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Grand jury details financial disarray and disaster in East Hampton

To Mr. No Spin. I would say you are wrong and Billbonac is correct. Ask Peter Hammerle what happened with that 2005 budget. He will tell you that the 25% was a mistake, he went to McGintee who agreed, and the mistake was corrected. There was never any analysis or any intention to raise taxes by 25%. Hammerle is the one who found the error and the budget was withdrawn and resubmitted. There are many people in Town Hall that know this for a fact. Ask Hammerle. The Press should ask Hammerle, because that is the real story. Hammerle's response and the recollection of many in Town Hall will show without a doubt that 25% was never intended. Oh yea, you can ask Pat Mansir because she will tell you the same thing. Guaranteed." Jun 23, 10 9:57 PM

If he told the GJ that he proposed a tax increase of 25% for 2005, then he did purjure himself based on the account of board members at the time and about 10 people who work in Town Hall Someone just has to ask the Clerk for copies of all tentative budgets submitted to the Clerk until they got the correct one. This will show exactly what happened. McGintee should still be prosecutable if he perjured himself before the GJ." Jun 25, 10 5:51 PM

Contractor, marina owner cited by DEC for dredging

Read the EH Star. Larry Penny said the Town notified the DEC as soon as the complaints came in. The DEC visted the site several times and did not issue stop work orders. Then, when the project was essentially finished they issued citations? Is there something wrong with this scenario? Was there politics involved?

Larry Penny, the foremost expert on the east end when it comes to eelgrass has also said the maintenance dredging that was being done would actually help the eelgrass by promoting water flow. Why didn't the reporter contact Larry Penny when preparing the article above? I believe Mr. Samuelson, who used to be a spokesman for the Suffolk County Police Department (not many eelgrass experts in that organization), should sit down with Larry Penny at a work session and discuss the merits of maintenance dredging and discuss the merits and accuracy of Mr. Samuelson's comments included in the story above. An open and transparent discussion of the merits of the situation in Lake Montauk, and on other matters, on live television would go a long way towards helping the people of Montauk and East Hampton evaluate the expertise and credibility of people like Mr. Samuelson who represent themselves as experts. Also a discussion of whther these critics are paid by certain groups would also be informative on judging the credibility of what they say." Jul 10, 10 9:59 AM

Schneiderman forgoes congressional run

Jay should stay where he is. He is an advocate for the east end and we need that in the County Legislature. His influence as a Congressman would be diminished in terms of having a direct impact on the South Fork. That being said, Bishop has got to go. He is a narssicistic clown who thinks he can be a bully because he wears a pin on his lapel that gets him onto the floor of Congress. Once he is voted out he can become a baloon in the Thanksgiving Day parade becuase there is no reason to waste all that hot air." Jul 10, 10 10:08 AM

East Hampton Town Board approves wind turbine on Long Lane farm

In Europe they are every where. They look fine on hill tops and next to vineyards. Germany has them up and down the Rhine and Mein Rivers. It is amazing that the Repbulicans are the ones out front on this issue and the Dems, led by Deb Foster and Pete Hammerle, are trying to stop it. This really is an example of thinking global and acting local. One local initiative in East hampton will hopefully lead to another, and another, and another -- then you have something." Jul 16, 10 11:27 PM

7-Eleven quietly moving into Montauk

Can someone tell me what you expected to go into that location? Certainly not another gas station. A clothing store? Office? For years there has been talk of a 7-11, or something like that, going into that space. If there are people in Montauk who are passionate about that propert, then why don't they get together and buy it from the owner and leave it vacant? I'm sure the owner would sell it for the right price. If the community of Montauk is that much opposed then don't patronize it. With no winter business it will not last long. Boycotts have worked in the past." Jul 16, 10 11:52 PM

East Hampton Town officials under fire for Surf Lodge parking agreement

If something is unsafe just get rid of it...don't try to mitigate the danger and come up with a solution. Is that really how people in Montauk want the Town Board to address problems? I guess the Town should close establishments on Montauk Highway that create dangerous traffic, and close every motel that has six or seven in a room, and close restaurants that have bad septic systems, and do not allow charity events on the green because they most certainly cause traffic and pedestrian safety problems (I believe the Montauk Playhouse people have had a few of those over the years), and certainly make sure the fire marshals hit every bar in Montauk on a Summer Saturday night to check occupancy and make sure we do not have crowding and egress problems . If you close down every establishment that has unsafe conditions as dilineated in law, then many establishments in Montauk would have to lock up. Would Montauk prefer that as opposed to a Town Government that is willing to work with you to stay open and viable? " Jul 17, 10 12:13 AM

