole guard wire on County Road 39, might have blacked out

Walt, driving and blacking out can be more dangerous than DWI? She should be ticketed else it implies that crashing is o.k.? Look, if your depends undergarments are leaking we all can understand that, but goodness. You make no sense at all, and you had two comments in which to try." Aug 10, 10 8:56 PM

Tea Party Meet the Candidates Night

Yeah, they are awful! They want to cut your taxes - I personally would hate them for that. Not only that but I heard they are for smaller government. Can you believe that! They actually think we can survive without the government being up your toucas at every turn. Lunatics is right! At the end of the day, the more of my money I can give to the government, the better off I will be - because they will use it to take care of me better than I can use it myself. Freakin' neocons." Aug 11, 10 9:04 PM

Man injured in surf in Westhampton Beach

PBR, what color is the sky in your world? " Aug 11, 10 9:16 PM

Tea Party Meet the Candidates Night

I comletely agree with progressnow. teaparty jerks..how dare those old people express their fear and displeasure. I used to think disent was patriotic..but now I think there is no place for it. In fact, I want Obama to declare all disagreement with the government illegal. That will teach all those teabag, maniac bigoted people wherever they came from. If they think they should pay less in taxes and still use the roads...I mean, progressnow is so right! most middle class people i know are very thrilled about the level of taxes they pay...and yeah, while they wish they could pay more..you know, to account for the driving, their public school educations and all they..i tell them to shut up and pay...idiots...as they get into their car and drive on THE ROAD THAT THEIR TAXES PAY FOR! duh." Aug 12, 10 6:00 AM

It gets worse. I just looked at that Alschuler's website and he doesn't think taxpayers should foot the bill for those trials in nyc of the 9-11 bombers. Is he nuts or something!? Besides the roads and public schools and military...I definitely want my taxes going to pay for that trial...what the heck else do I work for anyway!? more neocon nonsense. And just like progressnow, the minute someone mentions shrinking the size of government - pffff, I too give them the incestuous rape argument (total coincidence here) and then pooof. Case closed..another convert for big government and more taxes to pay for the roads, military and public schools." Aug 12, 10 6:11 AM

Oh go on, I'm a liberal, I could care less about your consititution. The forefathers, those dolts, could never have expected that jerks like fox news and rush limbaugh would exist..we need to amend that dopey document. Obama to the rescue baby. The chickens have come home to roost! I hate teabaggers! But I love taxes and roads, public schools and the military. " Aug 12, 10 1:44 PM

you're kidding right? I'm dead serious and at 435 comments, if you can't do a better job at gauging how honest I am...then shame on you. what have I said that is not in line with a true liberal...not some lame lino..but a true progressive who is down for the fight and ready to pay those white fat cats back. are you with me peoplefirst..there are a lot of different nationalities that cannot accomplish anything without our help. without us, they are nothing. you need to be committed to the fight so that we can redistribut the excess cash that people in the estate section are never going to use anyway.....let's get it to the people that have been wronged...most likely by those very same people anyway. no, don't you doubt my sincerity one bit ma'am. no way, I'm as real as they come and I got the Huffington Post, MSNBC and Daily Kos, Open Society Institute, New World Order posts to prove it." Aug 12, 10 5:36 PM

Liar, Somalia, arrogant, destroy democracy, idiotic, anarchist, short on details. I am truly not understanding all the pushback here. I am going to presume that I am not communicating well...look, I have studied the Weatherman Manuals, I have studied all of the bumpersticker slogans, the emails, I have check out all the appropriate bloggers, I am fully on message here folks. Can you all stop being so mean to me? I went to Harvard, studied in France, I don't give a lot of money to Darfour, but I totally think other people should...I get all of the save Darfour emails. Back to the drawing board...supplied by the teachers union who I love and who will always support me. And, all latinos...who could they ever vote for but us...where am I going wrong here?" Aug 13, 10 8:17 AM

Ok, everything was fine until you suggested I have a sense of humor. I've got a reputation to protect and as a liberal..few things could be more offensive than a sense of humor. And, if I do have a sense of humor, you can chalk it up to the poor policies of the prior administration that got us here today - its very, very complicated and you wouldn't understand. In fact, as a liberal I am confronted every day with people who want to do whatever they want!? Drive SUVs, drink soda...when they should be on their way to Yoga listening to NPR. " Aug 14, 10 8:20 AM

Air Force Two damages another plane while departing Gabreski

Peoplefirst up there is absolutely correct. That guy is a teapartier. And, that makes us all feel more comfortable. Because we can label you and in peoplefirst and my liberal minds, that is most easy to understand. Teaparty=bad. Get it!? Biden is a fantastic VP and this was a simple mistake. Sure he has had a little gaffe here and there but if you have to find the cause of it - you need not look any farther than the previous administration's policies. Yes, they have caused the majority of Biden's gaffes. And, if you really get the facts, you would see that most likely Karl Rove was behind this - in an effort to make Biden look bad." Aug 14, 10 8:31 AM

