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Suffolk to change signs on County Road 39

If we'll really wanted to slow down the traffic on 39A, we'll have to dish out the money to put in traffic calming medians but that would mean more land purchase and construction, which won't sit well with either side.

39A is a really tough place to do business since everyone is cruising at 45+ and making that turn in and out of a parking lot is like playing frogger. It's very dangerous and something definitely has to be done to slow it down. " Dec 11, 08 8:49 AM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

Bellport and Yaphank sound like good places for this casino if they really have to build one. Definitely don't want one in the East End's Backyard. Having one in the county will bring in alot of tax revenue and create jobs, but on the other hand, think of all the gambling addicts who will lose their paychecks to this place.

Anyone know how the outskirts of Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods has changed since the construction of those casinos? " Dec 11, 08 9:10 AM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

If we all collude and get our gas in Riverhead and further up the island, then the stations around here will lower their prices. That's probably a temporary fix so what we need to do is call Tim Bishop's office and give him our thoughts on this issue and ask him to do something about it. That's why we re-elected him, so he can work for us! " Dec 11, 08 9:24 AM

High school students make gingerbread houses

MMmmmmmm... gingerbread houses. " Dec 11, 08 9:28 AM

Body found in Sag Harbor home

Why don't you tell us what you really think of the little old lady Dr. Redhead. Geez. She's dead... a little respect. " Dec 11, 08 9:45 AM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

I understand your adamancy against construction of a casino, but comparing it to prostitution and illegal drugs is a bit overboard.

There are pros and cons and we just have to discuss which one out weighs the other. " Dec 11, 08 1:38 PM

Donna, you're probably right. Bellport Outlet Center, which is doing very poorly would be a great site for the casino. Right off Sunrise, it wouldn't bring too many cars into local roads. Let's play some Blackjack and Hold'em baby! " Dec 11, 08 4:40 PM

I think everyone has really good points here. It's healthy to discuss these issues in a mature and logical fashion. Let's keep the discussion going.

" Dec 12, 08 4:34 PM

Town employee suspended for racist messages referring to the president-elect

I'm not surprised that this happened. What's funny is that the town hall has a sign that says bias free zone at the entries. Is that something they put up just to make themselves feel better?

Having grown up in this town, it's disappointing how much racism and bias exists here. More suspensions should take place for behaviors like this, and this goes for things said as well. "0" tolerance. " Dec 18, 08 3:10 PM

County Road 39 signs removed

I remember reading that it was $1,500 per sign just to buy. On top of that the Town had to put down asphalt and labor to put it up. A couple clean ups and meeting regarding this matter, I'd say it's a good $10,000 wasted. " Jan 29, 09 3:07 PM

Arrest made in Flanders fatal hit-and-run

Why doesn't the story tell you why Tascon turned himself in or how the police found him? " Jan 29, 09 3:56 PM

Couple robbed at gunpoint in their car

It was valentines's day, after midnight and they were "talking" in the car.... rrrrrrrrright. Get a room!!!" Feb 26, 09 9:17 AM

Tuckahoe School will seek voter's OK to spend $1.1 million on two properties

I'm kind of torn on this one.

How much room do they really need to expand? Why not just expand on the current building again when they need to? It's not like they need to build ball fields or a bigger playground. I pay double what a resident down the street pays for being in the SH school district.

I can understand the school district wanting to buy the properties. I would want the same if I was on the board. But can the surplus be used on things that better the education of the school (hiring better teachers, technology, infrasctructure)? Yes, using the surplus is not going to raise our taxes right now. However, when they want to build; which if we pass this vote to purchase they properties, the school district will have more the reason to want more money down the road for construction.

Let's just work with what we have now and use the money more wisely. We will just have to think out of the box. Bigger isn't always better. " Feb 26, 09 9:33 AM

Southampton Town drafts wish list for stimulus funds

Let me comment on how the Town's first site purchased for SHARC was a bust. This was due to the lack of research on behalf of the town. The property was determined unsuitable to build after our tax money was wasted on designing and planning this project. The town needs to pull their heads out of their a$$ and research the best ways to spend the stimulus money (our tax money). Open your ears Linda Kabot!!!" Feb 26, 09 10:01 AM

Republican majority on Southampton Town Board quashes plan to restructure financial department

Linda Kabot approval rating: .01% (herself)" Feb 26, 09 10:18 AM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

Farmer's market is a great idea. Fresh produce, competitive prices, a place to gather and spend time with your family. Having gone to college in Wisconsin, I had looked forward to their farmer's market every sunday morning. Instead of sleeping in, I got my a$$ out of bed and bought local produce and baked goods. I really hope this goes through, because you'll see me and my family there every Sunday! " Mar 13, 09 11:08 PM

DEC snags poachers targeting turtle eggs

Someone please slam sammy. " Mar 27, 09 11:17 PM

Oyster growing drawing complaints from neighbors

I'm all for oysters. The more the merrier. These oysterman need to make a living. Limiting them too much affects their livelihood. " Apr 7, 09 11:12 PM

Madonna suffers minor injuries when thrown from horse in Bridgehampton

West Kiln Farm not Kill Farm. LOL." Apr 20, 09 3:25 PM

Money designated for affordable housing never moved; housing fund in the red

Just get rid of all the damned Republicans in office and let's change this thing. " May 6, 09 9:36 PM

Debate over Southampton farmers market continues

I see this as another great opportunity for me and my family to enjoy the outdoors on Sunday mornings! Full support here!" May 15, 09 10:02 PM

GOP passes over Kabot; nominates Conservative Party chair

Hey Linda, stop stinkin' up the place and face reality. " May 19, 09 11:27 PM

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