East Hampton Town Board approves wind turbine on Long Lane farm

A comprehensive plan for wind turbines? Come on Pete, get real. You voted no for the sake of opposing the Republicans. If you are going to try to separate yourself you should pick your spots a little better. The guy who wants your nomination in 2011 and your job in 2012, John Whelan, even got up and supported the turbine." Jul 17, 10 11:15 PM

Montauk residents considering recall for Wilkinson, Quigley

Montaukman is right on point. The Dems will do anything to get power back, including ignoring the pitiful way they governed over the last 15 years during the time they had a majority on the Town Board. They didn't want to recall McGintee who did everything bad he said he was not doing (raiding CPF, ruining the Town's finances, spending millions he did not have, etc., etc.), and recall Wilkinson for doing everything he said he would do during the campaign (sell assets to take the pressure off taxes, reduce the size of government, streamline government, reduce spending, improve processes, etc). This person Prager is the biggest joke on the east end. She and anyone who associates themselves with her represent the legacy of Bill McGintee. " Jul 21, 10 5:35 PM

East Hampton Farmers Market faces possible shutdown

ehboardwatcher...spoken like a trully disgruntled former Town employee who knows nothing about the law." Jul 23, 10 5:23 PM

Montauk residents considering recall for Wilkinson, Quigley

ehboardwatcher...a disgruntled former employee who was judged incompetent and not worthy of continued public employment.,,,anything said is sour grapes...I know because I am a formertbm who knows of her work." Jul 23, 10 10:41 PM

Protest over Beach Hampton beach guards

Ms. Klopman has shown the true colors of her little group of phonies who say it is all about the "public good" when it really is about their own good. NIMBY's, fake environmentalists, goody two shoes with purely selfish motives...take your pick. Councilman Stanzione was excoriated by Ms. Klopman and her little clique for trying to appoint some locals with generations of roots in the community onto the local citizens advisory committee. He obviously knew what he was doing." Aug 5, 10 9:59 PM

Word has it local Bonac will be making a statemet tomorrow about the beaches and access to the sand. A Bonac tradition is to take you 4 wheel on the sand, set up, and enjoy the day. If you get on before 10AM you can go almost anywhere and park until six PM. The word around town is there will be people all over with their 4 wheels, including in front of the Klopman foot access path.
This could be the day the locals reclaimed their heritage. Should be interesting. " Aug 6, 10 4:12 PM

Restaurant owner will not open cafe at Poxabogue Golf Center

What agreement did the NcGintee administration make with SH at the time the complex was purchased and began operating under the two Towns joint ownership? I believe, based on what was reported in the media, that EH handed over full operating responsibility to SH at he time. Since January East Hampton Supervisor Wilkinson has been trying to extricate East Hampton from the position he inherited on this matter from his predecessor. He has shown enough sense to try toget EH out, seeing it has no say in operations by trying to sell East hampton's half to SH -- if not, then get more power to make good decisions on the management of the facility in the future. Nuzzi has done the best he could with a bad situation and no leadership by his Supervisor." Aug 8, 10 1:48 PM

McGintee to sue Town of East Hampton

To facts man...read the Grand Jury report...its online...McGintee is not vindicated. By the way, why didn't Hammerle, Lowen, Foster, Prince, Mansir, the attorneys, etc. hire attorneys? Everyone and everything was being looked at. And if McGintee wanted the Town to pay for his attorney why didn't he go to the Town Board at the time and have the insurance company pick the attorney -- which is the normal way of doing things.

The following is taken directly from the District Attorney's website:

"The grand jury found the Town of East
Hampton functioned without audited financial reports for at least two years
(2005-2007). Town officials failed in their fiduciary responsibility to the
citizens of East Hampton by ignoring their responsibility to act with honesty
and transparency, said Spota. Christopher McPartland, the chief of the Suffolk County District Attorney’sGovernment Corruption Bureau, said former Town Supervisor WilliamMcGintee, who resigned from office last fall, “bears responsibility for what happened.”

