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Mother of drunk driving victim protests sentence

If it were your family member on a bike you'd like to think the driver could react as quickly as possible - much more likely to happen if she were sober. How dare you condone a drunk driver!" Jun 13, 10 6:13 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Served With Injunction; Bank Accounts Remain Frozen

The trustees have worked hard to protect our waters and this is the thanks they get! Why do the WH Dunes have so much control?
" Feb 13, 14 7:31 PM

Southampton Town Trustees' Leadership Change Expected Friday

Scott Horowitz a.k.a 007 should learn how to be a team player and get over his Napoleon complex." Jan 11, 15 8:15 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

This is ridiculous. She is not a role model for Southampton students. " Sep 16, 15 3:43 PM

Southampton Town Trustee Files Workplace Complaint Against Another Trustee After Back Slaps

Wow not much to report on this week I guess. Complaining about a slap on the back is sad enough and then for it to get press too. Just what Horowitz wants a little more press time. Give me a break! " Jun 27, 16 10:38 PM