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New system to decrease response time, enhance safety

More questions than answers.

1.) Gerard Buckley is not chairman of the Southampton Fire District.

2.) Who the heck is funding this? Is every emergency vehicle (PD, FD, and EMS) townwide going to have the properly mated tranmitters. There are multilple competing companies in this field who systems do not interact with one another. Will an ambulance delivering a patient from E. Quogue be able trigger the traffic lights all along the way to Southampton Hospital passing through other jurisdictions, and along State and County roads?

3.) Based on accidents involving both paid and volunteer emergency personnel these units don't replace good common sense defensive driving on the part of the emergency operator and the driving public." Dec 17, 08 1:36 PM

10-year-old starts charity to benefit children in need

What a wonderful community organizer. Certain for a future senate seat. And a run for President in thirty years." Dec 18, 08 7:14 AM