And the taxpayers should pay? And McGintee has the right to sue those who reported the failure of "fiduciary responsibility" and ignored "their responsibility to act with honesty and transparancy"? Give me a break!" Aug 8, 10 2:11 PM

Protest over Beach Hampton beach guards

No doubt that Ms. Klopman hit a nerve that is very tender right now. Many locals are fed up with these little groups of NIMBY's and political wannabes attempting to dictate what is and is not good for the town. These people are actively attempting to undermine the new Town administration at every turn as it attempts to dig out from the hole that Ms.Klopman's politicians dug for us over the last six years. There is an overwhelming majority of residents out there that are bursting at the seems to show how they feel. Evidently the ballot box in last years election was enough for them. Ms. Klopman and Overby in Amagansett, Freidal in Montauk, Foster in Springs, all looking to undermine and even "recall" those elected overwhelmingly by all the people in town. Small minded NIMBY's to the end." Aug 8, 10 2:28 PM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

Grow up everyone. These crocodile tears from current and former town workers and Democrat Operatives is a little sickening. Time to get the town working again and if that means a little push by the town supervisor to get people to work and off their back sides and listening, then great!

It's about time "government work" in East Hampton actual means government work." Mar 10, 11 6:51 PM

highhatsize and phins are nothing more than political operatives.

After what the Democrats did in East Hampton -- including breaking the law and liying. And the unfolding Democrat scandel in Southampton related to ATH's big lies, deception and political abuse. And Democrat Guildi's crazy situation and felony convictions it is truly amazing that highhat has little to say about them. High hat has no credibility. And he dares call Reps psychopaths?

And PHIN just does not get it. The only people pissed off are the Wilky haters (Democrats) -- most people support everything he has done and expect workers to do their jobs and government to be run efficiently. Connwatcher is right predicting a Wilky landslide. He will probably only get onlt 70% of the vote though because the Dems will find some lump to put on the ticket who will get the hard-hard core Dem vote." Mar 10, 11 11:22 PM

Earl----take a look at the video tape, I believe the supervisor said 65 to 1, don't rely on the Star. Just goes to show you how anxious you are to jump all over Wilky. And East Hampton does have the highest ratio. Brookhaven has 1100 employees and 500,000 residents that........................454 to 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if you conside the fact Brookhaven uses Suffolk police, the ratio wouldstill be about 430 to 1. And Brookhaven is always accused of being bloated with patronage positions. You don't think Wilky is on to something? Oh yea I forgot you hate the guy so anything from you is tainted.

I spoke to a town employee today (former union leader type) who said the memo did NOT bother her AT ALL. She said the town employees who do their jobs, respect their peers, subordinates and superiors and treat the public with dignity welcomed the memo because there are employees who bitch and moan because they are now being held to a higher standard. So any town employee - and I think you are one (who doesn't necessarily work at the town hall campus) - who is a goof off probably felt threatened by the memo - and they should have been because the day of a free lunch on the job is over. Good riddance and Wilkinson in 2011!!!" Mar 11, 11 5:50 PM

Harbor -- I believe a former town employee with a grudge, maybe not -- but you know nothing about civil service law based on your post. You also know nothing about census data and the number of town employees if you think the ratio is 150 to 1. Basically you know nothing. But then again you also thought a memo that attempted to improve productivity in town government was threatening. That is the position of a do nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing......that should be your new screen name." Mar 11, 11 5:59 PM

Good question phins -- when I was on the board the supervisors looked at town workers as votes and no one was willimng to do anything to upset them. There were many great town workers then, but there were also many lazy-leave abusing- nasty- defiant ones also. They were off limits however for the supervisors and no supervisor had the gumption to do the right thing despite what board members said in executive session. It was always "they'll grieve," or "how do you prove it" and the one I found hard to stomach -- ""every employee has a spouse and parents and in laws and maybe kids who all vote so we just have to live with the lasiness and incompetence or lose their votes". That is BS. I am ashamed to to say I could not impact the other elected officials to do anything. Wilkinson -- the top person now in town with 35 years of HR experience -- has come in and he recognizes the problem that has existed for years and knows the town can not afford any slacking or behavior detrimental to the welfare of the town and he is doing something about it. That takes guts and the town employees I speak with who are damn good workers agree with it because they know it is unfair for them to cover for the jag offs and department heads that do whatever they want despite what is best for the town. Wilkinson is on to something big here and over the next few months you are going to see a ground swell from all the productive employees who will rally around this new approach. Mark my words - we are going to see proceeses that are costing the town money that are being perpetuated by some department heads, open defiance by some employees and managers that have exposed the town to liability, TOTAL incompetence by some that has had to be corrected and covered for by others, and more badbehavior (remember the famous doughnut runs to Sag harbor on town time by Harbormasters caught on film by the Independent?) that will exposed and eliminated. There is going to be much crow eaten by you and others PHIN -- I have seen it over the years and hopefully some of the things I have called for will now be acted on." Mar 12, 11 10:52 AM