Thiele calls for Stony Brook president to step down

I'm with Mo. If you are a repub, you are bad...freakin' contradictory, self serving hacks. Thank you Fred, for stickung up for the Students. Thank goodness (not God) we have him. One party is mad at him because he went to the other party. Got it! One party is good, the other bad. The bad people are mad because he came over to the good people. Live with it you neocon, Fox watchers!" Aug 14, 10 10:35 AM

Hampton Bays woman drowns in pool during party

Hey VOS, how would Tue., Wed., and Thurs. be any different for you had you found out on Monday about the gal who was found floating in her pool in Hampton Bays?" Aug 14, 10 10:48 AM

Tea Party Meet the Candidates Night

Except Barak is neither a negro, nor our first black president. Try again! Oops, I mean...wait, what side am I on again?" Aug 15, 10 8:02 AM

With deadline looming, radio station still short of funds

You would think that with all the higher than thou programming, the british accents, the uptight hosts and npr it would be taking off! " Aug 15, 10 9:01 AM

Restaurant owner will not open cafe at Poxabogue Golf Center

Oh the horror, a dinky little overpriced greasy spoon filled with mold goes down. And, what is that the politicians are involved?" Aug 15, 10 9:04 AM

PBR - did you realize you are only 1 comment away from 480!? You gotta come through with one of your "please respond to my post of tuesday at 10:36am" messages!" Aug 15, 10 9:05 AM

Tea Party Meet the Candidates Night

Here are two of Rush's most racist quotes "I sometimes like chocolate milk". And, "He's out of his cotton pickin' mind!" What more evidence to you need!?" Aug 15, 10 4:38 PM

I say we give 'em Rush. Fine he's a racist. now what? Doh, looks like he remains the most successful radio show host in the history of the medium. You have Janine Garafalo, PBR and Peoplefirst." Aug 15, 10 10:39 PM

Beach erosion study delayed again

Shocking. Tim Bishop, in a private meeting at a bank - fitting as most of his money comes from hedge funds and corporate elites. Oh and shocking again, he is patronizing well heeled Sagaponack part-time -.its as close to the locals as he'll ever get again. Oh, and would you look at that, his answer is to create a special tax district. What a bloated hack. If there ever was an argument for term limits its this guy. His tendency to vote along with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed 99% of the time has done more to encroach and erode the security and fiscal stability of the inhabitants of this state than any erosion will ever do. " Aug 21, 10 12:37 PM

And another thing. A winner, a real achiever - someone with ideas, a plan a vision - a LEADER doesn't continue to mention an administration from 2 years ago. " Aug 21, 10 12:43 PM

I could've said the moon was made of cheese and you would have had the same response, but last I checked fox hasn't mentioned Sagaponack, Bishop or any of my specific charges you cannot refute. Checkmate and you had better start begging people to vote for your pal." Aug 21, 10 12:48 PM

“Dealing with the Army Corps is a mixed blessing: they have the deepest pockets, but they also have far and away the most laborious process.”" Aug 21, 10 12:49 PM

Southampton Town considers definition of public benefit from developers

The only reason a bureaucrat formally defines anything is so it'll suit their immediate needs. Count this as another step towards the approval of the PDD and the mall. These folks are taking their cues from those on the current regime. ie Keep your heads down, allow the little people to vent and then full steam ahead. The board ought to demand specially designed ''For Rent'' signs because the neighborhood is going to be seeing a lot of those in that mall." Aug 21, 10 5:42 PM

Study is expected to be released in fall

That's perfect. All you need is to read the first three paragraphs, 30 years and 10s of millions of tax payer dollars and no real surprises from this government study. File this at the top of the "No Shiz Sherlock" Column. This is Tim Bishop/Big Government at its absolute finest. Pages of nonsense so a bunch of dopes can stay on the taxpayer dole and stay overpaid and underworked. And at the end of the day - the result, the taxpayers are going to do it themselves with their own money. Gee, I wonder why congress has a 11% approval rating." Aug 21, 10 5:48 PM

Police: Melee draws large crowd in Westhampton Beach

local 84 forgot that besides Life and Liberty the only other right he has is the right to PURSUE happiness. " Aug 21, 10 5:57 PM

Southampton Village Building Department looking into Village Latch Inn Hotel

This place and its owners have been greedily thumbing its nose at the impotent building department and related boards for years. That house on Coopers Farm Road is theirs, ahem, another unit as well as others. They have been quietly sneaking around flipping the bird at all of us for a long, long time. They had better see how much the building department want$ so this can all go away. Allegedly." Aug 22, 10 8:13 AM

Harassment charge against Lindsay Lohan's father dropped

Does this mean that the so-called Reverand Havrilla can begin to put together their drug rehab place we've heard about in the past? " Aug 22, 10 8:25 AM

Tea Party Meet the Candidates Night

ICE, your 445th statement might be your nuttiest. I'm sorry, but its not ever close - and I only mention this as an aside. I'm a fan of both. " Aug 22, 10 8:34 AM

Keeping fingers crossed when it comes to hurricane preparedness

What would looting look like in the Hamptons? Lily Pulitzer clad antiques storming the cheese shop for some dill brie and 7-11 set ablaze for buttered rolls by the trade parade? If we designated a route solely for Ferrari's, Bentley's and Mercedes, perhaps the rest of us would have a chance." Aug 22, 10 5:48 PM

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