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FAA to impose new regulations for helicopters

Thank you for the information. I live in North Haven near the ferry. I moved there from Sagaponack primarily because we were in the flight
path of incoming and outgoing flights depending on the wind. I moved about as far away from the East Hampton Airport as was possible and I am quite certain that North Haven and Sag Harbor are not next to the airport. Now I am directly under the path of incoming helicopters who destroy Friday afternoons and evenings. I don't get it-is it purely greed or pressure from East Hamptonites or capitalism at work or are all of these politicians just afraid to help. I am also fortunate enough to be a member of Noyac Golf Club and yesterday afternoon you could not talk to your partner because of the exiting helicopters. Why should they be allowed to be over land at all? Why is East Hampton spared the annoyance of a half mile of coverage. There is no one over the Atlantic for 100 miles but we must be subject to their infernal noise and disturbance and we have nothing to do with being near the airport. The response is disgraceful and just plain dishonest. Who represents the common man-ignored by Schumer staff-how unique? Mix up the entry-fine fly over land October to April and over water from May thru September. Seems logical to me. Excuse my venting but thought I would pass along my thoughts." Jun 1, 10 3:43 PM