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National Democrats Place Bishop On Fundraising Priority List For 2014

Nice to see the republican party changing. it sure beats that great thinking self-deportation idea that romney had. Starting to sink in that hating latinos, that the republicans would never win another election! So the highly idealed and principled republicans are switching to a moderate view to keep their day jobs. So transparent. But still a change in the right direction." Mar 20, 13 2:32 PM

It's coming like a tidal wave. The catholic church, Mitt Romney, and you and 27 east cronies will still be against gay marriage. I'm sure you are for amnesty for the latinos as well. The republicans core values as you know them belongs in the 1950's. You will never win another major election with those core values. Archie Bunker died in the seventies. Pro life and against the science of contraception,how does that even go in the same sentence. It is a good thing our women aren't as strict about religion as Indian women. Just think of our economy with 1.2 billion people as india has. Come back in october before the next election, because as you conservatives keep posting, you have lost every election since this web site opened. So less posting might actually do your party good." Mar 20, 13 6:59 PM

It was far left-wing conspiracy. " Mar 20, 13 7:02 PM

What's your solution deporting all 12 million. More fear mongering from the right, the whole U.S. is going to hell in a hand basket. blah,blah,blah. The country is recovering,wars are going to be ending, you can't take that good news. Nobody has done a worse job with the sanctity of marriage than heterosexuals. Your stance is still anti-gay, anti-latino(legal or not legal),anti-indian, anti-women's rights. You are the worst kind of citizen, you represent everything that's ugly in america. captn KKK would be a better moniker.

" Mar 21, 13 12:01 PM

Southampton Village Planning Board Approves Citarella Site Plan

Parking times have to be enforced. Many non retail business owners are parking their cars all day on Main Street. I remember going to town in January on a Tuesday when 80% of the stores are closed and nobody shopping, there was only 3 empty parking spaces." May 7, 13 8:40 AM

Southampton Town Police Logged Long Hours Following Sandy

What were these policeman doing? Maybe these guys were directing traffic, answering emergencies. It would be interesting to see a log of their activities, considering the whole world out here was batten down the hatches and stayed inside like I've never seen before in any emergency.Just curious what a shift entails working sixteen hours or more." May 10, 13 12:38 PM

Southampton Village Planning Board Approves Citarella Site Plan

Does the landlord stand up for small stores or does he charge the highest that the market can bear. Mayor Epley has no control over who should rent (as long as it is zoned properly) or how much should be charged for each store. Landlords are the ones who decide what businesses it wants in or who can afford to pay. Don't give the landlords a pass just remember the Helmsely's in the city, the pure picture of greed." May 13, 13 1:24 PM

Nationionwide Sequestration Cuts To Head Start Will Hit Home

Why a deduction for charitable contributions. The federal government is subsidizing tax avoidance for generally the very wealthy. If you are giving to charity why should you expect something for yourself in return? Tax loopholes weren't created by the middle class or poor." Jun 4, 13 9:15 AM

Deceased Donor Remains Largely A Mystery To Recipients Of Her Largesse

A lesson for our spend,spend,spend culture,the american dream can be achieved with some sacrifice.
" Jun 7, 13 8:35 AM

Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

You really shouldn't post anymore." Jun 12, 13 3:18 PM

Obama is putting together the Black Liberation army and the Black panthers to overtake the country as we speak. More ridiculous fear mongering from the bigoted far right. Still can't believe a black man was voted president in your little minded Archie Bunker world." Jun 14, 13 10:03 AM

Captain KKK speaks. Unfortunately all your opinions are based in bigotry,bias, and prejudice. I WANT YOU TO POST!!!! The more you post the quicker you Archie Bunker's will disappear as your posts speak for themselves. Should have read Anne Michands column in Newsday a couple of days ago, it fits you to a tee. Don't worry your spokesperson, Sarah Palin is back as the mouthpiece of the republican party on Fox news. Another great call by the conservatives. Who needs to speak, you do all your own damage. " Jun 14, 13 2:55 PM

Just think if you put all your money into the market when Obama took office,you would be kissing his you know what. I really liked it better when our whole financial world was on the verge of ruination. Looks like business out here is really suffering too. Crying with a loaf of bread under each arm." Jun 14, 13 3:00 PM

The lesson here is to create your own luck and wealth. No republican or democrat is going to magically change your life. Overachieve and overwork I guarantee you will have the security and happiness in life in America. " Jun 15, 13 10:18 AM

If you don't win elections you can't appoint people to the Supreme court who will push your agenda through. If your agenda is not the will of the majority you will not succeed and that is America.

