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Great white shark confiscated by federal agents at Star Island Shark Tournament

There is no excuse for bringing a Great White back to the dock. If you dont know the difference, you dont belong out there. however, there are a number of things that need to be correected here;

1. It makes no sense that the captain that caught this fish said over the radio that he caught a great white, then brought it back to the dock. Doing so would intstantly disqualify him from the tournament, and every captain knows that DEC is waiting at the dock, so he would also be instantly in trouble. This captain simply didn't know what he caught, shame on him, if you are not sure what you have on the hook, you cut it loose....

2. For all the people calling for stopping of these tourneys, you should know that recreational fishing accounts for less than 1% of all sharks captured. The tagging programs that tournaments like this support, and the data from the tags placed by recreational fishermen have provided some of the most important info to marine biologists. If you are concerned about sharks, go rant at the Asian fishing fleet, who kill thousands of sharks for just their fins, or do something to stop longliners here in the US who kill whatever happens to come upon their gear out there. Please be an informed enviro, or dont bother at all..." Jun 29, 10 4:34 PM