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Westhampton Beach zoning code change criticized

The Trustees blew it when they scared the people of this village into not connecting to the sewer district on Main St. by bringing up "phony" costs that we would pay. The sewer district would have increased densitys so COMPETITIVE shops and restaurants could come in and maybe actually been able to pay the overpriced rents on these shops. Now they amend laws to help? The board is interested in status quo and power. The status quo part keeps them in power, and the power allows personal vendettas against whomever and whatever they so jews, i mean choose." Mar 16, 09 8:51 PM

Westhampton Beach directs attorney to rework village music permits

The real elephant in the room is people who DO NOT LIVE in the village lying and claiming to be Residents complaining about anything. You obviously weren't here before the current chief was hired, or you just didn't care that the department was run like Mayberry. Incompetence and apathy. My how things have changed. 1st people said Mayor Teller was out to get chief Dean, Now he's in bed with him. Make up your minds. You must be at different meetings than me, because I never ONE time heard in public that the chief undermines the trustees and as far as moral among his staff, i just wonder how many of the staff was promised his job once they get rid of him. " Apr 29, 09 3:51 PM

I am not a lackey, I just hate when lies and bile are spewed from your fingers. You are WRONG I have been to meetings. Not all like you and your minions, but look fo me sometime around the next mayor Neubauer or other non residentswith big mouths like you who DO NOT LIVE IN MY VILLAGE(Angelo are you ready for electin season). You are WRONG he isn't he former mayors son-in-law. As far as your budgetary concerns look hard at your taxes and see what percentage comes from the village and what percentage comes frm your local school district. And the only poker game I know about is the one taught to me at the Westhampton Beach Library! You have made almost 20 comments on thi site and every one is negative. I love Westhampton Beach and am thankful everyday that I can afford to live here. I pray I can raise my children here and GORDIE HOWE RULES!!!!!" May 1, 09 9:29 PM

Four will vie for two seats on Westhampton Beach board

I have a question, is having a restaurant above a car dealership any different than having an apartment above auto mechanic shop? Is it the same fire "haSSard"? I knew angelo was ready for election season! " May 27, 09 5:40 PM

Candidate says invitations at work were a mistake

Whoa yourself, Turkey Bridge -- in order to not be termed "a perenniel loser," one needs to have won a contested election somewhere along the line.

What has Alex Gregor ever won? If there's been a victory somewhere, I seem to have missed it." Jul 1, 09 2:52 PM

Westhampton Beach Zoning Board denies plans for North Mall renovation

The north mall is so visually appealing now, why change it. I mean between the north mall, the closed gas station and the weeds growing over the corner restaurant, the village gateway is awesome. This village is a joke. I know we don't want overgrowth, but progress is imperative to our community. Instead we bitch about salaries and preach religious intolerance around here. Our village boards from the trustees down are a joke. " Oct 16, 09 3:24 PM

Trio of Westhampton Beach athletes sign letters of intent

Nice Job to all three. Your school and community should be very proud of you all. It's nice to see the Hurricanes taking it to the next level. Good luck with your college experience." Nov 20, 09 4:11 PM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

Publius. You are of course too kind by saying this board can't get out of its own way. They are disgustingly corrupt. They have consistently failed the citizens of this village by deciding to make a war with the chief of police. Maybe true the department should be abolished, but not because of
Ray Dean. The reason is because lazy people will do whatever it takes to continue to be lazy. Ray tried to change all that and he is the bad guy?
Do you not agree that Hank Tucker lied and said he instigated the internal affairs report when it was vetted that he did not. Then he denied reading the report HE requested for fear he may have to arbitrate said misdoings in the pd that HE requested. Then after reading said report that He requested, he decided to completely IGNORE it and put the lying, deceitful officers back on duty? Then Toni- jo Burke (election year) who does not attend the meeting, is quoted in this paper as saying she would have put said officers back to work too after she admitted to reading the report? Now however she has told people she is against them coming back? And Joan Levan only cares about Joan Levan. She treats village employees like lapdogs, and has destroyed all the spirit that Ridgie Barnett worked so hard to bring to WHB. And as for Kametler... He doesn't even deserve space here. They are putting bad cops back on our street. That is not being able to get out of their own way? That is arrogance, deceit and a bunch of bologna!
The funny thing is the reason they get reelected has NOTHING to do with any of this. We here in WHB all know it is because of fear that the eruv issue will surface again and the anti-eruvians have given oodles of support behind these idiots.
WAKE UP WHB! The village board is what is wrong with this village! We have been apathetic as citizens and now it is biting us all in our proverbial asses! Attend meetings and let them know who truly holds the power here. Young voters must come out and voice opinions. Good candidates are out there and need to step foreward and PROGRESS us into the future. The meeting are full of seniors who don't give a crap about anything but their taxes going up and Jews invading the village.
Someone once said "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it" well we have already forgotten the Verbeck debacle around here and currently repeating it tenfold.
" Dec 17, 09 11:18 AM

Who is to say that the DA will not be involved?

