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Former Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot Joins Town And Country

Oh ATH isn't going to like this. " Nov 17, 15 6:21 AM

Anna Throne-Holst Closes Out Six-Year Stint As Supervisor

My goodness, doesn't she use all the right buzzwords. All surface no substance." Dec 23, 15 11:25 AM

Pending Southampton Town Attorney Appointment Leads To Political Squabble

Here's a thought. How about choosing a town attorney who is a, you know, professional attorney & not someone interested in running for office. Past, present, or future. " Feb 24, 16 2:29 PM

UPDATE: Farina Denies Rumored Allegations Regarding Explicit Photo

An angry ex-girlfriend says he pulled a Carlo Danger. Another Superintendent bites the dust." Mar 18, 16 9:34 AM

Carlos" Mar 18, 16 9:35 AM

Michael Semkus, Sag Harbor Teacher And Coach, Dies Monday

Might it be possible there were physical circumstances present? Condolences to the family." Mar 24, 16 10:59 AM

Southampton Town Housing Authority Seeking Purchase Of Riverside Property

Because that owner will sell it quick as a wink at market value & then buy something better. Tax money doesn't need to subsidize private profit." Apr 26, 16 6:35 AM

New Rental Registry Law In East Hampton Leads To First Charges Against Overcrowded Rental

Just a wild guess. You don't live next door to this house with 13 occupants?" May 5, 16 12:19 PM

That stirs up accusations of discrimination & selective enforcement. The new law sets a standard baseline that applies to everyone & every renter/landlord situation." May 5, 16 3:22 PM

Congressional Candidates Calone, Throne-Holst Trade Barbs At Saturday Event In Southampton

Has anyone asked ATH what her ex-husband did/does for a living? She certainly wasn't living on the average local income." May 7, 16 10:47 AM

And her silly little foot stamping pouts about being a "single mom" or a "working mom" is supposed to do what exactly? Shameful how she was ever elected in the first place." May 7, 16 10:52 AM

Southampton School District Puts Building Purchase In Voters' Hands

Agreed. That "appraisal" number is very seriously flawed. There is no way that parcel will sell for $700k in an open market." May 12, 16 1:20 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe Budget Fails To Pierce Cap; All Other East End School Budgets Pass

The whole situation seemed very sketchy from a business & value stand point. 1. Not a lot of detail provided to the public. The numbers were too neatly aligned with the resources available for the project. 2. Why is the district placing themselves in a position to be a landlord to other businesses when their mission is public education? 3. A very large space to accommodate not a lot of personnel. 4. Maintenance needs will be enormous in the not too distant future." May 19, 16 10:13 AM

Southampton School District Conducts Audit Of Special Education Department

They are auditing one of the SE service providers. Not sure if her firm's contract has been renewed." Jun 7, 16 6:57 PM

Democratic Primary In Limbo After Tight Vote

Lol!" Jun 28, 16 9:59 AM

Politician Barbie & her fantasy world of pretend accomplishments. She is ambitious though. Gotta give her credit for that. Could someone explain that adult woman she claims is her recent foster child? Adds appeal to a couple more demographics, no?" Jun 28, 16 10:02 AM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

How about they take those millions of dollars and develop a plan to build underpasses to move their golfers around? It works beautifully at Jones beach to gets millions of people across four lanes of highway without difficulty." Aug 4, 16 3:55 PM

Surely a little country road is not too much of a challenge to make things safer for their golf carts. Then come back ask for community support." Aug 4, 16 3:58 PM

Riverside Residents Angry Over Grant Allocation To Neighboring Hamlet

Y'all aren't the ones putting money in her campaign chest. That's what matters to Ms Ambitious." Aug 10, 16 6:28 AM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Deems Tuckahoe Center Application Incomplete

You live in Center Moriches?? Not quite understanding the hyper-interest in a Southampton issue. Or the Latino population." Oct 13, 16 10:55 AM

North Sea Camp Proposal Near Little Fresh Pond Reaches Public Comment Stage

He's aiming to have 600 screaming kids on that property. Would you want that in your neighborhood? Yeah. Thought so." Nov 7, 16 8:10 PM

Throne-Holst Mulls Over The Next Fork In The Road

Hahahahaha." Nov 17, 16 12:13 PM

Opponents Argue Against North Sea Camp Proposal At Planning Board Hearing

How about putting it next to your house-sound good?" Dec 9, 16 6:21 PM

Immigrants Share Fears Of National Policies, ICE Raids

Seems the employers of these persons are on the hook as well for lots of unpaid taxes. Care to include them in that equation?" Feb 21, 17 12:28 PM

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