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Celestino Gambino, founder of La Parmigiana, dies at 73

To the whole extended family at La Parmigiana, I share deeply in your sadness over the loss of Mr. G.

His exquisitely kind, quiet and strong presence permeated everything at La Parmigiana.... from every sip of velvety espresso he made for me to the love he demonstrated toward his employees and the community, Mr. G's caring nature was felt everywhere.

I can still see him clearly... his elegant stance and graceful cashmere sweaters, his calm demeanor amid crowded chaos, his sincere 'Hello' and nod welcoming every customer. Over the years and across the counter, he shared with me his deep love of his family and his employees (who to him were one and the same), his passion for his restaurant and the community, his appreciation for his beautiful, handmade rosewood pipes from Italy, the joy he found in an ethereal glass of Brunello, his connection to the sights and scents of Sicily and above all, his love of creating a place where people felt happy, welcomed and very much like family.

We would talk with excitement and longing about his upcoming trips to Italy only to laugh upon his quick return about how much he loved being at the restaurant and how much he missed it while he was away. Italy may have been his home, but the people of Southampton and La Parmigiana held his heart.

May everyone find some comfort in looking into the beautiful faces of his children and grandchildren knowing that the goodness in him lives on through them as well as in the spirit of the restaurant he created.

May you rest in peace, dear Mr. G. Thank you for teaching me evermore about love, family, generosity, humility and kindness. I extend my heartfelt condolences to the entire family and all of the people at La Parmigiana.

Michelle Morris
Telluride, Colorado" Jul 8, 10 4:37 AM