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Hampton Bays School District proposition

Bravo, Politicritic! FINALLY someone with a lick of common sense!" May 18, 10 2:02 PM

Hampton Bays School District proposed 2010-11 budget

Drive down any street in HB & see all the 'for sale' and worse - "owned by bank" signs! People are being priced out of the town in which they grew up & taxes are part of that.

Politicritic has a great point - rather than using the "unspent fundsr" money-give it back to the community via a tax reduction. How many years of double-digit increases did the taxpayers suffer thru so that there could be unspent funds. This isn't the District's money - it's ours! " May 18, 10 2:10 PM

Clemensen takes helm at Hampton Bays School District

$80,000 for a classroom but THREE TIMES that amount for an athletic field? Isn't it time to focus on the EDUCATION our children are getting? Or is it all about playing ball?

Good luck to Mr. Clemensen; he'll need it." Jul 14, 10 9:21 AM

Hampton Bays library budget calls for nearly 6 percent increase in taxes

As a Hampton Bays resident, I'm looking forward to voting YES -- HB Library is a great library, the staff members are polite and knowledgeable and the Library offers great programs to Community Members - of all ages. Mike-you're doing a great job; thank you!! " Aug 10, 10 1:26 PM

Tuckahoe developer defends plan

Too bad he's not standing in front of one of the many empty storefronts in that nightmare of a shopping center in Hampton Bays. " Sep 1, 10 5:17 PM

Morning car accident in Shinnecock Hills slows commute

Anonymous-to play devils advocate, you're right; we shouldn't assume, but we shouldn't ignore what's the most likely cause, as pointed out by the others as well, of a one-car accident at 8:47 on a sunny morning. What does the police report have down as the cause of the accident? Was her cell phone checked to see if she had been texting/tweeting/chatting/emailing or whatever else people are doing behind the wheel instead of driving? And before you scream at me for suggesting that - i drive that route, at that time of day & i have 2 eyes on the road at all times. Perhaps if you took a look around during your commute to/from work & saw what the other drivers are doing, you'd understand my concern. No call-text-tweet-chat-email or whatever is more important than someone's life; hang up & drive!" Sep 2, 10 1:33 PM

Westhampton Beach superintendent will retire at end of school year

When you consider that not only does he start his work day at 7am, you should keep in mind that most school administrators are gone mid-afternoon and district offices locked up like steel drums by 4pm. The fact is that he puts in more than the traditional 8 hour workday; so why the sarcasm? " Oct 13, 10 4:11 PM

While I completely agree with you that school administrators 'have it made' and that Mr. Schwartz was well (very well, actually), compensated, nowhere does it claim that he ever complained about the hours, rather it merely points out that he went above & beyond what was expected--which is more than can be said about alot of administrators. Instead of criticizing Mr. Schwartz & not wishing him well in his retirement, perhaps we should focus on what other district administrators are doing to justify their absurdly high salaries." Oct 16, 10 6:25 PM

Gap is closing between locals and summer visitors

"It was kind of a status symbol to be a summer person back then...There was more of a distinction between locals and summer people. ... and people from the city were worldlier"
SERIOUSLY? and they wonder why we call them city-its (Oh, and for you "city folk", it rhymes with IDIOTS) Go back to Park Avenue-maybe over the winter you can learn to actually drive that absurdly large "status symbol" Hummer, Range Rover or the most ridiculous vehicle ever - the Porsche SUV." Oct 16, 10 6:36 PM

Food Pantry Strugglies As Season Of Need Approaches

I agree with the other posters about the abuse of the pantry but please do provide information on how to donate money, i.e., where to send a check & is a donation tax-deductible? Thank you for the service you provide to those members of our community in need." Oct 22, 10 3:28 PM

I actually agree, but the Exec.Director is quoted in the article saying "money's the thing..." And as great as donations of canned goods may be, perishables may also be needed - meats, milk, . As a child, my family had a few lean holidays & the difference between having PB&J (again) or Thanksgiving turkey was phenomenal. It's been well over 30 years, but i'll never forget the kindness and generosity shown; I just hope to "pay it forward."" Oct 25, 10 1:13 PM

