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East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

What are you even talking about?
" Feb 7, 12 9:40 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Purchase Of East Hampton's Share Of Poxabogue Golf Course

How much income and sales does the golf site produce?
" Mar 25, 12 11:46 AM

Pilaro Family Vows To Keep Up Fight For Son To Play Field Hockey

To Lisa W,just curious, do you think you would have made the play-offs without Keeling?" May 2, 12 7:50 PM

East End Has Among Highest Gas Prices In State

You think American oil companies are patriots? if the world oil price is higher than our price, the oil companies will just export it.Everybody should be driving a vehicle that gets over forty mpg.,then you would be a patriot.
" May 6, 12 5:45 PM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

The white elitists that live here are not going to start trimming hedges, cutting lawns, washing dishes for eight or ten hours a day because their unemployment has run out or cut off. They do not posess the physical fortitude or the mental toughness to do these jobs day in,day out. Nobody is for illegal immigration. Some people might benefit from it. I think everybody would like some accounting of those here. Where are all our politicians, Republican or Democrat coming up with some legislation to confront this issue. As far as the two idiots standing in front of 7-11 trying to keep the vitriol going, go protest in front of Immigration Control, there the ones that enforce the law, instead of grandstanding after all these years. What a wasted life. The issue will be solved soon. Look how Republican politicians from Alabama are killing their agriculture business as stricter immigration laws are enacted, their is nobody to pick the crop. Plenty of jobs but who are you going to find to pick tomatoes from dawn to dusk? No american wants to do it." May 14, 12 12:36 PM

Just for the record, I trim my own fifteen foot hedges and mow my own lawn.
" May 14, 12 12:52 PM

Come on over and I'll show you. I have two twelve foot ladders that makes a bridge . Other than that WHAT"S YOUR POINT????? I don't need to work for a newspaper, I retired at forty eight. SO WHAT"S YOUR POINT??? Next time make a comment with reference to my point of view. Other than that ,go back to sleep!!!" May 14, 12 10:50 PM

I know many Irish carpenters, did work on the side and never paid any taxes on that income. Don't get holier than thou on this issue TBoob. Despite the bigotry against the Irish when they migrated here in such large numbers starting with the potato famine in Ireland, America has always found a home for immigrants willing to work hard. Whether they were all legal,do we really know. There is no enforcement today, what was it like in the 1800's and early 20th century." May 14, 12 11:13 PM

Big Drop In Tickets Issued By Southampton Village

Is it possible that after giving out so many tickets, that people are more conscious of driving and parking legally?" Jun 8, 12 10:25 AM

Mitt Romney Will Fundraise In The Hamptons On Sunday

It's kickback time for the republicans. Time for the 1% to give back to keep the Bush tax cuts for the 1% in effect. I mean without the tax cuts how can they possibly afford this fundraiser? The angel merino who placed the golden tablets in upstate New York will show us the way. Conservatives worried that gays are going to ruin the moral fabric of this country, the mormons fled outside of this country to escape persecution because of what they believed in was immoral to 19th century America. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young are dancing in their graves to think a mormon might become president!" Jul 3, 12 5:47 PM

Preparation For Road Widening Project On County Road 39 To Begin Shortly

They can't leave less than one lane open during construction than the one lane we already have. Widening the roads have helped everyone's quality of life out here. The old don't build it and they won't come was a traffic nightmare decision for many locals. Do you remember the two lane merge at lobster Inn or the traffic so thick you couldn't make a left onto 39 from North Sea Road?As of right now I try not to use any business east of Southampton because of traffic. Two lanes out to East Hampton would be smart for businesses." Jul 10, 12 1:49 PM

I think they should close up the Little Cobb Road entrance at rush hours,just like they did on Sebonac Road. The itsamazing obviously never had to sit in any type of morning commute. East ender now that you are here maybe you can prohibit anyone else from coming out here after you. Well they came and now we are dealing with it. If you are so unhappy, buy a few houses,tear'em down and become a farmer. How many farmers are left on the South Fork? That's right just a few. We are not going to stay a bucolic rural community WITHOUT ANY FARMERS." Jul 17, 12 7:10 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

I get it. bad accident. However, investigate for an hour, clean up the road and get a lane open at least westbound so thousands of people don't have to suffer after a long hot day's work. Does the whole world out here have to come to a complete halt because of one motor vehicle accident. WLNG should be telling people not to go out to go shopping or anything not important to give working class a chance to get home. What is the evacuation plan if Sunrise is closed? Better have a boat. How hard is it to open and clean a space ten feet across!" Jul 24, 12 4:50 PM

anything that comes from bigfresh that disagrees with me is actually a compliment
" Jul 24, 12 7:19 PM

For you idiots that weren't out there, it was complete gridlock, yes even Old Montauk Highway. I feel for anybody in an accident. I talking about opening a sliver of lane so the world out here can at least get home. For you people sitting at home,don't comment you don't know what it is like. All I'm saying is keep it measured, a sliver of a lane is not going to disrupt the whole investigation." Jul 24, 12 7:28 PM

