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County installs fake police car billboard on County Road 39 to slow down speeders

that road is like getting thrown into the lions den at dinner during rush hour avoid it as much as possible and you will live longer.foget doing the speed limit you will be run over.good luck out there" Dec 9, 08 6:14 PM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

hey the big oil companys will just pay the fine for breaking the law with the extra money they recieve from there out east stations.weak" Dec 10, 08 3:40 PM

Scientist warns about effects of storm surges

in the 1938 hurricane watermill was 5 feet underwater gods way of cleaning house.its bound to happen again but when?" Dec 20, 08 7:43 PM

Man with giant hot dog guilty of littering

i wonder who lives in eye shot of ryans yard to have this much influence on government resources a big waste of tax payers mula.one mans junk is another mans art." Jan 15, 09 8:50 PM

Anomaly in East Hampton's insurance charges could lead to layoffs

so much for the big savings" Jan 16, 09 6:43 PM

$19 million in Southampton Town capital budget unaccounted for

looks like bill and teds taxpayers adventure part two" Jan 24, 09 8:49 PM

Archaelogical findings prevent man from building

i bet if he had land on further lane this would not be happening he would have had that house all finished already" Jan 24, 09 8:52 PM

East Hampton adopts management plan for CPF

this is great news i can't wait to call all my biker buddies 1000 of them and have a nice liitle picnic by the bay" Jan 28, 09 6:25 PM

Aldred Edwin Stewart

sad to hear of this i had the pleasure to meet and work with al in the 80's he was a grand experience god bless." Jan 28, 09 7:01 PM

County Road 39 signs removed

im gonaa miss that guy " Jan 30, 09 7:21 PM

Supervisor proposes closing transfer stations

i would love to work on saturday and sunday to help with the staffing problem." Feb 2, 09 5:25 PM

Bad economy forces some migrant workers home

at least they have another home to run to.what about the rest of us stuck here to foot the bill?i don't have a second home in another country to run to when times are tuff.dont them fool you those guys at 7/11 own many homes in there native countrys they learned to cry to get free hand outs.i know of at least ten that have 5 or 6 homes in there native country and here they live in a basement
with sheets for walls sending the loot south.now that the loot has run dry time to go home kick back and collect rent." Feb 4, 09 4:16 PM

An electric car for senior citizens

why doesn't julia use the christmas party money the town hasn't thrown for employees for the last three years to help buy this car?" Feb 4, 09 6:30 PM

Truck crashes into Whalebone General Store, driver charged with DWI

very very lucky by the looks of that" Feb 7, 09 7:49 AM

East Hampton Town will charge residents for beach permits

charge em double to park at the beach no problem my bike works good i'll drop off the family at the beach drive back and park in the back parking lot in amagansett then ride the bike back thanks bill i needed the exercise,oh i hope your not getting any ideas about charging to park bikes at the beach next." Feb 12, 09 7:26 PM

McGintee wants rules to protect old houses

well its good to see mcgintee is trying to do something good for once" Feb 17, 09 6:06 PM

Republican majority on Southampton Town Board quashes plan to restructure financial department


Amagansett restroom has new proposed site

well its about time
" Feb 26, 09 6:50 PM

Cricket II's new owner hopes to continue hunting sharks

sounds like henry is po'ed about not being able to put that boat out in his yard.maybe mr.dodd can see in his heart to give back to the fishing community someday by doing a float by in the blessing of the fleet this summer.lol" Mar 1, 09 1:50 PM

Group may recommend restructuring, sale of East Hampton's facilities

winters brothers are across the street from the transfer station bonnie owns the land and rents it to winter brothers i see all to clear now.sell a deal to the town board and pile up the money like trash." Mar 7, 09 6:51 PM

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