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Armed Robbery On Sag Harbor's Main Street; Suspects At Large

Sounds like drugs, not immigration is the real issue here. The east end is not wrapped in a protective bubble, obviously." Nov 20, 13 7:24 PM

State Education Commissioner Fields Questions On Common Core

Chief1, the reason so many kids drop out of college is because they are not college material. There is no shame in that. Our education system is failing our students by insisting that everyone is capable of it & must have a college education. The shame is that the real world strengths of children are not matched to their potential in the job market. Stop blaming schools & teachers. Blame educrats & business interests who have reduced everything to a one size fits all testing regime." Nov 28, 13 8:18 AM

Five Years' Probation For Former Teacher Who Filmed Girls

Why is it always the gym teachers?" Dec 19, 13 7:00 AM

UPDATE: Arson Squad Investigating Seven Ponds Road Fire

Don't lose your financing?" Jul 31, 14 6:49 PM

Southampton School District Presents New Projections For Tuckahoe Merger

How do you know that? Do you really believe they will not propose/demand new facilities because the existing infrastructure is inefficient & not capable of handling the combined student load? " Aug 16, 14 8:26 PM

Since when are other people obligated to make life easier for Tuckahoe??? You chose to buy & live in the district. Others did not. Why in the world do they owe you anything?" Aug 16, 14 8:29 PM

Southampton School District To Host Meeting On Thursday To Discuss Potential Merger With Tuckahoe

How in the world would Tuckahoe "go broke"??? I sounds as if your Board has been taking you down the wrong road(s) for far too long. It is ridiculous to blame your troubles on your neighbors." Sep 10, 14 7:58 PM

You are making utterly foolish statements. It is not helping to convert anyone to your side." Sep 10, 14 8:00 PM

Southampton School Board Decides To Bring Tuckahoe Merger To A Straw Vote Again

Not following you there. The kids don't even meet until high school. All the towns are neighbors & kids interact with each other. Be honest, this strictly about tax envy. You want what your neighbors (Southampton) have-a lower tax rate. Sorry, that is not fair. You bought where you bought. It was you choice. This bullying from Tuckahoe is ridiculous." Sep 20, 14 5:54 AM

What close knit community????? Stop with the lies! " Sep 20, 14 5:56 AM

Does he live in the house that the District bought to house their leadership? As if they are not paid enough to provide for themselves. That, my dear, is part of the problem with Tuckahoe. Very bad judgment & fiscal mismanagement. Blaming your neighbors for your difficulties is absurd." Sep 21, 14 7:27 PM

I stand by my statement. " Sep 21, 14 7:29 PM

Ditch Plains Association Holds Party And Info Session

Where did he get the financing? That was a huge sale price. Sounds like there is some calculating finagling going on there. " Oct 3, 14 6:34 AM

Southampton Rejects Proposal, And State Grant,To Extend School Day After Parents Express Concerns

Sorry to call you out on this. But the extra almost 2 hours a day will not be for educational purposes, because the teachers will not work a minute longer than their contract calls for. And there will be no additional hiring. "Community collaborators", whatever the heck that is, will fill the time. It is all political show, not educational opportunity. " Oct 3, 14 6:47 PM

UPDATE: PSEG Completed Tree Trimming On County Road 39

Ask Suffolk County. They are in charge of the road & allowed it to happen." Oct 7, 14 6:31 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Gets Real Estate License

"single mom with four kids". ATH is utterly shameless in pulling that card. Her & her ex-husbands kids are hardly suffering from circumstances of poverty. " Oct 16, 14 7:30 PM

Sounds like a huge conflict of interest no matter what you call it." Oct 16, 14 10:23 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe-Southampton Merger Fails At Polls

Well of course Tuckahoe wanted it. It is all about reducing their property taxes. It's NOT about the kids, no matter how they all try to spin it that way. " Nov 19, 14 5:47 AM

LOL, the real numbers will be much, much worse. " Nov 19, 14 5:48 AM

Tuckahoe School Files Suit Against Town For Denying FOIL Request For Golf Course Revenues

Is it not true that Tuckahoe District purchased a residential property to house their Superintendant (gratis) & then proceeded to spend a large sum to renovate it to acceptable conditions? That is quite a generous bonus, no matter how you explain it." Dec 18, 14 12:53 PM

Southampton School District Proposes Five-Year Tuition Deal To Tuckahoe

I think Southampton wants to know if you are in or are you out. Tuckahoe spends an awful lot of time wiggling & whining (not to mention finger pointing), and precious little on constructive action to solve their problems. If you are not "in" Southampton needs to know & plan accordingly. Budgetary contraction to a sustainable level is certainly not the end of the world. Regardless of what a bunch of 16 yo's have to say about the matter." Jan 13, 15 12:07 PM

North Sea Day Camp Proposal Review Moves Forward

The place was never a UN camp (????) You just made that up. They are charging $1775 per WEEK for a child to attend. It sounds to me like the motivation to force this into the community has precious little to do with keeping kids off the streets. Whatever that means in your world-and everything to do with tapping into a very wealthy & profitable market." Jan 29, 15 6:22 AM

$1.1 Million Trailer In Amagansett May Stay Put For Now

Good choice. Chris Chapin, the land value shark, real estate agent must have worked hard to get that listing. Leave the guy alone. It's his home & the place he has known his whole life. The brokers will kill each other over whole gets a piece of that plum. Some day." Feb 9, 15 12:48 PM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

ATH is a carpetbagger. Schneiderman not so much." May 19, 15 10:06 AM

Flanders Group Vows To Raise Ruckus Unless Town Reverses Course On Snowblower Purchase

ATH hates Gregor. And I suspect some on the town board might follow allow. Impacts a lot of decisions in that direction. KWIM?" Jul 30, 15 6:31 AM

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