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Camp Developer Files $65 Million Lawsuit Against Project Critics

I'm sorry, but that was your choice to live where you do. Nobody forced that noise on you. FWIW if you live next to all that racket I very much suspect you are not someone who can afford the $1,200-$1,500 a week Jacobs camp will cost you. " Oct 26, 11 10:37 PM

Day Camp Applicant Says No To Potential CPF Acquisition

Jay, Jay, Jay, there you go again, making up stories. And you wonder why the community calls you a liar? First you told the Press you had an approved subdivision for 14 houses. Nope, not true. Then you said you can build 17-30 houses. Nope. Not according to the Health Dept. Now it's 37 condos? Isn't that the reason you bought the property so cheap? It can't be done. " Nov 15, 11 8:23 PM

And Jay, while we're on the topic. CPF isn't interested in making you "whole". Our tax money pays fair market value for property we buy. Tell your investors they have a big tax deduction coming their way when you bail out of this very poorly thought out deal you put together." Nov 15, 11 8:27 PM

North Sea Neighbors To Countersue Jacobs

You continue to misunderstand the situation in North Sea. The property is RESIDENTIAL land. It is NOT zoned for commercial uses, day camps, races tracks or golf courses. Mr. Jacobs is willfully ignoring zoning law & pretending that he can do what he wants because of who he is." Nov 30, 11 5:19 AM

Pell Refuses To Recuse Himself From East Quogue Dock Application

Yes, where does the Ethics Code define needling? Surely cause for recusal, indeed." Jan 20, 12 7:00 PM

Large Water Mill House Demolished In Fire

Hmm, but there was a little bit of lightning..." Jan 27, 12 5:40 PM

Southampton ZBA Decision On Day Camp Adjourned To A Later Date

At $8k per kid, times the 700 kids he wants to pack in there, I am suuuure it's all about "the kids". Haha, nice try. Let Jay Jacobs build his camp business where zoning allows it, NOT where zoning prohibits it." Feb 16, 12 10:18 PM

The hiring will involve US Imigration due the the large number of work visas that will be required to staff the camp. Tell me again how this benefits the community?" Feb 18, 12 2:35 PM

Homes are fine. Where did you hear otherwise? Contrary to the blather generated by these developers the community is NOT opposed to the RESIDENTIAL development rights the owner is entitled to. So long as the proper development process is followed we are all ears. " Feb 18, 12 2:44 PM

$1,400 PER WEEK is more like it." Feb 20, 12 5:24 PM

Well said. Take the onramp all the way back to Syosset and put that camp right next to his own gated subdivision. See how much his neighbors like him then." Feb 20, 12 5:29 PM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Placed On Forced Leave

That doesn't include OT." May 2, 12 7:27 PM

Randy Altschuler Unveils Jobs Plan

Altschuler is from New Jersey, not St. James. What does an Indian outsourcer know about creating jobs in Suffolk Count?" May 8, 12 8:55 PM

Fleming Will Compete Against Maertz For Shot To Challenge LaValle For State Senate Seat

At least she doesn't do nail tips like her rival. The rest of you can keep fussing about her being too big for her britches, I'm voting for Bridget. Where do I sign?" May 31, 12 7:57 PM

Hospitals And Bishop Applaud Supreme Court Ruling; Altschuler Vows To Work For Repeal

Are we to understand you are not insured? Then it's people like you who contribute to expense all the rest of us are saddled with when you are unable to pay your medical bills. " Jun 29, 12 5:12 AM

Sag Harbor Schools Superintendent And Board Member Abruptly Announce Resignations

He isn't going to UVA, he's going to Virginia Tech. Big, big difference. I would have been shocked if the University of Virginia had anything to do with that character." Jul 3, 12 4:42 PM

Gregg Saunders, Whole Foods Developer, Lost In East Hampton Crash

And the EH Village police know a phone was not involved HOW? Because the kid said so?" Aug 10, 12 8:44 PM

North Sea Camp Owner Wins Right To Add Pool

They can???? Why would they? It's a high profit margin business targeted to very upscale, non-resident parents. There is a public facility for the community, literally, just up the road from this property. North Sea does not need this." Jan 9, 13 6:41 AM

Little Fresh Pond Association Files Lawsuit Against Southampton Town ZBA

Haha, another armchair expert & general know-it-all loose on the internet. Your ignorance shines through my friend, but you seem to be enjoying yourself, so carry on." Jan 23, 13 9:42 PM

UPDATE: Witnesses Say Verbal Altercation Led To Alleged Assault By Retired Southampton Village Sergeant

Or he could have retired at 40. That means he's been collecting a pension for 11 years already, with 30+ more to go." Feb 2, 13 7:00 AM

SYS Pitches Indoor Ice Rink Proposal To Town Board

Add-for children of all economic classes. Not just the high profit making ones." Feb 28, 13 5:05 PM

Second Lawsuit Alleges That Springs Landlord Videotaped Tenants

Is this Don Torr, the former owner of the Crow's Nest Restaurant in Montauk? Otherwise known as Peeping Don by some of his female employees. " Apr 5, 13 7:08 PM

Sag Harbor Adopts $8.78 Million Budget, Lays Off Police Officer Of The Year

I believe the cost is more like $300k. " Apr 19, 13 10:47 PM

Repeat. $300k. Ridiculous." Apr 19, 13 10:48 PM

Tuckahoe Parents Concerned Over Future Of District

Where exactly will all those students go then? Surely Westhampton doesn't want all of them. Nor do their parents want them bussed all that way either. Sounds like bully threats to me." Oct 10, 13 10:49 PM

Southampton Board Of Education Schedules Straw Vote On Merger

As of the 2011-12 school year Westhampton HS was 82% white & Southampton HS was 61% white. The future will be different when you look at the elementary schools. As of 2011-12, Westhampton was 69% white, Southampton 53% white, Tuckahoe 42% white. The percentages are dropping and will be lower as the demographics are updated." Oct 10, 13 11:12 PM

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