Woman Struck By Car On Montauk Highway In Hampton Bays

Very sad this accident occured, however, it was 11:00 in the morning--broad daylight. And "just west of the Villa Paul Restaurant" which is the Town and Country apartment complex. Getting in & out of there can be a nightmare, but people still insist on trying to make the left turn out of there to head east, across four lanes of traffic. People stop short to make the turn in there at the last minute. There's just too much traffic, going at too fast a speed in that area. I agree with Kayleesh; cars are racing towards that intersection. Hope the latest victim recovers quickly." Nov 15, 10 4:20 PM

South Fork Digs Out Following Blizzard That Dumped About 12 Inches Of Snow

Town did a great job on Montauk Hwy, but Southampton Village should be ashamed. Hill Street was a nightmare this morning (and that's a direct route to the hospital!) Windmill is still a mess & i saw 2 Village plows going by with the plow UP! Heard CR39 crappy too, guess the County hasn't gotten out this way yet." Jan 13, 11 1:18 PM

Wainscott Hires Rachlin As Superintendent

Good luck, Stu!" Jan 13, 11 1:20 PM

Hampton Bays School District Faces Tentative Spending Increase

Whatever the contract looks like, the result to HB taxpayers will be an increase in taxes. HBUFSD is famous for double-digit increases and if not for the governor last year & this year, they'd still be doing it.

In the past, i've attended BOE meetings and asked exactly your question, but nothing ever came of it. I've also wondered why the paper doesn't cover the BOE meetings like they do with so many other districts. And why is the sign outside the HS advertises the executive session, when, according to the Open Government law, a motion must be made in open session to go into Exec--something the admin & BOE should all know & if they don't know it, they really have no place in being in their positions.

I do hope, for the both district's & the community's sake, that the new leadership is not the same as the old dictatorship & provides a district-owned vehicle and other perks that were never disclosed to the public.

Districts across the state need to stop holding programs & athletics hostage to get budgets passed while turning a blind eye to redecorating an adminstrator's office. " Feb 18, 11 1:26 PM

The Press News Group To Offer Premium Membership Subscriptions

"The cost is $10 per quarter, billed to a credit card, or $45 a year in a single payment."

Why is it more for a single payment than paying quarterly ($40)? shouldn't it be the other way around?" Feb 28, 11 4:02 PM

So...if once a year is less work, why are you charging more for an annual subscription than for quarterly? Wouldn't rolling over from quarter to quarter create more work for the circulation department? Your answer just does not make sense." Mar 3, 11 12:57 PM

Four Hampton Bays Nightclub Staffers Arrested In Undercover Sting

35 emergency-related 911 calls THIS year? And it's not even Memorial Day? I agree with all the other comments - shut this place down!" May 2, 11 9:44 AM

Seven School District Budgets Get Passing Grades In Western Southampton Town

That is true in many districts - just NOT these districts." May 19, 11 9:57 AM

the article also includes Hampton Bays & East Quogue. What did they give back? Try reading the FULL article, not just a piece of it, before telling someone else to get their facts right." May 19, 11 5:58 PM

Same-Sex Couple Will Be First To Wed In Southampton Town

Congratulations & best wishes for many years of wedded bliss!" Jul 18, 11 11:26 AM

Most East End Houses Of Worship Won't Wed Same-Sex Couples

I agree with LMVT; to have this article with the photo of the newlyweds is unfair to them - it was THEIR day - that they've waited for far longer than they should have had to - THAT was the story, not how the "houses of worship" are reacting. Ask any newlywed & they are more than happy to share the details of their wedding day. The Press missed the boat on this one..." Jul 27, 11 11:50 AM

Authorities Seeking Information About Seagull Killing

Latenighter - if you ever run for office, let me know - you'll have my vote! But can we clarify that when their hands are cut off, it's without benefit of anesthia or pain meds? People should reap what they sow." Jul 27, 11 2:00 PM

Southampton Town residents express opinions on leaf pick-up program

I think the brown paper bags are much better than just piling them up. Too many people just rake them into a huge pile in the street (instead of on their property) and they sit there for weeks or months-reducing the width of the street. Last year, the leaves were there straight thru the winter & covered with snow, which made the roads even harder to plow. " Nov 9, 11 12:11 PM