These are the facts as we know them (I think). Two officers of the law STOLE a GUN from another officer and PLANTED the GUN in his personal vehicle to be found by his wife. The same vehicle used to transport his toddler. They did this either to jam him up because they didn't like him or to joke around with him because they didn't like him. But they STOLE a GUN.

One officer was found to be decietful when he took a voluntary lie detector test. The lie was NOT about STEALING the GUN, but about why. Who cares why.

These officers may be good guys, I don't know them personally, but they made a decision that should affect their jobs as police officers meant to uphold the law. The current board has decided that it is in the best interest of its citizens to put these officers back on the streets, with no accountability at all. WHAAA?

Publius you are wrong when you say the mayor only cares bout his chief. He, in my opinion is squarely to blame here. He started the dislmantling of our p.d. by putting a newly elected real estate agent in charge of a police department. She took bad advice from the wrong people. She changed a working schedule back to a lazy one. The chain of command, a vital part of any organization, was also destroyed at this time because now officers went around their BOSS to their board to get anything they wanted. From there the inmates slowly proceeded to take over the asylum.

I challenge you or anyone to effectively do your job under these conditions.
Mayor Teller could be looked at as doing this as a payback for his being humiliated as part of.... Wait for it..... Wait for it..... The verbeck debacle.
This is sad, because the Mayor is a good man who cares for his community as much as anyone. He is attempting to do the right thing now, but it may be too little too late. Toni -Jo is also a good woman who I hope has seen the light as well, but I am not too sure.

Publius, you seem like a smart guy. Always quick with case laws and so forth, but you cannot distort the facts here. The chief is constantly trying to make his officers accountable and time and time again he is being denied by this board. This is soooooo much more than a mans salary. It is about integrity, both individually and as a community.

Publius, you also have a lot of valid opinions on the matters (181 nof them in fact on this site) maybe you should come foreward and run for trustee......... " Dec 18, 09 11:40 AM

Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee schedules fund-raiser

You are completely off base here and should learn the truth before you go spouting. You are correct that the Haitian crisis is far more important than some silly little parade, but why stop there? How bout genocide in Darfur, landslides in Portugal or even the wars our nation is currently fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan. There is enough out there to halt any fun anywhere forever! But isn't that more than just a little ridiculous? As far as the fundraiser here are just a few facts:

The committee that puts on the parade is made of hardworking people who volunteer their time to put on the show. The committe has raised THOUSANDS of dollars for charities, causes far greater than just a parade.
They donate greatly to the 'Honor Flight' program that flies our veterens to our nations capitol every year to mourn the loss of fallen comrades as well as reconnect with the men and women who protected this nation so we can stage our pointless parade and you can spout dribble (i mean opinion) in a public forum. Our veterens are featured prominently in our parade as well as current millitary personnel.
They donate to the 'Adopt A Family' program yearly to help support those who are less fortunate deal with the economic stress of everyday life.
Currently, one of the committee's greatest supporters is in fact in Haiti providing air support for food drops as well as extractions.
Those are just a FEW of the things the fundraiser helps to support.
As far as the parade itself, a thousand of folks come from surrounding communities to perhaps forget about the worlds ills for just a few hours. Sure some take the revelry too far, but on a whole it is a family event for children young and old. It is a chance to celebrate Irish Heritage as well as show public support for our local fire departments and millitary, something they don't see too much of. In its purest form, the parade is about local, national and global pride (most parades are). To halt that in times of struggle is foolish and detrimental. I have been to the St. Pat's parade in Dublin, Ireland and I believe they too are having it this year, despite a huge fiscal crisis. I also believe that the NYC parade (the largest in the world) is going on as well, along with thousands of others in communities big and small all over this planet. So you can voice your opinion all you want, but it is incorrect.
Heck Nellie, why don't you come on out to the festivities this year, it'll be a hoot! I wager to guess that we can probably dislodge the stick that you may have stuck up there and you may enjoy yourself. Ill buy you a Guinness. Slainte' " Feb 24, 10 11:07 AM

Westhampton Beach Mayor refuses to return two previously suspended officers back to active duty

SJD, you may be on to something here. How about the guy who got arrested above Simons Bakery for fondling a minor? Whatever happened to that. " Mar 2, 10 12:44 PM