" Jun 15, 13 10:23 AM

I started calling you Archie Bunker's year ago, she copied me.

" Jun 15, 13 1:03 PM

That's why they bill the insurance companies three times the amount the insurance companies actually allow. What are you going to tell me next, there are price boards in doctor's offices so you can compare prices. " Jun 17, 13 8:31 AM

Whatever the numbers are, WHO CARES, he still is the president till 2016. Come back in February 2016 and you could start playing again. You'll put Rubio up as the latino answer for their votes,while he is busy reneging on immigration reform.You will lose again. Maybe you should start playing again in 2020. Or maybe you will just become extinct." Jun 17, 13 11:15 AM

It doesn't stop doctors from trying to get more every chance they get. I've never seen a bill that what the doctor billed was the same the insurance company allowed." Jun 18, 13 11:49 AM

Send your kid to Syria" Jun 18, 13 11:53 AM

Your missing the point of an earlier post.
However, why don't they submit a bill to the insurance company with the amount they already know is the allowable amount. The answer is they are trying to get more money for their services or why else would they bill three times the allowable amount. Plastic surgeon billed $6500 for stitures for a cut, allowable amount $2500, WHY?" Jun 18, 13 8:46 PM

Racist as always big fresh. Today's republicans should use the ideals of the first republican nominee John Fremont in 1856. He heeded his in-laws the Bent family of Missouri, who war fierce abolitionists. John Fremont wanted to abolish slavery in the first constitution of California during our manifest destiny years. The federal government wasn't ready for such progressive thinking. Lincoln picked up where Fremont left off and the south voted democrat till the republicans of today took over. Even african-americans abandoned the party of Lincoln. The republican party will be on the verge of extinction unless some real leadership comes forward, that doesn't include Rubio,Ryan,Palin,Bachman,etc." Jun 19, 13 5:14 PM

As usual,that's all you got. Read history and make some opinions based on facts not your usual bias, prejudice and hatred. Which is why the party is going to die." Jun 19, 13 6:20 PM

Are the immigrant latinos also part of your institutionalized poverty program the left has schemed to get their votes as well. Fantasyland. As someone who grew up blue collar and conservative, it took my later years to see the conservatives around me as bigoted,biased and prejudiced. This solely based on their words confiding in me thinking I was still one of their compadres. Fearful their white power was eroding." Jun 21, 13 8:30 AM

Who cares about polls, HE was already elected. Come back in February 2016." Jun 22, 13 2:14 PM

If they never get anything more, WHY are they billing more than they know is allowable?" Jun 22, 13 2:21 PM

The Unsung Heroes Of The Women's Open

These are very,very nice people to volunteer. However, it's amazing this high end club gets to have a big money event and most of the employees are volunteers. Why not pay them something!! How much does it cost to join Sebonack and play a round of golf? The golfers who qualify make money,The club hosting the event makes plenty of money,the poor slob who works the event gets nothing? You can love golf and still get paid for your work. Try to saunter in and ask to play a round of golf without being member and see how far being a volunteer helps you.Millionaires and billionaires play here, but the workers are volunteer unbelievable!
" Jun 28, 13 6:49 PM

So let the USGA pay the workers!" Jun 29, 13 8:05 AM

I'll bet the executives at the USGA aren't volunteers!!!" Jun 29, 13 1:32 PM

Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

Stick your head in the sand. Changing two billion chinese into capitalists has no effect on the environment. " Jun 29, 13 1:40 PM

