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Suffolk County Police officer accidentally shoots self in foot at Westhampton range

Yes! One fewer predator driving around attempting to harrass local residents for "crossing the yellow line" (yeah, right), "failing to signal" (yeah, sure), or other such nonsense to prey on us for no other reason but to intimidate and antagonize in hope of getting a big bust. " Jun 21, 10 6:29 PM

Squiretown Restaurant-Bar fills a gap in Hampton Bays

Just ate there. Great food. Was amazed to see, when leaving, two SHPD cops on bikes hiding in the shadows in the parking lot across the street, near Scotto's. It is going to be difficult for local proprietors to create a neighborhood atmosphere when you have these predators everywhere. I guess they have had so much success creating a marshall law atmosphere on Jobs Lane, they decided to expand." Jul 3, 10 11:30 AM

Southampton Village Police investigation discovers porn on department computers

Hey, Colleen Reynolds: please do a follow up and let us know how much former Sergeant Arthur Schucht -- one of those officers using the porn-filled workstations -- is now going to receive per year in retirement benefits. How much of our tax dollars is going to now be funneled to Schucht every year for the rest of his life? I bet it is in the six figures, per year.

Maybe a second article would be useful on why members of unions representing public employees in Southampton do not have to be held accountable for their actions." Jul 9, 10 11:27 AM

Three Republican candidates will battle on Tuesday for right to challenge Bishop in November

Tim Bishop is a cancer on our community, so I am counting on one of you guys to come through for the real Americans in Southampton. This town simply cannot abide anymore Pelosi brown-nosing yesman leftwing radicals like Bishop. He's just a pawn." Sep 8, 10 12:26 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

Main St. turning into a ghost town. Taxes and license fees are probably murderous. Limiting government probably should be considered at the local level, too, so companies can afford to stick around.

I would like to see an independent accounting of the bloated payrolls and wasteful spending at Town Hall. Businesses in a resort community aren't able to both support the political class and stay in business." Oct 5, 10 4:30 PM

Rechlers pick up demolition permit applications for Canoe Place Inn

I have to drive by this dump all the time. It is a dilapidated eyesore. It is a rotting heap. It's not a landmark; it's a blightmark. It brings down the value of property in the entire neighborhood. I need a shower every time I drive by due to all the dust from the unkempt dirt parking lot. I'm concerned also that homeless people set up camp down the dirt road behind the place. It is time to do the right thing and rebuild this corner." Oct 5, 10 4:40 PM

Shinnecocks want three casinos on Long Island

The tribe's thuggery down on the Westwoods beach is an issue for me. Would I want to give, through betting, my hard-earned income to an organization that physically threatens innocent people leisurely walking on the beach?" Oct 5, 10 6:07 PM

Throne-Holst: No layoffs in 2011 tentative budget

It is past time for this local government to reduce spending. All departments should be required to make 10% reductions. They will be amazed how easy it is." Oct 7, 10 3:02 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

Now the Democratic Machine will really get to work and steal this from the rightful winner. Tim Bishop is a disaster for the Suffolk County economy. I am astounded that the race could be close enough for him to be able to steal it like we all know he will." Nov 7, 10 10:40 AM

Well, we have a system, but the people responsible for reporting the numbers are thugs from the public unions -- they are bought and paid for." Nov 7, 10 10:42 AM

That would be because I have been to this rodeo before. Public union employees, who have a self interest in how the vote turns out, are responsible for honestly totaling the results. None of these government employees want to stop the gravy train that has allowed them to currently receive wages and benefits 40% greater than the average private sector employee in this country." Nov 7, 10 11:28 AM

Don't kid yourself. Tim Bishop is not from here; he is from Nancy Pelosi's boudoir. He is a Pelosi rubber stamp. You know what astounds me? Every week, we see East End businesses closing down and people not realizing that Bishop's votes directly contributed to the condition of our local economy. This man doesn't even deserve to represent his side of the block in Southampton Village." Nov 7, 10 11:31 AM

Was voting for ObamaCare in the best interest of District 1? Was voting for that Democratic slush fund, aka, the "stimulus" in our best interest? (Okay, this one is debatable, since Bishop did reel in $1.5 MM to study the impact on our estuaries from global warming -- I am not making this up.) Was voting to increase taxes every possible time good for our local economy? Ask Saks former employees. Ask the former employees of all the shuttered businesses on Main and Jobs Lane." Nov 7, 10 11:34 AM

Randy is from the private sector, somewhere Tim Bishop has never ventured, and it shows." Nov 7, 10 11:35 AM

Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

I thought it was going to be the end of an error, and now we are stuck with the same whacko liberal nut. I say we earmark another $1.5 million to forecast estuary damage from global warming...whadaysay, Tim?" Dec 8, 10 1:07 PM

I attribute it to public unions taking care of their own" Dec 8, 10 1:13 PM

Southampton Police Chief James P. Overton To Retire In April

Will this bring a change in culture at the department? I sure hope so. I hate feeling like I am driving around under marshall law. I think that I speak for quite a few Southamptoners that we are not comforted when we see the presence of the Southampton cops; we feel threatend. The residents are not the enemy. I hope the new chief brings a different tone." Mar 9, 11 7:41 PM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