Spoken like an ex-cop. Staying right here, you don't like my bitching don't read my posts. I think there are better ways to do things and I open my mouth in public or on this website" Jul 24, 12 7:54 PM

Very sorry for your family's traumatic experience yesterday. Obviously any normal person would want police and medical teams to take as much time is needed to secure the scene, and quickly,safely expedite those who were injured. My problem is what happens after that has been taken care of. You don't live here. You weren't part of the chaos that occured during the wild fires in WH or the summer blackout. Waiting to get to an intersection with hundreds of cars in front of me and hundreds of cars in back of me. Getting to a light that was long enough for three cars to pass while there was no traffic going diagonally and no policeman to expedite traffic. Years later there still is no plan. When we have another emergency say a hurricane, will we be like Galveston, Texas where people waited fourteen hours to get out. Running out of gas while the roadway heading in the opposite direction was completely vacant. Again very sorry for your traumatic experience." Jul 25, 12 11:44 AM

It was leaving the east end not coming into it were the delays. Your obviously high or from out of state to think we don't have evacuation problems." Jul 26, 12 12:36 PM

Head-On County Road 39 Crash Backs Up Traffic For More Than Six Hours

Obvoiusly Bonacker, you weren't stuck in the traffic sitting in your cubbyhole in East Hampton. To all you genuises that said you should take Montauk Highway, THOUSANDS did, you couldn't even enter Hill street from a side street. No police prescence to Hampton Bays anywhere expediting traffic. Channel 61 said go to Montauk Highway, no red arrows on their map saying Montauk highway was a parking lot. The advice from WLNG should have been don't even try to go home till road opens up. Try to find place in town to eat, go to beach,library but get off road. With only two roads into and out of town, there is going to be a need to be a little more creative than callous indifference on part of traffic management. Again clearing one lane in a reasonable time would have averted the many dangerous traffic situations in the village and on the side streets. Shutting the whole road after the injured parties were removed just to investigate for six and a half hours was outrageous. Public sector milk job." Jul 29, 12 12:25 PM

Obama Fundraiser Is Planned For August 24

Ronald Reagen gave amnesty to three million illegals.
" Aug 4, 12 7:20 PM

Quit your charade bf. Your racism pours through your posts. Be a bigoted man and just own it. His failed policies don't look like it hit here. Everybody is cranking out here. If you don't tap into the money coming here, you are stupid or lazy. Stop complaining with a loaf of bread under each arm about Obama's policies. Life is pretty sweet here and businesses are raking it in." Aug 4, 12 7:28 PM

Deferred Action Program Will Affect East End Dreamers

Every time an illegal immigrant goes into a store and buys something they pay taxes. Republican and Democratic lawmakers want no part of this hot potato. I will tell you this, America has always found a home for people willing to work hard, legal or illegal. " Aug 6, 12 12:03 PM

Romney Makes Second Visit To The Hamptons On Friday

Hiding behind christian values to be a bigot. Anti-gay, anti-black, anti-latino, anti-legal immigrant( as per your big mouthpiece Michele Bachman) anti-women's rights( we don't need birth control, let the woman figure it out biologically)anti-indian(it would kill all of you if the Shinnecock's prospered from a new casino) Did I miss something?Woman should have the right to decide for their own bodies. Reproducing has not been a problem for this world." Aug 20, 12 2:24 PM

I will never respect bigotry,bias, racism and stereotyping. No matter what you try to hide behind. Your looking to create a white male dominated society that existed in the fifties. The world has moved on and you have stayed with your ignorant ways. The church is living in the 15th century. Woman as second class citizens, ignoring the science of contraception, pedophilism, male dominated society. Not even having the courage to expose the heinous acts that were committed by clergy." Aug 22, 12 12:30 PM

Again, I'm not going to give you respect, nor do I desire any respect from the likes of you. I've made it clear without any charades what you are about. You are the anti-american, the ugly american, the un-american. I'm not pulling any triggers, I'm just telling you I see right through your many hatreds. Compassion and tolerence are key words of an american but not tolerence for bigotry, which is what you are about." Aug 23, 12 3:23 PM

Southampton Town Councilman Says Legal Action Could Be In Rumba's Future

If the Rhumba owner is a good businessman he will try to find a much larger location to accomodate his growing devotees. Who wants to be in business with this much continuing hassle. " Aug 23, 12 3:41 PM

Romney Makes Second Visit To The Hamptons On Friday

I'm not the one that hates gays, blacks, latinos, legal immigrants,Indians. Your right, I hate people who are bigots like yourself. Tell me why you are anti-gay? Remeber bigots are the anti-american, un-american, the ugly-american not Capt America.My weapon of choice is right down the middle. I can choose between what is good and what is ugly, without being a Republican or Democrat. " Aug 24, 12 2:55 PM

Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

I don't see 27 east censoring your opinion and giving a forum to express that opinion. Not that your opinions are worth anything." Aug 25, 12 2:50 PM

Romney Makes Second Visit To The Hamptons On Friday

The fact that you support the conservative republican platform. This party of hate is your platform. You did notice I said legal immigrants. I can't imagine not being totally embarrassed when the republican party embraces people like Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin. I won't even go further than the total lunacy of Akin. If you associate with haters ,it's hard to tell that you don't believe right down the line with all their policies. Again, peoples positions that are based on bias, bigotry, racism, stereotyping are not a different view to be respected. How do I know this, I read not just on this web-site but facebook the outrageous hatred writings from the right. Obama is a Nazi, Muslim, communist etc. Well I'm actually glad that you have some decency in regards to social issues.. I'd be careful who you throw in with though." Aug 25, 12 10:24 PM

Your right, I am guilty of my own form of hating. I hate people who through their public positions push their agenda and opinions, which is based on all of the above things I said. Freedom and rights loving republicans want to tell you the right way to live and behave. Adam Smith had it right. You can do whatever you want but as soon as other people are involved or hurt, you need laws to determine how far you can push your lifestyle. In other words if your not hurting anybody you should be able to live as you want. This means if gays want to get married and share their love, no christian values should be trying to deny this,according to Adam Smith. However, this is exactly what Sara Palin and Bachmann want to shove down peoples throat about the right way to live. There is no basis in fact that gays are ruining the moral compass of america. Heterosexuals have no equal with damaging the " sacred instituition" of marriage with their fifty percent divorce rate." Aug 27, 12 9:48 AM

What am I stereotyping? Aren't Bachmann, Palin, Santorum anti-gay? they make up the republican party don't they? bachmann is anti-legal immigrant? So where do you differ from the platform of the republican party? or do you endorse everything they stand for? again,not all republicans are racists, but if you are a racist you are republican, do you agree or disagree with that statement. I personally don't want to stand with racists in my party. How do you do it?" Aug 28, 12 10:58 PM

Live From Tampa: Teen Reports From GOP Convention

The single biggest loss of wealth on Long Island was perpertrated by people on Wall Street and banks with the housing bubble and the resulting decline in housing values. People in expensive suits with addresses such as Greenwich,Conn,Park Avenue, the Hamptons not the people trimming your hedges and lawn. More right-wing racial rhetoric. " Aug 29, 12 9:25 AM

Romney Makes Second Visit To The Hamptons On Friday

Why would any intelligent gay be a member of the republican party when the whole conservative platform is that they are the ruination of this country and destroying the moral compass. Ask Phil Keith in his column for the Southampton Press. He's your garden variety republican bigot who said that just as I said it. Your point is you can still be a republican even if you disagree with the bigoted members of your party. Believe it or not, I was a card carrying member of the Republican party for thirty three years, You name him I voted for Republicans, Ford, Reagen, Bush And Bush again. I can't be a part of a culture that spews some much hatred at so many different groups and I don't know how you can either. What Palin, Bachmann and Santorum are spewing is hate based on stereotypes. I don't know how you can deny that." Aug 29, 12 7:28 PM

I thought for a minute you were actually becoming a person you could have a debate with. Again you don't get it. I hate people not because they have a different opinion than me. I hate them because they base their opinion on sterotypical hate. That doesn't make me a sterotypical. Using religion to hate people is not the religion I was brought up on. I was taught that our God was a loving God and didn't matter that people who loved the same sex should be discriminated or cursed upon. I'm not sure what retiring at 48 had to do with me and my political views. I worked my ass off, I created many jobs, I made money for many local people and had a great relationship in the community. You just keep stonewalling and yelling from the soapbox, your going to find nobody is buying your parties platform. Why was I a republican before and not now?" Aug 30, 12 6:02 PM

Live From Tampa: Teen Reports From GOP Convention

i'm not sure what your rantings are about. This wasn't about locals blaming Wall Street. This was about the right blaming illegal immigrants being the the biggest reason why there is such a loss of wealth on Long island. Businesses close for the winter because they are bad businessmen.Lots of businesses stay open, pay bills,keep jobs while creatively getting customers in the door. The economy really looks like it is suffering out here. With traffic choked roads and lots of out-of-towners with very deep pockets. We are not going to hell in a handbasket as the right would have you believe." Aug 30, 12 7:02 PM

The banks and Wall Stret creatively created derivatives and chopping up mortgages to reduce risk. They created commissions, transactions and fees for themselves. George Bush as well aspired everyone to own their own home because it made them better citizens. However it doesn't deny the housing bubble was the reason behind the greatest loss of wealth due to the deflation of house values and the economy that ensued, not the illegal immigrant cutting your lawn as the right would have you believe." Aug 30, 12 7:33 PM

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