The Unsung Heroes Of The Women's Open

Nice try Nature. Your right , nobody twisted their arm to volunteer. But if you volunteer and have to pay for your own clothes and hat. It only costs $20 to enter.You can access anywhere you want to stand. Must be a lot of fun to watch practice rounds. You got to be kidding me. You too can be one of the idiots standing there yelling GET IN THE HOLE. Miniature golf with more walking. There's a sap born every minute.You missed the point, these are big money events with big money people running them and You want to give these people a pass. If it was such a great deal why didn't you volunteer?" Jun 29, 13 3:45 PM

Because it is an elitist hobby.Much about golf is creating a shelter from the riff raff of society. You couldn't afford to be a member of Sebonac, but when they have an event there they want everybody to volunteer. Secondly don't read my posts if they are so ridiculous, I certainly don't give a crap what you have to say!" Jun 30, 13 9:04 AM

I don't believe your invited there anytime soon chiefy. " Jun 30, 13 4:58 PM

Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

It looks like the right wing finally learned something. It is better not to speak and appear to be a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt. The less they post, the less they alienate the electorate. " Jul 4, 13 11:41 AM

Immigration: From Making Their Way To Finding A Path

The party of do nothing, right back at it. Sit in your little cocoon,bury your head in the sand. The world is evolving Archie Bunkers. Sit on the sidelines and groan. Twelve million people need to be put on payrolls,whats your answer. It isn't enough they pay taxes every time they buy something,or landlords pay their real estate and school taxes with illegal renters.I thought you all were taking the summer off,no restraint.You would do your party more good if you didn't post so much.Remember right wing, it is better not to speak and appear a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt. Look in in Newsday today. Handelsman comic.Your on the road to extinction. Remember I said it first here. Also remember two billion chinese going capitalist has no effect on the environment.HA-ha" Jul 10, 13 1:38 PM

Whose fault is that? Have you sent a kid to college recently. Colleges are to blame for charging too much. How about that!!! My kids have no loans. What were kids studying in school,hedge trimming ,dish washing.I guess the illegal immigrants took their jobs away. You make your way in this world. You create your own luck and wealth. That is the American way!!! Stop your whining chiefy and ds. The government does't magically make your american dream come true. You go out overwork and overachieve and you don't sweat the small stuff. just look at some of the jobs eliminated in town. Go to cvc, they don't even have one cashier anymore. Waldbaum's has two cashiers a lot of the time with self-check-out as the only option. Do you see pump your gas as the only option. It's a good thing most of our religious women are hypocrites and use birth control. Can you imagine trying to find jobs for one point two five billion people like India. Good old fashion values like what, Jim Crow from the south. Women as second class citizens. Grandma your are going to be extinct by the 2020 election." Jul 10, 13 5:02 PM

Your sure worked the system good bf. You pay them in cash? Did you check social security numbers are real like every employer supposed to? With a diluted work force your job looks good despite not paying benefits, so you benefit from the illegals that come to work. You see if your not part of the solution, your part of the problem. " Jul 10, 13 5:12 PM

The biggest problems have been caused by many of our so-called good-meaning americans. Since 1979 gas crunch,what have americans done but send our money to the arabs. Do you see anything different in regards to mass transit? We didn't start driving smaller economic cars, in our arrogance we all started driving big SUV trucks. This alone is one of the biggest reasons we have the financial situation we're in. Technology is cutting jobs at a record pace. Despite our american arrogance, stupidity,and laziness,most of us enjoy a standard of living that is many times better than the generation before us. " Jul 10, 13 10:03 PM

Really chiefy,a suv gets the same mileage as a prius or volt. More stick your head in the sand from the right." Jul 11, 13 10:26 AM

Isn't that you were referring to. Pick and choose what was so wonderful years ago. More right wing fear mongering. We are all living many times better than the generation before. There is just as many responsible hard working people as the generation before us. Gloom and doom, the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket. Typical right wing theatrics. The total near collapse of our economy was brought about by educated wall-streeters and upper crust bankers, not the illegal immigrants who do landscaping for too-good americans to cut their own lawn." Jul 11, 13 10:36 AM

