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Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

Ok, an arraignment is a criminal proceeding, a grand jury is a criminal proceeding and he was indicted. He is a defendant. Jeez you people are ridiculous." Apr 30, 13 8:51 AM

Suffolk County Asks Westhampton Beach To Provide Police BackUp

Mr mayor, do you deny that your "officers" are PEACE OFFICERS, who under the NYS CRIMINAL PROCEDURE LAW, are only allowed to act when on duty and in their GAOE, or geographical area of employment? By allowing these officers to act as law enforcement officers in any capacity outside of your village is irresponsible and unlawful. Once outside the boundaries of WH Dunes, they are civilians. no matter how highly trained, or their certifications that were earned while employed at other departments, when on duty as a constable, they are bound by the rules of the CPL, and must act as a Constable. Don't try to make these guys something that they aren't, you put your village, these employees and yourself at risk in doing so. " Jul 14, 14 9:40 PM

Maybe you should tell your "sgt" to stop running his mouth and going to the papers, then you wouldn't have this issue" Jul 14, 14 9:46 PM

Mayor V, your argument holds no merit. The Southampton town bay constables do respond into the ocean as it is clearly within the confines of Southampton town, which is their geographical area of employment. You bring up the fact that your municipality can enter into an inter municipal agreement or and IMU as you call it, to which I do not agree. No municipality would enter into an agreement with persons who are not POLICE OFFICERS, and have them patrol their municipality which is normally patrolled by POLICE OFFICERS. And if this was the case and you can do this as you say, Have you? You seem intent on sending your constables into the Suffolk county park to patrol, have you entered into an IMU with them? Have you been asked? You obviously understand the issues of jurisdiction, being the mayor and all, why not better serve your constituents by keeping your constables in the village where they were hired to patrol, and let others worry about their own problems?" Jul 15, 14 5:24 PM

Mr Mayor, as you quoted, NYS CPL section 140.25, section 4. "A peace officer, when outside of the geographical area of employment, may anywhere in the state, arrest a person for a FELONY when he had reasonable cause to believe that such person has committed such felony IN HIS PRESENCE, provided that such arrest is made during or immediately after the criminal conduct or during the flight therefrom. What this means is that your "officers" would have to be OUTSIDE OF THEIR GEOGRAPHICAL AREA OF EMPLOYMENT AND PERSONALLY WITNESS THE FELONY HAPPENING. Your argument that they would only respond to the park to assist, makes this point invalid, because they could not personally witness the FELONY, if they were called to respond, after the fact, as back up. Cinderella turns into a pumpkin at midnight, your "OFFICERS" turn into pumpkins when they leave WHD. Why argue this point, tell them to stay and protect those who pay them!!" Jul 22, 14 5:37 PM

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