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Shelter Island soldier killed in Afghanistan

With all due respect to Capt. Phil--it's "your" not "yuor." Also, "Joseph" not Joeseph." (For that matter, it's also "them," not "thm.")
Lastly, if you'lre going to be a stickler, please include the entire title in references to this man. Rather than Lieutenant Theinhart, let's go with "Army 1st Lieutenant Theinhart."
My sincere condolences to this man's family and friends. " Jun 7, 10 12:13 PM

Four rescued after seaplane accident in Little Peconic Bay

This is an air disaster like any other, and as such, warrants a full investigation. I only hope that the authorities conduct a full and fair review of what happened here, including an accounting of all the passengers, possible reasons for the crash, and how similar crashes can be avoided in the future. It is so very very sad that an online comment board needs to remind the authorities of their sworn duties..." Jun 17, 10 5:07 PM

Police: Melee draws large crowd in Westhampton Beach

Now, here's an idea. These kids with their attitudes, baggy pants and such. You tell them, not only is there a 9pm curfew--but you have to be in bed by 10pm. That would solve this problem of unruly teens, and maybe if they got a little more sleep, they wouldn't be so darn grumpy. Just an idea..." Aug 19, 10 8:25 AM

Harassment charge against Lindsay Lohan's father dropped

Why can't people have more sympathy for Michael Lohan? Picture this: You are at work managing a Wendy's or the bar or filming a porn movie or whatever, and you want your fiance to do one simple thing--answer her darn cellphone. Why can't she do that? Sure, kicking someone in the face is impolite, but it's way better than shooting them in the face, like other trashy Long Island convict celebrities who shall remain nameless seem to prefer. I think it was kind of sweet of him to take off the shoe. As for flipping over the sofa chair, any chance it maybe tipped over as he tried to sit in it next to her? Have you ever tried to get into one of these things? People, they are made for decoration, not comfort. visit: www.freemichaellohan.com. " Aug 19, 10 8:46 AM

Mill Pond fish kill not caused by runoff; coincidence and longer term problems blamed

All right, all right, enough of this theorizing and blathering on. The solution is to empty the pond completely, rake and clear out the bottom, and then fill it with fresh, clean water. This was done to a lake I'm familiar with in Virginia, where I was stationed in the 50s. It temporarily euthanizes all the wildlife, but new generations of fish, turtles, bugs, what have you, can be added later. This is the ONLY solution to the problem facing this important ecosystem, and one that MUST be considered and implemented. " Aug 24, 10 3:41 PM

Now don't get all touchy feely with me about wildlife and ecosystems. All those fish, frogs, turtles and such can be used as food in the prison system (ask the French about delicious frogs legs and turtle soup). As for the water, it could and should be boiled and either evaporated into the atmosphere, or filtered and returned to the cleaned, reshaped pond bottom. Evaporating eliminates the need for storage. Now, concerning the seven ponds, what you do is, you stop them up with sand bags and such to prevent their leaking into this pristine new pond. And lastly, I'd suggest a very strong algaecide and large filtering system as a permanent solution to this important, ecological disaster. Fish and whatnot can be worried about later. " Aug 25, 10 10:38 AM

New proposal for religious boundary on public roads spurs questions in Westhampton Beach

Now, with this eruv, I say, if the rules say you're not supposed to do something on the sabbath, isn't it cheating to put up a couple of strings and markers and such to get around the rules? What would Jesus do? I'm happy to accommodate any religion and so forth, but how do the people who want this string up feel in their own conscience, going out on the sabbath, etc.? If you put a string around the whole country, does that mean no rules apply? What I'm saying is, I'm for rules and restrictions..." Aug 26, 10 3:52 PM

Now hold on there, Nutbeem. What would you say if the Taliban moved in and wanted to set up a perimeter around West Hampton? Good for you? We're supposed to be afraid to oppose a string because the lawyers will get us? As Mr. T said, Get some nuts. " Aug 26, 10 5:49 PM

University Council supports cuts made to Stony Brook Southampton

My idea for this college? Make it a prison and close down that eyesore over in Riverhead. The dormatories can be used for incarceration, and we can finally begin the process of rehabilitating some of these people by getting them college degrees, and preparing them for life "on the outside." " Oct 5, 10 10:02 AM

Raucous Meeting Focuses On Fights At Southampton High School

If this is such a raucous meeting, why is that woman in the front row on the right sound asleep? Now, as for this bullying and so forth, I say, let it play itself out. The kids need to create their own pecking order, if you will, just like in real life, or in a steel cage match, or a pitt bull ring. A kid who is bullied all the time may finally work up the courage to slug someone, and it'll help him the rest of his life. If that happens to be a teacher or someone half his age, well I'm sorry. School is a proving ground just like every place else. " Oct 20, 10 2:52 PM

Four Rescued Off Moriches Inlet

Now, as for this rescue here, those four speed boaters should be made to pay all the costs of this rescue. If it's hundreds of thousands of dollars, so be it. You shouldn't be out "hot-rodding" in your super-duper speed boat in the cold fall and water everywhere capable of swamping your starboard and your bow. How else will these speedsters learn unless they are forced to pay? In my day we rowed about, and didn't go farther than we could swim back. " Oct 25, 10 12:07 PM

Westhampton Beach Eruv Proposal Moves Forward

There's only one solution here, and everyone knows it and is avoiding the obvious truth. Close all the dagburn stores on Saturday. What's so important that it can't wait to be carried around on Sunday or Monday? As for the little pieces of tape, I say, if you really mean to follow the law, put up the actual walls in the villages. " Oct 29, 10 10:07 AM

Riverside Man Dies Hours After Being Shot Outside Hampton Bays Nightclub

Now, as to this donnybrook or bonibrawl or whatever they call it, I say the police should stay out of it. Once those two fellows who was shot heal up, they should go out and take care of it as they see fit. In my time, we fought our own battles. Police were for sissies.
And why not?" Oct 29, 10 4:07 PM

Elves Spread Yuletide Cheer In Southampton Village

Now, if you ask me, prancing around in a green elf costume, skipping and piroetting along main street is no way for a young man to behave. These boys should be in camaflouge and carrying Winchester rifles in the woods, smothered in deer urine, and checking for deer skat. I don't know whose idea this dancing elf business was, but it's going to lead to no good. " Dec 11, 10 4:31 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Skeptical Of New Study

Now this here study is a bunch of huey if you ask me. Widen the road, put in a sewer, kiss the birds every night before you go to bed--what difference will it make? Hampton Bays is a strong American community and it will not bend to the wishes of outsiders who tell us what to do. Take your dang study to Water Mill or Ponnsitauckett, wherever that is. Let us go to our taverns and buy our food and live our lives without all this theoretical intrusion. " Jan 26, 11 4:53 PM

Trustees Say Poison Is Off The Table For Mill Pond

It's just so typical--bureaucrats know how to take all the fun out of clearing a pond. When are the sissies on the board going to let nature take its course, and allow the poison experts to do their job?? If they're so concerned about harmless chemicals, why not try something less poisonous? When we were kids we used to toss M-80s into ponds to stun fish. Give that a try. But stop overanalyzing and taming this down and let the men do their jobs and have some fun. " Feb 8, 11 3:47 PM