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Veteran Reporter Will Be Van Scoyoc's Executive Assistant In East Hampton

Alex didn’t need the money, he just needed to be in there to help Larry so he didnt royally screw things up, that’s what republicans do. Alex has a better head for business, Larry has a better head for growing hair. " Jan 12, 18 4:17 AM

Southampton Man Dies Following Personal Watercraft Accident Near Shinnecock Reservation

I was listening to the call and yes you seem correct. In fact, i don’t even think the bay constables were on scene yet when SFD made the grab. Great job by SFD 2nd assistant chief as incident commander and his captains running operations. The volunteer fire and ems agencies and their personnel from a radio monitoring perspective were fantastic. " Dec 5, 18 4:44 PM

UPDATE: Police Provide More Details About Fatal Boating Accident Saturday In Peconic Bay

I was monitoring this as best I could and I was shocked to hear that volunteer fire departments were not activated. Based on the information I heard over the scanner, Southampton, North Sea, Hampton Bays, Flanders, Riverhead, Jamesport, Mattituck, and Cutchogue Fire Departments SHOULD have been activated but the Southampton town clam cops wanted to handle it. Eventually, southold and Riverhead police boats were dispatched but it was too little, too late.
When you have a situation like this, 1 person needs to be in charge and they need to direct resources appropriately. Searches should’ve been conducted in shinnecock bay and Peconic bay. I know what it is like to be Monday morning quarterbacked by misinformed bystanders, but speaking as somebody with incident command experience, whoever was supposedly in charge of this operation dropped the ball and somebody died. Command should be held accountable!
The more eyes and resources searching can only lead to a quicker response to the person in need of help. It’s called unified command. Police, Fire, and ems agencies are all taught it but it is seldom enacted. Why? Taxpayers need to pay attention to how their public servants are failing them and start asking tough questions when they aren’t busy working their butts off just to be able to scrape by and survive. This is yet another failure by Southampton bay constables to start other resources in motion to assist in rescue efforts.
Sounds to me like Southampton town needs to hold somebody accountable, but who?" Aug 3, 19 9:00 PM