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UPDATE: Southampton School Board Approves Settlement With Denise Merchant

Maybe the Special Education department (which she was head of) can start to do its job according to the rules & regulations, now that she has "resigned". Something hinky was going on with the service providers & billing is my guess." Jan 10, 18 11:43 AM

Water Mill Residents, Father And Son, Killed In Accident While On Safari In Namibia

A lovely woman. An unthinkable tragedy. I cannot even begin to imagine the depth of her grief. So veryvery sorry." Jan 29, 18 6:56 PM

UPDATE: Police Offer No Leads In Thursday's County Road 39 Fatality

Upgrading means being built to Federal Highway standards & REQUIRES widening the corridor. To do that, every property along CR39 will have to sell a bit of their highway frontage to the County. Eminent domain? The cost will be very high. But some politician needs to take this on." Apr 5, 18 10:13 AM

They don't take the whole property. Don't be ridiculous. Just a strip wide enough to meet the Fed design requirements. Eminent domain does not have to be invoked. Compensation is made to the property owner based on market value. In this neck of the woods it will be a very high cost item. However....a long journey begins with a single step. Someone needs to attack this in the right way." Apr 5, 18 11:05 AM

Southampton District Officials Try To Clear The Air About Administration Building Proposal

Trying very hard to understand why the District is so hell bent on getting into the real estate business. This proposal is same as the last. Full of wishful thinking & slightly twisted logic. A public school's business is to educate, not make pretend real estate "investments". Find the room to do this on the 39 acres the Intermediate & High Schools are located on. " May 10, 18 11:53 AM

Ms. Robinson does not seem to understand that they are forcing a business use into a residential zone. Even worse, due to NY State regulations, because this building is used by a school, it does not have to follow any of the local zoning codes. Though every property surrounding it does. This means they can build or pave anything & everything on the property to whatever extent they ultimately desire. There is NO mechanism in place to control what they do." May 10, 18 12:01 PM

Southampton School District Voters Speak Up About Building Plan Flaws

A terrific change of strategy! They surely must be taking advice they were given many moons ago & finally going about this in the right way." Jun 13, 18 9:06 AM

Negotiations Hit Snag For Deal To Buy Land Where Remains Discovered

Various permits, site clearing, excavation, financing costs, opportunity loss....Just a guess." Sep 5, 18 1:19 PM

Split Planning Board Approves Southampton Country Day Camp Environmental Review

All true. The decision did not address the falsehoods, challenges & deficiencies running throughout the document. What Mr. Finnerty has neatly sidestepped is the claim of right to subdivide into 22 lots is predicated on the lie that the old cottages were actually institutional dormitories. A most ridiculous assertion, indeed. The Board's job was to address that untruth & it refused to. Paternalistic pandering at its worst." Sep 14, 18 8:25 AM

Glad it's not next to your home. Whew." Sep 14, 18 9:52 AM

FOIL Documents Show Farina Investigation Targeted Invoices From Girlfriend's Therapy Business

Would it be reasonable to assume you are a Tuckahoe taxpayer, rather than a Southampton property owner?" Oct 26, 18 8:10 AM

Long Island Rail Road Commuter Connection On Track For Monday Start

People commute to NYC at even earlier times. So sit in traffic if it makes you feel better." Mar 1, 19 3:43 PM

Southampton Town ZBA Approves Application For North Sea Day Camp

The slimy blight of Nassau County politics has clearly infected Southampton. Disgusting, indeed. " Mar 10, 19 8:41 PM

Shinnecock Nation Considering Other School Districts For Students

"disproportionately targeted when it comes to disciplinary measures" To be fair, the Nation should be open to discussing the behaviors which are leading to disciplinary measures. Just saying." Mar 14, 19 9:09 AM

You mean proportionate discipline for disproportionate acts?" Mar 14, 19 7:44 PM

State Looks To Designate Funds For Expansion Of The LIRR Montauk Branch

And your educated solution is...what?" Apr 17, 19 9:26 AM

?" Apr 17, 19 10:28 AM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

That wasn't Southampton Town. It was the handiwork of Suffolk County." Apr 27, 19 7:13 AM

Nobody has released the DNA test results on those remains. They DID test them didn't they? " Apr 30, 19 7:41 PM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

The Native Americans are all immigrants. Just like every other group that has settled in this country. Problem is they don't like that idea & want time stopped for them." May 23, 19 7:52 PM

Southampton Village Places Surf Camps On Hold

Wait. They took their permits & agreed to follow the rules? Then they didn't. And it's everyone else's fault they got slapped? Way to go bud. " Jun 6, 19 12:56 PM

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