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FAA to impose new regulations for helicopters

Guess we all have our problems... BUT the present voluntary approach, departure and minimum altitude is pure "Poppy-Cock"! Enforcing something that does not work is pure political grandstanding in a mid-term election year! Here in Mattituck the helicopter rotators are in full pitch and they fly directly over my home or just north/south of it and make a tremendous amount of noise. They need to fly at 4500+ feet and if the weather is such that they can't they should not fly! The volunteer rules allow the pilots to fly below the minimums if needed.. They have on occasion, when there are low ceilings flown under 1000' just so they can fly under VFR! So altitude and routing over the Atlantic and/or mid Long Island Sound is the ONLY solution. It really sucks to try and hold a conversation on your deck with someone 5 feet away and you have to stop and wait until they fly by! During the heavy traffic periods it is pretty damn often too! Once in a great while we get the pleasure of TWO flying side by side... double the noise!

A PO'd North Fork citizen!" May 23, 10 1:41 AM

Well as more details surface... the more grim it gets for the North Fork... reading above transiting LI at Shoreham... who are they kidding? This will put the choppers back in the same place more or less that they are now which is unacceptable. Schumer and Bishop need to wake up... Transiting either fork or traveling over the Peconic Bays are unacceptable period! 2500' is not high enough either. Only two routes are acceptable to us on the forks... One that route over mid Long Island Sound and approaching from east of Plum Island from the north and a second route over the Atlantic and approach from the south. The helicopter traffic here in Mattituck near the Peconic Bay is like having a bus route in your living room! Oh yeah and no low flying when there are low ceilings so they can fly under VFR! They have flown over my home under 1000' in those conditions! Then there is always... what happens when the fan shuts down? The crash in my living room! Higher and further away from residences is the ONLY solution. Not only better for life on the ground but safer for us too..." May 31, 10 12:04 AM

Well the long weekend is coming to an end... we will still have to put the racket tomorrow morning for those rushing back to the office Tuesday to get to work... This afternoon is was a steady "shuttle" directly over my home on the north fork... some may have been at 2500' many were not.

Back to the point... Airspace and control is a federal issue FAA... ultimately they are the ones that govern and as noted by the manager of the East Hampton Airport he does not think they will make a mandate. Great!

Also, the Atlantic route sounds great but in reality it is only good for flights to NYC and parts of NJ... The traffic that buzzes my home is going between East Hampton and Westchester or Teterboro... mostly Westchester which the Atlantic route will not work. Mid Long Island sound route but not crossing over the north fork will, they need to go around Orient Point!

To truly know what is happening around us we need a passive transponder receivers like this: http://www.zaon.aero/content/view/2/41/ (there are others) to log altitudes and time of fly overs. I asked ERHC to provide one for me to prove to them I wasn't nuts and that this things really happen! They did not bite. Big surprise! You can sometimes you can good information here: http://www.passur.com/airportmonitor-locations.htm if you have the patients. Enjoy!

" May 31, 10 11:56 PM

Not trying to be a wise ass... but how do you get over the Atlantic from Westchester? You don't without crossing over Long Island someplace. There needs to be 2 flight paths... one over the Atlantic and one mid Long Island Sound... and don't forget ALTITUDE... that has more effect than anything. Problem is they (the helo pilots/owners) want the utmost flexibility so they can stay out of the ATC and keep time in the air to a minimum (cost). With close proximity of ISP, JFK, HVN, LGA, GON, EWR, HPN, BDL and lots more smaller airports their only choice is to fly low and that is where we get screwed! If you notice they don't show up on the www.pussar.com website much... wonder why? Even over the Atlantic they must fly low to stay under the arriving and departing traffic to ISP, EWR, JKF and LGA! I say fly higher and away from residences! There is no other solution..." Jun 3, 10 12:25 AM