Who cares what people drive? it's been a major contributor to our deficit for the last thirty years.. If most of us drove a 40 mpg vehicle we wouldn't have to import any foreign oil, so our enemies wouldn't have the funds to combat us. But really who cares what people drive. It really is way too much sacrifice for the common arrogant american. So when you complain about today's problems just look in the mirror chiefy." Jul 11, 13 12:05 PM

Seven jobs yoo-hoo!!!! This left-winger created hundreds of jobs and hundreds of jobs for my suppliers. Not good to stereotype people bf." Jul 11, 13 12:11 PM

That's exactly what you were saying
" Jul 11, 13 12:13 PM

I have no idea what your talking about. Let's just go back to the good old days where everybody had a strong work ethic, much better than the lazy pieces of crap of today that take government handouts. Is that what you are trying to say? Overwhelming majority of people I know are responsible and hard working." Jul 11, 13 4:52 PM

I'll agree with you with that. I am frustrated by in-laws who are staunch republicans,complain about how Obamas giving the house away, yet weren't too proud sitting on their duffs collecting unemployment for nine months while perfectly healthy and able. I have worked extensively in a broad section of America from the worst urban areas(extensively) to blue collar suburbs and did business with billionaires." Jul 12, 13 9:19 AM

You think our oil companies are patriots. They are not going to give americans a bargain basement price for oil for oil drilled at home. They want every cent of the world market. If they don't get the price at home they'll just export it. You want to be a patriot drive a car that gets forty plus miles per gallon. ZZ you really have drifted away to nothing." Jul 12, 13 8:19 PM

Don't cry when gas is four dollars a gallon and then
blame Obama. Here is a simple one drive a car thats gets forty miles per gallon, that's my solution." Jul 13, 13 2:56 PM

What's the one thing everyday americans could have controlled since the 1979 gas crunch and chose not to, the demand part. Blame Obama ,right." Jul 15, 13 9:15 AM

Maybe it would be interesting to interview those that were given amnesty in the 80's and see where and what they are in today's society. Productive, law abiding citizens or otherwise." Jul 15, 13 11:48 AM

Early Monday Crash Closes County Road 39 Once Again

Breaking news report didn't have what lanes were closed, what direction. That was four hours after crash. PBR why are you sticking up for the press, they are in the news business, there is no sleeping in the news business,especially if you want everyone on the east end to tune into you when something happens. There seems to be a certain callous attitude to rerouting or expediting traffic in these events. Especially officers at critical intersections to help flow of traffic. WLNG great advice was to take Montauk highway last time, like the whole world wasn't already there. We live in a great technologic age, police need to keep radio stations and web sites informed after taking care of injured." Jul 29, 13 12:45 PM

Sorry no excuse for not doing your job properly. as a former business owner in the village,all hands on deck during on summer, there were no "off" hours. I understand at four a.m., not 8:30 a.m.I think many people accept the status quo as acceptable. I believe things can be changed for the better and sometimes with just a little extra effort from those in power to do so. Since we have a unique traffic situation out here, it is the investigators and police that need to adapt after caring for the injured or the stays quo which is callous to the thousands of people out here on the roads in the summer. I had to bring my elderly mother for immediate doctor care in Southampton this morning, how should I adapt to that?
" Jul 29, 13 1:54 PM

Since when is traffic not a police matter?
" Jul 29, 13 1:56 PM

Southampton Town Officials Float Ideas To Help Alleviate Traffic Following Serious Accidents

Talk is good. The first step that should be easiest is alerting and redirecting if possible traffic.
" Aug 7, 13 12:54 PM

Officials Recommend Traffic Light Cameras, Lower Speed Limits To Reduce South Fork Car Crashes

Thirty five is too slow period" Aug 17, 13 3:02 PM

Ridiculous post North Sea Citizen. Our bucolic backroads are disappearing because farmers have disappeared.I guess this would all be great if it stayed just like the 1950's and nobody came here after you did." Aug 18, 13 10:52 AM

Tuesday Will Be An Odd Primary Day In Southampton Town

He is mostly wrong. 21st century Archie Bunker. Tea baggers dream. " Aug 31, 13 8:40 PM

Tim Bishop Weighs In On Possible U.S. Military Strike Against Syria

Why isn't there enough consensus and cooperation in the world powers to insist Assad to be removed from power if poison gas is such a human no-no. The Russians must do too much business with Syria and doing anything anti-american is in their blood. I think religion can set a standard of decency for behavior, I'm not sure what they believe in does." Sep 2, 13 6:22 PM

Though in war, everything can get muddled very quickly.

