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Taylor resigns, Frankl to be new East Hampton Democratic chair

It's interesting that Mr. Taylor who "served" the Democratic Party reigned over one of the biggest black eyes ever given the town of East Hampton and now Mrs. Frankle begins her "service" with the highway super basicly accused of giving the town employee's a black eye (literally). Change you can believe in in East Hampton." May 26, 10 5:18 PM

Allegations of physical, verbal abuse target East Hampton Town highway superintendent

Maybe someone should smack this idiot back one day! I don't believe he is anywhere near as tough as he thinks he is. Bullies usually aren't." May 26, 10 10:39 PM

State Legislature passes financing bill for East Hampton

Taylor resigned, can't someone get Foster to resign." May 26, 10 10:46 PM

East Hampton to solicit bids to sell Fort Pond House

Sorry facts man your liberal tendencies give you away. Taxes can go down if you eliminate waste period! It has been you and yours that have been slowly destroying this town. You people come here because it"s so much better than where you were living, then you try to save us from ourselves but instead ruin it for everyone. Go back where you came from and leave us alone, we were doing fine before YOU got here. " Jun 16, 10 10:43 PM

Environmentalist blasts towns, calls for CPF moratorium

Where the hell was Amper when McGintee was on his CPF spending spree. Typical partisan Dem. Do what Isay not what I do." Jun 16, 10 10:50 PM

Montauk group pushes for oil facility ban in East Hampton

Maybe we should also prohibit beating baby seals with baseball bats." Jun 16, 10 10:56 PM

No jail time, fine for Hults after guilty plea; grand jury does not indict McGintee

In the court of public opinion Tom Spota is the loser. In reality it's the EHT taxpayers." Jun 21, 10 9:29 PM

Contractor, marina owner cited by DEC for dredging

I love the part in the story about heavy metals. Any marine contractor or marina owner must send bottom samples to the DEC before work can start. Does Jeremy Samuelson have the scientific credentials to make these charges if so what are they? How does he prove the charges, and who did the East Hampton Press fact check with? There should be an easy answer here I would think. Let us in on it would you Beth." Jul 10, 10 10:23 PM

7-Eleven quietly moving into Montauk

Just went through Montauk Village 6:25 PM two of three deli's already closed does anyone wonder why 7-11 wants to be here?" Jul 14, 10 6:45 PM

East Hampton Town officials under fire for Surf Lodge parking agreement

People who are concerned about fairness should consider the parking issues at Manucci's esp. on weekends (plus 7 or 8 irish kids to a room), somewhere in the middle the parking on Edgemere turns from Surf Lodge to ENE, and at the Harvest it goes from Johns Drive Inn to Bridgehampton Natnl. Bank. Do we try to shut them all down or does the former judge like to frequent these establishments?" Jul 14, 10 7:14 PM

Montauk residents considering recall for Wilkinson, Quigley

McGintee fiddles for six years while East Hampton burns and now his apologists don't like the taste of their medicine, time for Prager and the rest of those losers to go back wherever it was they came from. And yes Montaukman is right on point." Jul 21, 10 6:35 PM

Doing a little bit of research I was able to find out not just the obvious, that Prager is a Dem. but also lives a few houses away from longtime former CCOM president Bill Akin the enviornmentalist who's family helped put local baymen out of business by dumping tons of PCB's into the Hudson River while manufacturing electrical cable. Born again I guess. " Jul 23, 10 6:31 AM

Farmers market wins reprieve

Facts man is a Democratic Commitee member. Fact. " Aug 4, 10 9:35 PM

Protest over Beach Hampton beach guards

Time for a massive vehicle protest on that beach! They may own the foot paths but thanks to Tom Dongan and the Trustees we can show them who owns the beach! " Aug 4, 10 10:05 PM

Advocates call for preservation push

We know why it happened and we know why it's not as popular as it was McGINTEE!!!! Where were you guys (Amper, McDonald) when all of this was going on? You guys are just slimey politicos." Aug 4, 10 10:16 PM

McGintee to sue Town of East Hampton

The D.A. never attempted to indict Mc Gintee, because of that he never was in danger of being charged with any crime. He hired attnys because he was affraid, he was not charged because he is a former cop (like Spota) and a Dem (like Spota) sorry Bill pay your bill." Aug 5, 10 10:45 PM

McGintee to sue Town of East Hampton

Trail mix is smokin something." Aug 6, 10 8:52 PM

East Hampton Village to put restrictions on landscaping equipment

Landscape companies will just put more crews together and hire more illeagal aliens to get the work done. East end politics at it's finest." Aug 19, 10 9:33 PM

Scarlatto, Baldwin confirm unemployment impropriety

joe hampton for president!" Aug 24, 10 12:21 PM

Sportime wants to manage East Hampton hockey rink

I've said this before and I'll say it again, Gov't should do for the people ONLY,what the people can't do for themselves, roads and highways, garbage disposal, national defense, police and criminal justice." Aug 24, 10 1:04 PM

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