Your venom for the deputy supervisor drips like an old house in a hurricane. You obviously have something personal going on with TQ. Just because you may have done something that TQ was critical of does not mean TQ was wrong and is wrong on everything. Based on your ranting I would guess that your objectivity on any issue is non existenet, so I would guess whatever personal problem you had with TQ that TQ was probably right and you were wrong. Speculation on my part. What isn't speculation is your personal hate for TQ." Mar 13, 11 4:41 PM

I can't speak for other posters, but as someone who has appeared on LTV, I watch it regulary and I believe Supervisor Wilkinson has appeared on the Henry Haney show 2 or 3 times since he was elected and I think he also did the Fleming show. What other government Q and A shows are there? It seems Wilkinson is more than happy to appearon TV. Do you know of instances where he has turned down Henry or Bill Fleming when asked to appear?................I didn't think so. Your points are all based on your personal dislike for Wilkinson, which is too bad." Mar 27, 11 12:50 PM

Residents File Lawsuit Arguing Amagansett Festival Is Not Allowed

This lawsuit is the most bogus hoax by this group since their all out assault against Amagansett Square, which according to them, was going to cause the ruination of Amagansett. Now this two day event is going to bring the walls tumbling down? Are they serious? The people behind this law suit are the same people who sat in front of the Farmers Market for years when it had outstanding violations in Justice Court for illegal expansion, no sight plan approvals for modifications, etc., etc. AND they sat there every morning drinking their coffee and reading the Times on the New York State right of way which the Market took over to display and sell its goods. One violation after another that this group ignored because it suited them. What hypocrites!" Mar 30, 11 9:01 PM

Concerns About Lake Montauk Swirl As Study Continues

factsman -- just read all your posts. Everything is based on your opinion and self proclaimed facts. You use your fabricated "facts" to attack one particular political group. That is a true hack because you make things up from hole cloth in order to argue your positions. You seem to be a very bitter and angry person." Apr 23, 11 10:30 AM

Cohen, Overby, Van Scoyoc Expected To Head East Hampton Democratic Ticket

Hammerle out? No way Pete wanted to step aside. If the Dems discarded Hammerle because he was part of the McGintee Administration, then what about Overby? Her and her group the Conservators donated thousands to keep McGintee in office long after the McGintee financial scam was reported in the media and the cat was out of the bag. Overby is so tied to McGintee for all of his time in office and his five plus year administration that there is no way the Dems can separate her --the Republicans can call her McOverby and they would be right on point.. She was a McGintee major contributor, she was McGintee's Planning Board Chair, etc. Cohen is a joke and nothing more than a gadfly who also has ties to McGintee and McGintee appointees (he is also a on the record critic of Jay Schneiderman so how can he expect to get the Independence endorsement?), and Van Scoyac is just another dysfunctional Democrat Planning Board member. What a ticket!" Apr 25, 11 8:32 PM

East Hampton Music Festival Cleared For Landing; FAA Approval Pending

2000 square feet is smaller than most golf greens. This is a non-issue. The grass that will be replanted will probably be healthier than what is there now. ehres post is just another attempt to politicize everything that happens in this town. Why don't you lighten up and let some local people enjoy some good music that they wouldn't otherwise have available." May 1, 11 2:20 PM

East Hampton Town Board Hears Debate Over Baker House Request

Believe me when I say...and I know...the process that led this property to having the LBO removed was spot zoning. The Comp Plan was used as a cover. Very sneaky by Foster and her crew. Not the only item in the Comp Plan that resulted in legally questionable actions." May 11, 11 10:35 AM

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