" Sep 2, 13 6:24 PM

Raise the minimum wage,cutting excessive corporate profits, so they can stop spending countless millions on such piggish stuff such as naming stadiums. The federal government is subsidizing corporate profits." Sep 8, 13 9:16 AM

Ridiculous post as usual

" Sep 8, 13 9:20 AM

It's called diplomacy. In the end this is what everybody wants instead of dropping bombs Interesting interview with Charlie Rose and Assad this morning. Always more complicated than face value. Assad claims he is protecting Syria from outside terrorists and those that were against him in his country are now back with him." Sep 10, 13 8:26 AM

First of all, I listen to Fox news, so actually I know exactly what your thinking at all times. I am the american dream. I came from humble beginnings and retired at age forty eight after building a business from the ground up. So to say I hate success is ridiculous. My business was non-union, so wrong again on that account. Better to be humiliated than to needlessly lose american lives. Get over your Vietnam era bravado.Half a generation later we are selling Big Macs and cokes there at the cost of 58,000 plus americans. Instilling puppet governments has proved to a bad foreign policy. But then again the party of do nothing has no answers, your about two presidential elections away from your ideological ways and for party from being extinct. Please keep posting they call me a loser,you do more good for my ideological ways. Your racism and hatred pores through your posts. " Sep 10, 13 12:48 PM

Brawl Brings Abrupt End To Southampton, Hampton Bays Boys Soccer Game

I remember in gym class, the big tough football players, the first fifty-fifty ball they shied away. I guess they couldn't take any contact unless they were fully padded.I like to line up in front of you, this ex- soccer player would knock you right on your a#%." Sep 22, 13 10:08 PM

Obviously you never did it." Sep 23, 13 2:47 PM

Soccer is for sissies is a ridiculous statement. You have serious issues with your manhood with a comment like that." Sep 23, 13 2:50 PM

Your a tough guy in an anonymous forum, sign your name to your ridiculous comment to let everyone know what your about." Sep 23, 13 2:54 PM

ObamaCare To Be Explained At Sag Harbor Chamber Event

it's called diplomacy. What's your answer to dealing with Iran? The standard, make the country a parking lot and put "boots on the ground." Obviously the right has nothing once again, sitting around like a bunch of old ninnies criticizing while the world keeps moving on." Sep 28, 13 7:44 AM

So your saying we should have made Iran a parking lot and put boots on the ground? That is what Obama should have done. Should we have bombed Egypt and Syria, put boots on the ground as well? Isn't that what could have been if Mccain was elected? Just say we could have had troops in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan and put in a puppet government. It worked so well in Cuba and Iran." Sep 28, 13 4:08 PM

Bishop Signs Letter To Speaker Calling For Vote To End Shutdown

Registered, logged in, picked plan. Saves me $900 A MONTH with a better plan. Now what do you have to say?" Oct 10, 13 6:36 PM

Maybe I could do it the republican way. Spent $100,000 dollars the last five years on health insurance for twenty five well visits, which I already co-payed thirty dollars. Yeah let's keep waiting. The party of do nothing strikes again." Oct 10, 13 6:40 PM

Your party is on the verge of extinction, that end is near! America is moving forward, economically rebounded from 2008, Not putting "boots on the ground" in Libya, Syria, and Egypt, ending the war in Afganistan. Shrinking our dependence with OPEC with more efficient vehicles. Finally, health insurance the middle class can afford. These are big issues that are stepping stones to fiscal solvency. Living in the past with a narrow mind is Gone with the Wind. You should have learned that from your history books of "the old South."Living in the past with narrow bigoted minds!!!!" Oct 16, 13 7:56 PM

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