We sure as heck better see a credit for this on our property tax invoice. Leaf pick up was about the only useful service I was getting from this town for the outrageous amount I pay in property tax." Apr 7, 11 6:18 PM

Developers Ready To Submit Application For Canoe Place Inn Project

Um...residents have actually been clamoring to have the dump razed." Oct 14, 11 3:47 PM

It is a dilapidated eyesore. It is a rotting heap. It's not a landmark; it's a blightmark. It brings down the value of property in the entire neighborhood. I need a shower every time I drive by due to all the dust from the dirt parking lot. I'm concerned also that homeless people set up camp down the dirt road behind the place. It is time to do the right thing and demolish this levitating scrapheap." Oct 14, 11 4:04 PM

I think it would be more accurate to say that aesthetic appeal should rectify historical neglect, especially when the private sector is actually funding the improvement." Oct 15, 11 6:31 PM

Ocean, Wind Lash At Georgica Beach Again, Taking Out Fences

"Mr. Sullivan had workers collect storm-freed metal poles so that they would not pose a danger to the public, Mr. Lawrence said."

I hope Zweig has the courtesy to pay the town for these expenses. It's not like we have the money to always clean up the messes of the 1%." Jan 21, 12 11:14 AM

Southampton High School To Reopen Upgraded Planetarium To Public On November 1

Wow, a planetarium! Here is a better idea: Google Earth and reduce my property taxes. This is insanity." Oct 20, 12 11:25 AM

Hampton Bays School District Tax Rate Will Jump 5.5 Percent

This is an outrage. The teachers union has to go. As Clint Eastwood said, if someone isn't doing the job, they gotta be let go. It's time for the people to stand up to this union money grab. Hampton Bays test scores show zero correlation to teachers' pay and they should. I am sick of this cleptocracy." Oct 26, 12 3:17 PM

Police Seek Help In Nabbing Jewelry Thief

Gee, maybe if the police were more focused on community protection as opposed to ticketing the citizens of this town for the most minor, and sometimes even fabricated (ask Kimberly McMahon is she knows anyone who has made stuff up) infractions, we wouldn't see this kind of problem on our most important street in the town." Oct 26, 12 3:20 PM

UPDATE:Oddone Released On Bail Monday

I haven't felt this sick since OJ was allowed to spend Christmas with his kids after killing two people and getting away with it. Hinrichs is as misguided as Ito." Dec 23, 13 1:57 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Approves Raise For Mayor, Severance Pay For Police Chief

From yesterday's NY Post:
Village to give retiring millionaire cop a huge, ‘criminal’ payout
By Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein
August 16, 2014 | 10:28pm
Charge this cop with robbery.

Ray Dean, police chief of the 2.9-square-mile village of Westhampton Beach, is retiring with a bag of cash.

He is getting $403,714 for 15 years’ worth — or 531 days — of unused sick, vacation and personal time. The payment amounts to 4 percent of the village’s entire $9.7 million budget.

Dean resigned on June 30, a day before a new mayor with a reform platform, Maria Moore, took office.

When village trustees authorized the golden parachute, those at the meeting gasped, The Southampton Press newspaper reported.

“It’s criminal. It’s outrageous. It’s outlandish. It should never happen in a small village like this,” said Jim Kametler, a former Westhampton Beach cop who served on the Village Board from 2004 to 2010.

In addition, Dean, who is only 53, will collect an estimated annual pension of $142,000 a year.

Dean was already a millionaire. He bought a house in Quogue for $1.3 million in 2005, owns a 32-foot boat, and his pay last year came to $226,236 — more than NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton makes.

Modal Trigger
Chief Ray Dean in 2009Photo: Gordon M. Grant

But while Bratton oversees a force of 34,500 uniformed officers, Dean presided over 11.

And while the NYPD saw 111,335 major felonies last year, crime takes a holiday in the resort town of 1,700 permanent residents.

Murder is unheard of, the last rape was reported in 2010, and the department tallied only 46 serious crimes in 2013, including 37 larcenies and three stolen cars.

One shocking incident involved reported vandalism: an oceanfront resident claimed someone spray-painted her back porch white.

But the Westhampton Beach force soon cracked the case.

“Officers said the deck was not covered in paint but rather bird droppings,” the Press reported.

Dean spent 15 years in Southampton Town as an officer and sergeant before joining the Westhampton force in 1999, scoring a 10-year contract as its chief.

In contract-renewal talks in 2009, Dean threatened to sue the village, demanding pay for hundreds of hours of accumulated sick and comp time. This sum was folded into his final payment in June.

He was awarded a five-year contract in 2011 that called for yearly raises of 2 percent on average. It gave him 30 vacation days, 22 sick days and five personal days a year.

Dean got extra pay for longevity and for working at night and on holidays. His $165,032 salary last year was bumped up by $61,204 with the extras factored in.

By the time Dean packed it in, he claimed he had amassed 300 unused sick days, 10 personal days, 208 vacation days and 13 holidays.

He retires with full benefits based on nearly 30 years of police service, the state Comptroller’s Office says.

Dean did not return a message seeking comment.
" Aug 17, 14 12:20 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Disbands Tribal Gaming Authority

Maybe now they can spend a few bucks and clean up Westwoods, which is turning into an eyesore. Jersey barriers, seriously? Show some respect toward your sacred ground." Oct 2, 14 12:21 PM

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