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Two students hospitalized after Route 114 crash

Hope both girls are ok..

Unless doing a local delivery, why was that truck on that road? Coming from Sag Harbor Village (or going to) in the village, it is my understanding that trucks that size are prohibited from village roads. " May 26, 10 8:10 PM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

Condolances go out to Lauren's family.
" May 26, 10 8:12 PM

FAA to impose new regulations for helicopters

Over the Long Pond Greenbelt and the houses surrounding it every 5 minutes on Friday evenings and every 10 minutes all day sunday were low flying helecoptors a couple years back. I don't imagine it's changed much, hopefully it will now. " May 26, 10 8:16 PM

Two students hospitalized after Route 114 crash

If he was on 114 he had to either go through the village to get to 114 or he was going that way. If he was going through the village to use 114 as a bypass to 27 he shouldn't have been doing that. " May 26, 10 9:41 PM

Dunkin' Donuts planned for County Road 39

hopefully this Dunkin Donuts will be better then the last one. Getting on and off the highway will not be fun and will detract customers to some extent. Unless your getting donuts, it may be easier to go the Hess in Water Mill. " May 26, 10 10:17 PM

Mattituck woman will receive six months for DWI fatality involving Hampton Bays teen

Wrong decision on the judges part. When is election time? " May 27, 10 9:59 PM

Drive-in movies to screen at Coopers Beach this summer

Apparently when deciding on pricing, they decided that the local community wasn't going to be part of their target audience." May 27, 10 10:15 PM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

RealityFirst, I don't believe there were politics stated there. The fact that it has now become the longest war in our history and we are no nearer the end then we were 4 years ago is a fact. The idea that we want our boys and girls home is not political, but an ideal that all of us who are parents yearn for.

RIP Army 1st Lieutenant Joseph Theinert. You and those you served with make the ultimate sacrifice every day for our freedom. " Jun 9, 10 4:55 PM

Village attorney asks board to consider shutting down cement plant in Westhampton Beach

Wow, originally zoned industrial and operating since the 1970's. Residential zoning took place in 2003. Sounds like developers got a deal on property that was origginally industrial zoned. The residents knew what was there when they built and bought and did it anyway, and now they want it shut down because it is lessening their quality of life. Boo on them. If as noted the dust and pollution is increasing, newer technology should be implemented to lower the output of said pollution. If the plant is shut down, how many stand to lose their jobs? Jobs for "local" people are hard enough to come by in our current economy as it is, and the "power's that be" want to take away yet more. Not right." Jun 10, 10 4:55 PM

Table tennis club opens in Water Mill

Good Luck Kent! Sounds like fun, will have to stop in!" Jun 15, 10 9:15 PM

Mattituck woman gets 6-month sentence for DWI accident that killed Hampton Bays boy

No justice was served here. This sentance is testament that the "justice" system doesn't work. Shame on the prosecuter and the judge in this case. They did NOT do their job. " Jun 17, 10 9:05 PM

Please excuse the spelling errors above.

" Jun 17, 10 9:06 PM

Great white shark confiscated by federal agents at Star Island Shark Tournament

Condition of the shark - "Mr. Janis said the NFMS agents were on-hand at the tournament, which is commonplace, to conduct research on the fish that are brought in. He said they dissected the shark for research and took it away."
" Jun 22, 10 7:44 AM

Celestino Gambino, founder of La Parmigiana, dies at 73

Condolences to the family. He will be missed. Great memories from years ago of the place and the people." Jul 2, 10 3:05 PM

Sag Harbor house busted for group rental second week in a row

I wonder how many people are staying in this house this weekend!" Jul 3, 10 10:43 PM

Homeless sex offenders sue over trailer conditions

Why does the county have ANY obligation at all to provide housing for them? " Jul 4, 10 10:30 PM

Heat wave puts stresses on utilities

It would be nice with residents being asked to conserve water if the hose that's been on at three mile harbor marina(street side at one of the boats) for TWO DAYS would be turned off!" Jul 6, 10 4:24 PM

Wind blows hot, cold over farm wind turbine

I'm absolutely appalled at the people that are against this. Together we ALL need to look towards more energy saving ways. Are you people too freaking selfish to care about your children's future?

In addition, it's Mahoney's property, he pays taxes on it. He should be able to put what he want's on it. " Jul 6, 10 4:27 PM

Sag Harbor house busted for group rental second week in a row

Used to? They still do!" Jul 6, 10 4:55 PM

Heat wave puts stresses on utilities

It's not as though they don't sit there everyday at some point. " Jul 6, 10 7:51 PM

East Hampton Town officials under fire for Surf Lodge parking agreement

"the town said it would extend the no-parking zone to include all housefronts on South Industrial Road and has hired four temporary officers to patrol the area and enforce parking regulations"

Sounds like this is going to COST the town money. " Jul 14, 10 1:05 PM

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