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University Council supports cuts made to Stony Brook Southampton

Stanley pilfered my taxes which was used to buy and renovate Stonybrook Southampton campus. You tell me where he pilfered it to, that remains to be seen! " Oct 7, 10 8:41 PM

You sound like Obama blaming Bush. You should also change your name to concrete!" Oct 7, 10 10:04 PM

Was this not your quote, NATURE

"This is beyond ridiculous and absurd. The people responsible for this decision are clearly not qualified for their positions and don't understand how near-sighted this is. Aside from the students who are going to need to find a new school, the faculty and employees who are going to be laid off, etc. etc., I don't understand how this makes fiscal sense. They spent $40+ million dollars AFTER buying the property, and now they are going to let it sit and rot? How will SUNY ever convince a student ... more to go there in the future when the financial situation improves? They can't be trusted - and these are the same people (well, SOME of the same people) who complained and whined and said how horrible it was that LIU closed"." Oct 7, 10 11:15 PM

Stanley's done deal decision on closing SBS was before the court ruled on Flower Fields. The closing of SBS by Stanley was not Stanley's lone decision to make. SBS was growing and not a disaster as you are claiming. Stanley's decision to cut out a whole campus that was growing was wrong and apparently illegal. " Oct 9, 10 10:31 AM

I know exactly what you said, just as I know all the facts on SBS.So no need to go there. Perhaps you should feel free to once again read what I said. In fact, I will reiterate that the the court did not even rule yet on Flower Fields before Stanley made the very wrong and illegal decision to have closed SBS.
BTW, You should really try to refrain yourself from using your words on my logic. " Oct 12, 10 2:53 PM